Friday, January 6, 2012

Vintage wedding dresses for the Big-Boobed

Did you think #BOOBSWEEK was over??

Not by a long shot.

Yesterday I emailed Mill Crest Vintageanother one of my new sponsors,* to find out what they've got for ladies DD+.  The 1980's Grecian Gown, 1940's Silk Crepe and Lace1960's Pearl Encrusted Jacquard, and 1960's Fred Perlberg Crochet (pictured above) are just a few of their boobalicious options.

And my lady at Mill Crest told me, "one of the best things to note about vintage is that nearly every piece can be altered to achieve a customized fit. So... If a bride falls in love with a dress, even if it isn't the perfect size right now, doesn't mean that it can't be changed up a bit... (change the back, add gussets, add panels..) Yep... Dresses can be made larger! Who knew!"

*I have rad sponsors. Deal with it.


  1. oh my lord! i wanna get married again wearing that first dress!

  2. #1 is saggy boob city but 2 & 3 are amazing

  3. @hk in the right bra, saggy boob city is never a problem. ;)

    the first one is KILLER.

  4. I have A cups, but I still want Dress #2.

  5. No way ! crazy to see that the lady at mill crest vintage flowed up with you ESB! Was in her shop and insisted that she connect with you ! While I was not able to find my dress there, I had an amazing experience and knew that yout readers would love her stuff !

    Felt like a logical partnership and hope she ie seeing how amazing being connected with you is doing for exposure to her gem in Lambertville