Monday, January 30, 2012

tell me what i need to wear.

Dear ESB,

Here's the set up:

- Rustic old church.
- Barn Reception.
- Summer.

Here's the dress (more or less, I'm using it as inspiration to make my dress):

Here's the Jewelry:

and some of these enamel cuffs

Now, I've hit a wall:

I need shoes, and a goddamn necklace.

Help a sister out.

i might be barefoot.


you do NOT need a necklace. you've got pleeeeeeeeeenty of accessories going on already.

But here are your shoes:

I nailed it, right? Feel free to tell me that I nailed it.

Wanna know how I did it? I typed "sandals" into google images. 



  1. agreed, you nailed it :)

  2. yeah dudette, no necklace. in fact, i kinda think you're overdoing it as it is.

  3. i actually gasped when i read that she needed a necklace.

  4. did this bride just want to show off her really good taste in things? i love everything she picked out. that engagement ring!!!

    the sandals are perf. i echo no necklace.

    and esb, i think your new tagline should be "here let me google that for you."

  5. I think you totally nailed it. spot on with that Jewlery

  6. Where is that dress from? I love it!

  7. You nailed it. No more jewelry, in fact I'd lose a bracelet or two.

  8. perfect sandals.

    and throw some stud earrings on!

  9. dude, how long are your arms? where you gonna put all those bracelets?

  10. Kinda seemed like a "validate my style, plz" request rather than a genuine need of advice. If you're such a fAsHiOnIsTa then why is it so hard to find some damn sandals to go with a typical flow-y dress for summertime?

  11. I think a really long delicate chain or two layers of delicate chains that drape pretty low would be fabulous. As long as you wear your hair down that is.

  12. I have those sandals! They are very comfy. I thought it would get painful b/c the cushion really is non-existent but they really work for long periods of time. I sometimes put body glide anti-chaffe on my skin under the straps of shoes to make sure they don't cut into skin. (I do this for many shoes and it does actually help quite often)

    Also, anon above me, it's not that many bracelets at all :S

  13. Oh...feather earrings in your haircolor of choice would be lovely.

  14. The dress is from J. Crew. Sadface, it was on Final Sale weeks ago, so good luck tracking it down now.

  15. how many bracelets can one bride wear?????

  16. That many bracelets is verging on arm party, and arm party will date the wedding photos. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing.