Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Alison's getting married

Did you know? Our TeenAngster is tying the knot!

I've been quietly eavesdropping on her wedding planning via twitter... okay, I'm not always quiet. sometimes I have to butt in.

Check out her AMAZEBALLS wedding band (above) scored on ebay!

And hellooooooooooo Memento Mori Ring for the hubs. (Bittersweets at Catbird)

I wasn't sold on the idea of a memorial ring, but I FUCKING LOVE this guy as a commitment ring.

A, pls to get it in the matching yellow gold, will you??


  1. YES. I love eavesdropping on Alison's wedding planning. And Alison, please do get the matching one, won't you? xx

  2. SHUCKS! I am so flattered! And I'm definitely having a lot of fun daydreaming about this wedding. Who doesn't love jewelry?

  3. Ooooo so preeeety! I've been on the look out for a turquoise or coral stacking ring to pair with my plain and skinny band. Your ring is absolutely gorgeous! It looks like its an arts and craft ring, which happens to be one of my favorite eras for jewelry.

  4. Prob lucky I didn't see that memento mori ring while we were planning. We were trying to go cheap on D's ring (um, he surfs, and loses things, so it needed to be cheap enough that we wouldn't be gutted if he lost it) but I don't think we would have been able to resist that.

    Although possibly, they could custom make it in silver? Then I would be tempted to get him an upgrade.

  5. I love it as a wedding ring too, but I am ONE MILLION percent sold on memento mori rings as something to wear to hold someone loved and lost close to you always. I am having one made for me as we speak, and it will be just as sacred, special and important to me as my wedding ring is. Maybe more. Just... much sadder.