Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I have a C-cup complex. As in, no matter how many times the nice ladies tell me I'm a DD, I always seem to backslide. (They just don't look that big to me. And why should the little girls get all the good bras??)

No more. I went to Nordstrom Rack last night and bought a couple of decent bras way on sale. (Calvin Klein makes a 32DD? Who knew?)

But my next bra purchase will be an Elle Macpherson Cloud Swing D-G Cup Bra.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeow. And thank you, Meg.


  1. Those Elle MacPherson bras are so pretty! Personally, I find they run small so best to try on first!

  2. I just got a strapless 34F at the Rack this weekend -- terrific for only $15!

  3. @Anon the rack the rack the rack!

  4. I am a 34DD (which I know isn't huge) but love bras by Panache. They are a British company but my mother sells them in her bra shop the Bra Boutique in Bermuda. Which porbably doesn't really help 99% of people who read ESB but thought I'd send out the info anyway.
    Fantasie are another good company who make pretty bras for larger boobies.

  5. I am a 32GG! Tiny Back, Massive Rack.

    Buying Bras is HARD. It is stressful and what few mention, its bloody expensive. My smaller breasted ladies always judge me for spending around $300+ a year on new kit but sorry, with these puppies, that elastic does not last long and I am with Celia, buying a good kit is about as essential as simply wearing you undies out of the house.

    Elle Mc's stuff is ok but I have found the best brand for pretty, sexy, over a D-Cup is Mimi Holiday (who occasionally does the odd plus size). Either that or make a pilgrimage to Rigby & Peller in London. They are the business.

    Hilariously, the only time I have never worn a Bra was in my wedding dress (thanks to some pretty seller boning though). It is not something I would normally advocate.

  6. I love me a Calvin Klein bra.

    Also, we get all the good bras because people think it's ok to call us LITTLE GIRLS.

  7. I love Elle M's stuff, but it does run small. However, friendly head's up on shopping for these in Journelle's NYC store. Not only do they not stock much above a 34D/36C, they've got some judgements at the ready if you come in and ask for, say, a 34DD (as I have twice). I don't get it, they sell contraptions to hold your lady bits, and then give you sass for having some.

  8. I'm in denial about this, because I suspect I may be DDD, and oh my gawd maybe higher. But for real, maybe my New Years Resolution will be to get properly measured. Thanks for the links.

  9. I highly recommend the Felina: Harlow Full Busted Demi Bra. I got the black/nude several years ago and loved it so much that I bought the alabaster to wear on my wedding day.

    I search for bras on these sites since they carry a large range of sizes
    Bare Necessities
    Fig Leaves

  10. I WANT!

    like i mentioned in the bra post, ALWAYS try on if you're DD or bigger, because the sizing does tend to get wonky. i am DDD in most of the brands i've tried, but DDDD (i think that's G?) in chantelle.

  11. Cute!

    Anyone know where to a comfy, supportive, cute nursing bra?

    Mine are clocking in at 12F (34G) at the moment, but I need to get refitted, which should knock me down a size or two.

  12. So very very pleased to share. I've twice pulled down/up my shirt in a restaurant to show these off to friends. They are now my religion.

    Oh, as an FYI, I got my first one at Nordstrom on sale, and bought two more online from Journelle, thus avoiding the judgement - booooo(bs.)

    Thanks again, ESB, for hosting the foxy Celia.