Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hey Anon, I've got something for you

It's A GRAIN OF SALT. Several, in fact.

I think you might need them.

Do you take everything you read that literally?


  1. Having jeeeust caught up on the dramz from yesterday ... YES.

  2. Oh, ESB.
    So bold and yet so fragile.

    1. Hey ESB. Isn't this like the second or third time you've posted to "Anon" comments??? Really??

      Does it ever strike you as strange that every couple of months you have a mass upheaval and people decide not to read your blog anymore?

      Do you just chalk this up as being hip/snarky/interesting/popular? It's not any of those things - it's because your snark is narcissistic and you don't have anything interesting to say anymore.

      My name is Dagny, please feel free to write a warm fuzzy response post so all your friends can back you up instead of acknowledging the fact that you might have to change how you approach things.

    2. I love how Anon 01:26* refers to several of your previous anti-Anon comments, some which I think were at least a year ago, and then says that these "mass upheavals" result in "people decid[ing] not to read your blog anymore". Um, except for you Anon. Except for you.

      * Or is it in fact the same anon doing multiple postings to create a spurious aura of credibility?! The thick plottens...

  3. gotta protect that bread and butter.

  4. this is not idle fun, cookies; it's the internet, where all statements must be voice-consistent and on-message. you're not editing sponsored posts* to bring them in line with The ESB Credo? get an intern on that, would you?

    ps: our venue-perfect ceremony featured nasty-ass plastic chairs, and we were pleased as hell to find them.

    pps: i think we all know that if you edited my guest posts, i'd cut you.

    *though the math, it must be said, was a little bogus.

  5. What kind of salt is that? Bog-standard table salt? Maldon? Salt matters you know ;-)

  6. HAHA i feel like this post needs a "follow up" tag. and perhaps a "death death villain doom-bringer"?

  7. Every time an Anon announces they're no longer reading a blog because the author is a big bad jerkface/sellout/wtfeveromg I can't help but wonder if these people yell their opinions in dark rooms so they can vent frustration without being identified by someone who might judge them.

    No need to slam the door on your way out, just fucking leave.

  8. does anyone else think anon is that bitter chick from the glitter drama who turned out to be a big ol' bigot?

    These rude anon posts started shortly after that and seem solely interested in being a bitch to esb

    and yes, why oh why do they claim to leave and then KEEP READING?!