Monday, January 2, 2012

Please help me dress my boobs (the prequel)

Dear ESB,

I'm a devoted reader and sporadic commenter and while I'm an 8, mostly (my hips verge on 10), my boobs are a 14 or possibly 16. They belong to a whole different woman but happen to have ended up on my chest. 

I could write in for help with my particular situation (Brooklyn girl, suburban Chicago engagement party, hate to actually enter a store) but it's not about my request - I just really, really want you to finally write your "dresses for girls with ginormous racks" post. Please. So that I no longer try on dresses in my kitchen and burst into tears. Repeatedly.

Thank you.


My Boobalicious Darling, I'll do you one better.

I'm bringing in a BOOB GODDESS, our own Celia, with not one but four guest posts. She's gonna school us on bras, everyday clothes, cocktail wear and wedding dresses for the BOOB-endowed.

Those of you with less-than-ginormo-chests might even learn a thing or two.

Up first...... Bras.


Good Luck With Your Boobs card by Egg Press avail at Greer Chicago


  1. Love you, ESB. Love you so. Boobsweek!

  2. THANK YOU ESB!!!! 38D checking in here. (I'm sure you wanted to know that.) Love my boobs but man are they are to dress sometimes. Blouses especially. Damn those blouses. Can't wait to read these posts!

  3. My recommendation is for Linda the Bra Lady. She has bras and bikinis that look cute but still give you support. No Victoria's Secret for me at 32DD.

    Hopefully this week will be a good rejoinder to all those ridiculous dress suggestions with low backs/sides/fronts for the woman who needed an Oscar worthy gown she could wear a bra under!

  4. small boobs here, lovin' celia's first post and yes, i definitely learned something!

  5. BIG TIZ REPRESENT!! seriously though i'm a 32DD and i've dealt with back pain and hunched shoulders all my life due to the boobs. i'm SO stoked for more boob knowledge.

  6. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH FOR THIS! xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. i just KNEW you'd pick the best pictures.

  8. Big Boobs!!!! Thank you!!

  9. Dear ESB,
    I love you for this. So much I even commented.