Friday, January 30, 2009

upcycled pouch from forestbound

Made from Vietnam era military laundry and applied with antique lace. To go with your doily necklace, of course.

Forestbound via Earth Friendly Weddings

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Plaid Habit

My new favorite from Cyberoptix Tie Lab (of course).

Interlocking vintage syringes are reversed and doubled in a kaleidoscopic pattern. Fresh from the prep school underworld.

I love me some prep school underworld.

In case anyone is on the fence about Toybreaker/Cyberoptix Tie Lab

Ahem, TTO.

F'ing do it.

Photos courtesy of the toybreaker blog.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

say it with a $65 t-shirt

I can't decide if the price tag is ridiculous or effing brilliant.* via

*But frankly, the shirt is cooler than this one. Sorry, Clinton.

doily necklace by bungalow

Made from an unfinished doily done by the designer's great great grandmother in Denmark. This might look really cool with a really simple wedding dress.

I'm all about jewelery that isn't jewelry....

Shop The Bungalow. Via the style files.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I haz iphone

With a 917 area code.

Porting my old number to the new carrier involved:

a) (Temporarily) changing my credit card billing to my Manhattan address

b) Spending hours on the phone (Read: H-town spending hours on the phone) with ATT&T Wireless trying to convince them to reroute the shipping

c) Shipping the phone to Manhattan after all and impatiently waiting for my mom to send it to me here

Refusing to admit that I really live in LA? Priceless.

p.s. This is Flo, our neighbor's cat. Actually, her name is Number One Kitty, but we call her Flo. Aren't you digging the Helga effect?

p.p.s. The dirt is not a camera effect. Flo likes to roll in the dirt.

Monday, January 26, 2009

okay, michael. you got me.

I dig your loft. I dig your beat-up club chairs and your furry throw.

And I lurve your silver shoes.

Thank you to The Selby for showing us the way people really live, instead of getting all Architectural Digest-y.

(Via this lovely Swedish blog I can't read.)

should I eat my words?

Back in July, I did a post about Mindy's groom style dilemma. (Note: not the wedding pictured here.)

Mindy wrote:
Here is my vision: Dress pants, vest, white shirt with rolled up sleeves, maybe a tie...

My response was:
I wouldn't add a tie if you're skipping the jacket... And he shouldn't roll up his sleeves until after the ceremony. It's a wedding, not a barn-raising!

F* it. These guys are all ready for a barn-raising.

Photos by Kyle Hale via Once Wed

Sunday, January 25, 2009

rattus rattus

One of my favorite presents for our year of the rat wedding (L knows me well) was a set of Invasive Species Dinnerware from non fiction design collective, including Ship Rat, Gypsy Moth, Fire Ant and European Starling plates.

So rad.

Now I want this chandelier.

can we keep the year of the rat a little longer?

I loved the year of the rat.

(Image ffffound here)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I already need a bang trim

I'm going to the salon, Patti. I realize that's not very punk rock.

But in those broke-as-sh*t williamsburg days when I used to cut my own hair, it never looked punk rock. It just looked sort of lopsided. I've learned it takes a skilled stylist to give me just the right dishevelled look.

In these broke-ish echo park days, I will happily shop for vintage/resale/thrifted clothes. I will eat out less often. I will finally get a library card. But I will not compromise on haircuts. (After all, I wear my hair every day.)

I need to catch this doc, b/t/w. Where the hell have I been?

p.s. I will admit I'm a little obsessed with Patti Smith. It's 70% style/30% the whole Sam Shepard thing.

p.p.s. Dream Weaver? Really??

(1978 photo by Robert Mapplethorpe found here)

Friday, January 23, 2009

I can't keep up with the jean trends

But I like these.* Would they be considered Boy Jeans? I am so over the wide legs.

(Photo of A Magazine's Fashion Editor Annabel Rivera from altamira via coco + kelley)

*Unfortunately they look a lot like the Sevens I listed on ebay yesterday because I decided they were too big. I am such a Gemini.

the Meghan Kinney dress I didn't wear

Nicole of Nicole and Jess emailed me to ask for more details about why I didn't wear my Meg wedding dress:

I just realized you posted about Meg Kinney of Meg. I live outside of Toronto and bought my highschool graduating prom dress from her store. I still adore it!

I've been in contact with her about custom bridal/bridesmaid dresses. How was your experience?? What made you decide not to wear her *wedding* dress for you?

This post wasn't enough? You've got to bring back all the old guilty feelings??

Just kidding.

I love Meg. She designed most of the dresses hanging in my closet. (And her fall/winter 2008 lookbook is all about the mustache, so there's some synergy here.)

I was at Meg shopping for a MOH dress when I found the wedding dress by accident. It was an $80 sample, floor-length white strapless eyelet lined in bubblegum pink, pretty fabulous for eloping to Vegas or somewhere, which was what I thought we might do. (Our engagement was a secret to everyone but my best friend at the time.) BUT, once I started planning a semi-bohemian farm/forest wedding at my dad's house on the west coast of Canada, strapless eyelet just didn't make sense anymore.

Here is a big piece of advice for everyone: don't buy your dress until you book the venue. I don't care how on sale it is. Or how much you think you know what you want. Vegas country club doesn't work in the forest. Feathery flapper will look ridiculous in a chapel. I would love to see you wear a ball gown to city hall, though. (Vintage suit for a city hall wedding? Yawn.)

Anyhoo, I would recommend Meg without hesitation for bridesmaids' dresses, and for wedding dresses with a modern feel. Her prices range from $220-400 for custom, and you can walk in and ask them to make any dress in the store in white.

Have you met her in person? The lady rocks.

Best (wo)man style: mcq for target

I dig it. (No worries, lupinbunny. Short hair rocks.)

Via pretty.pretty.paper. More looks here.

On the other hand, not really feeling Twiggy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

now I'm obsessed with .v

She lives in Australia, but spend five minutes on her blog and you'll feel like you're in Paris.

(Image by danske via .v)

hello my fantasy, feathery shrug

Would you like to be in a wedding? That fantasy other wedding in which I marry H-town again?

Or I could just wear you to the video store. I bet that's what cupcakes and cashmere would do.

Lolita via .v

Update: Shrug is by Sonia Rykiel. Damn her.

Utah wedding celebration with a dash of nyc....

I spent exactly four minutes on rockstar diaries (warning: endlessly adorable photos of endlessly adorable people having endless fun in nyc. visit at your own peril) before I started hounding Naomi Megan for wedding photos. Which, duh, are already up on her blog here and here.

But I also bugged Naomi for details. Here's what she emailed me:

As far as details go, we knew we wanted a more intimate dinner celebration with family and a few close friends in Utah the weekend prior to the wedding in NYC. So we chose an old barn on a pond in Mapleton, Utah for the dinner location. Ruby River Steak House catered and we had a more old fashioned steak dinner with cupcakes for dessert.

After weeks of looking for the perfect vintage wedding gown I randomly found IT in the basement of a little bridal shop in Lehi, Utah when I was in town from NYC for a quick weekend trip of planning. The owner had kept it from a display window she had in the 70's for her granddaughters to someday play dress up with. It was like a fairy tale, too-- It had never been worn, fit perfectly, didn't need any alterations and was a steal of a price. It was bliss!

Other than that, my husband Josh is always wearing the craziest of socks. So I felt the need to compete a little with something on my feet (thus the bright blue moccasins...)

My husband and I met while in school in NY (him- Columbia, me-Juilliard), became the best of friends before we realized we were in love. Anyway, a year and half after the big day (06-19-2007) we still live here in NYC and are happy as ever.

Hooray for love! And nyc girls who throw parties in big open spaces.

Photos by Leo Patrone

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sneak Peek: Yes, the bride wore moccasins.

Yes, I will post more pics of this killer wedding celebration.

As soon as I get some f'ing work done.

Photo by Leo Patrone.

Ugg lovers eat your heart out

You wish you could rock these.

But they belong to Good Mouse, Bad Mouse, who inherited them from her mom.

p.s. Did that sound bitchy? You know I love you even if you do wear Uggs.

p.p.s. But srsly, stop.

Groom Style: The Boy (Part III)

I requested this close up of the tiny skull button from Peonies and then I forgot to post it like a big jerk.

But her lovely August recap has reminded me. (Man did I love August!)

See also: Part I and Part II

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What the f* do I read at my wedding?

Amanda is doing a words to read at your wedding series for A Practical Wedding, and the first installment is up today.

I love her choices because they are unexpected. And personal.

That's what I find moving in a wedding ceremony. If it gets too flowery I tune out.

p.s. Please don't think I'm not paying attention to the inaug today (for example, George HW Bush's fur hat). I so am. But you all are so far ahead expressing the joy, I'm happy to soak it all in.

(Image: Toast via first milk)

What the f* does the best (wo)man wear? (part two)

Lindsay B. writes:

I saw your post this morning and thought I could contribute (also, I may be too late, which is alright, too.) (Editor's note: it is never to late to send me killer wedding photos!) I began reading your blog before I got married on August 13th, but I still read it now cause it's fantastic and entertaining and wonderful.

Anyhoot! Attached is my "best (wo)man" and a picture of me (if it interests). We went for a 1940s was loose, you understand? :-)

The theme is fabulous. Your BW is fabulous! (Hellooo, I didn't even address hair!) And you kick some serious ass yourself, lady.

Have I mentioned lately that I have the coolest readers ever?

Friday, January 16, 2009

I can't hear you, I'm unplugged.

Here's an overdue new year's resolution:

I will observe the secular Sabbath.

I will step away from the computer, pull out a legal pad and a pen, and tackle some of the legitimate projects that are hanging over my head.*

Then maybe I'll read The New Yorker. In print.

*No offense esb. I love you, but man are you a time suck.

(Image courtesy of Ben Rains)

Penn Badgley, nouveau prepster

This one's for K, who noted how well Penn wears a cardigan on Gossip Girl. (Ha! Now you're hooked.)

He's is a little clean cut for my taste, obviously. But I do like a good cardigan. And this Jil Sander suit is slammin.

More photos and complete styling credits at

(Photos: Terry Richardson)

simple flowers in old bottles

Are where it's at.

Thank you Good Mouse, Bad Mouse for reminding me that I still love Design*Sponge, even if I do find the new ads a tad intrusive.*

And who knew Sarah Saipua was so f'ing hilarious? Did everyone know?

*Just because I blog my little heart out for free doesn't mean everybody else has to. But I have a question for the people with google ads. Have you ever received a check?

Miranda July, you kick ass

Your book is so funny. And sad. At the same time.

With your permission, I will put it on my shelf next to others by

Sam Lipsyte
Anton Chekhov

Or I might just group all my yellow books together. That would be satisfying too.

p.s. I also loved your movie. Am I just making you stuck up telling you all this?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

iPhone here I come

H-town and are about to bite the bullet. We just can't hold back any longer. (I think all that time in new york without internet is what really put us over the top.)

And who knew you could take such gorgeous photos?

Kristina keeps blowing me away. She took this one on the 395. Our honeymoon route. Sigh.

p.s. This piece on npr made me giggle yesterday. When I've got my new phone in my hot little hands I might have to institute the no texting after dinner rule. Or will it be no emailing after dinner?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

this is how it feels to be married

Pretty fucking awesome.

Photo by Tanja Lippert v
ia Rock 'n Roll Bride via OnceABride's new twitter.

an open letter to my husband

Dear H-town,

I know you don't read the blog very often. I don't know if you'll read this. But here goes.

Last night you made a funny face when K was browsing east side bride on his iphone and cooing about the cute grooms.

It's true I have gained a reputation for groom style (ie. I obsessively post photos of men on my blog). But I want you to know that while I'm scouring the internet for said photos, deep down I'm hunting for ones that remind me of you.

The mustache thing is obvious. But then there's my fondness for men with long 70's hair, my admiration of men who can rock a good fedora, and perhaps above all else, my adoration for a man with a sense of humor. (Wit, after all, is the most important component of style.)

I will never stop looking at men. But now I appreciate in them what I love in you.

You've got the forever, all-time, groom-style-of-my-heart award. Just so you know.


Laura Lobdell for Valentines

If you are shopping that is. We are def trying to cut down on shopping.

(Okay I'm trying to cut down on shopping. I'm the one with a problem. Rachel led me to this inspiring post on Simple Lovely, but once I saw the photo of Joslyn's striped shirts it was all over. I was on ebay bidding on another Velvet tee in black & white before I could remember my own name.)

Anyhoo, doesn't this candy heart necklace by Laura Lobdell rock?

pretty.pretty.paper has also scouted some pretty rad little presents in candy heart colors.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Groom Style: Seth

Digging the scarf. And, of course, the facial hair.

Also, this wedding was at El Capitan State Beach, a gorgeous spot in Santa Barbara that H-town and I scouted one weekend before we realized (duh) that we should get married at my dad's house (much) further north.

We found the upscale tents and cabins at el Capitan Canyon across the road from the beach to be quite luxurious (aside from the shared bathrooms, which might be unsettling for a mom or two), but the resort seemed very keen on quiet, which wasn't in line with the wedding we were planning.

Via Once Wed. Photos by Braedon Flynn.

(And you were afraid I was done with weddings. Silly buttons.)

And then another fabulous 70's wedding

Man I love the 70's.

This is the kind of wedding that makes me feel like I was overly obsessive. Who give a sh*t if the chairs are plastic? If you are truly rock and roll, you don't even notice.

Found here by Rock 'n Roll Bride (of course).