Thursday, January 26, 2012

friendship bracelets are so over.

I've been rocking this big ol Macha ring all over the place and feeling like a rock star.*

And then they just tweeted THIS PIC? WHAT THE WHAT?

*I won the ring, in fact, in a "What is the most Rock n Roll Christmas present you ever received?" contest Macha ran on Twitter back in December. My answer was a mummified baby mouse carcass, obv.


  1. Good god I love everything they do. I am going to be rocking a Date Letter Deco rings for my wedding "band". This is ESB, so I am aloud to say f**k yeah, right?

    1. f**k yeah, f*ck yeah, fuck yeah and FUCK YEAH are all acceptable and encouraged.

  2. i love the little freckle on your pointer.