Monday, June 30, 2008

or the badass Vegas bride

These babies by Stella McCartney are on sale at Barneys.

Just promise you'll practice walking in them.

and for the punk rock ballerina bride

Capezio ballet slippers adorned with silver studs from Bona Drag.

An edgier take on the Miu Miu flats...

Via Jargol

Sunday, June 29, 2008

road-trip wedding

I love this board by Martha of Nibs.

She's so good at finding images that work together without being too fussy.

Again via Nibs. Fabulous and unfussy!

(Photo by Antony Nobilo from British Cosmo Bride)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Go see WALL-E

I'm supposed to be unplugged today, but I had to write a quick post.

We saw WALL-E last night, and it was the sweetest, most romantic movie I've seen in a long time (animated or otherwise). About a beat-up little robot who falls in love with a high-strung lady...

Ben Burtt, the iconic sound designer who created the voice of R2-D2, came out of retirement to bring WALL-E to life.

Watch a trailer here.

(Image courtesy of Disney Pictures)

Groom Style: Gucci

I'm especially digging the sneakers with the blue suit, and this last look on the baby Mick Jagger model.

(But I'm not feeling the weird patent loafers, people!)

Spring 2009 via

(Photos: Marcio Madeira)

Friday, June 27, 2008

while I'm on the topic...

Isn't pretty.pretty.paper's save-the-date lovely in its minimalism?

She's one of my new favorite bloggers, b/t/w.

(Image courtesy of ppp)

too beautiful not to post

Peonies has finally unveiled her invitations.

And she claims she can't cut a straight line. Silly silly lady.

(Images courtesy of Peonies and Polaroids)

Step Away From The Wedding Planning

This $10,000 wedding post, and the emphatic comments, inspired me this week. It really is all about good friends, good food, good music (and yes, good cocktails).

Plus I was working, which meant I had less time to obsess over the details and more time, oddly, just to look forward to the thing.

I'm unplugging tonight so I can hang out with my FH. Paper lanterns and manila tags and rubber stamps and whatever the f* else can wait until Sunday.

(Image courtesy of teleoalreVes)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

if you want to go ballerina all the way...

These round-toe flats by The US Shop are fabulous.

Via NOTCouture.

(Image courtesy of

Monday, June 23, 2008

more summer neck ties

Paul Pincus just pointed me towards these on sale at J. Press.

(Silver dots on navy feel like a wedding to me!)

my mascot (courtesy of banksy)

I'm starting a new job tomorrow, which means getting up earlier than I'd like.

I'm not complaining. It's gonna be fun...

(Stencil by Banksy. Photo by H-town.)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have to recommend Reprise, a fantastic Norwegian movie I just saw at the Laemmle. It's about being young and ambitious and lost, and it's funny in a straight-up truthful way.

Lately Hollywood has forgotten how to be truthful.

If Reprise isn't playing at your local arthouse (or you don't have one) you can rent it from Netflix.

You'll forget the subtitles are even there, I promise.

(Image courtesy of

modern ballerina bride

How fabulous is this ballerina skirt from etsy's abstractpretty?

The simple top keeps it from feeling too saccharin sweet. And I f'n love the bangs.

I miss my bangs. Why am I growing out my bangs...?!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

That Groom (Style)

That Bride asked me to pick out a few ties for That Groom and his cohorts. She warned me that he's a little conservative, but I think a classic Hermes tie would be just the thing with his two-button black suit.

(Jenna, if he balks, tell him to read this by GQ's Style Guy.)

This one would perfectly complement the black dresses/gold belts/black & gold shoes the bridesmaids are wearing. (It's listed here on ebay for 38 more hours. Currently at $24.99!)

This one brings in the hunter green, and the greek statues are a nice reflection of your old world travel theme. (Listed here on ebay, for $109.99.)

Then I'd add Classic Solid Ties from Brooks Brothers in black and gold for those groomsmen (on sale for $69.50/buy one get the second half off).

I like letting the groomsmen's ties be assorted, but in the same color scheme as the maids. If you let in too much color here it could start to feel like a hodgepodge.

leafy necktie

I'm on a tie hunt for That Bride. This one by Sovereign Beck won't work for her wedding, but I love it.

Kinda gives me a Brooklyn Bride vibe.

(Image courtesy of Supermarket)

Style Within Reach: folk romanticism at H&M

I bought the tuxedo-inspired blouse in a pale blue & white stripe. I'll wear it with dark jeans, my favorite cork wedges (these sandals would work too, if I had 'em) and my big silver Digby & Iona ring.

Nothing's for sale on the US website (you may be luckier in other countries) and stock turns around fast in the stores, so go now!

(Images courtesy of H&M)

this is not a paper cup

For those who want to go green without geeking out, a reusable porcelain to-go cup with silicone lid. From A+R Store.

Thanks to Jesse, bride of Thom.

(Photo courtesy of A+R)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beyond the navy blazer

Shake up his summer style even if you're just wedding guests.


Shout out to k studio

I'd seen their stuff at Branch and ReForm School, and I always lusted after it but never splurged.

Now I'm picking out gifts for the wedding party, and I discovered you can call k studio directly and custom order any pillow, bag, journal or pouch they make.

I spent 20 minutes deliberating, and 4 minutes on the phone with Mary. I'm still glowing with satisfaction.

(Image courtesty of Branch)

Gifts for badass groomsmen

These wallets by Tracey Tanner rock.

Tracey rocks. And she replies very promptly to email.

(Images courtesy of Tracey Tanner)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'd put this on my head

Jen made this floral headbandy thing for her Vegas vow renewal. Then she took pictures.

p.s. Now you can buy one here.

(Polaroid by Jen Gotch)

Note to self: incorporate clothes pins

Image by Louis Park via {frolic!}

Monday, June 16, 2008

krafty picnic wedding

Check out Michelle & Noah's picnic wedding on The Bride's Cafe here and here. I'm especially obsessed with these details -- blankets Michelle and her sister made, disposable cups prettified with kraft paper (I am now a complete sucker for kraft paper) and wooden forks bought on ebay.

The invites are also super cool, although the reply card inside a little paper bag may have crossed the cutesy line.

I'm heading straight to ebay to look for the forks. (Um, as soon as I address our invites.)

I had been dying to order these customized wooden utensils for our rehearsal picnic-on-the-beach ever since I saw them on Brooklyn Bride. But they're not cheap. I think Kathryn put 'em in her fabulous beach cookout post on {frolic!} today just to torment me....

(Photos by Liz Banfield)

a reminder to diy brides (okay me)

H-town snapped this photo while I was still sleeping and emailed it to me from work. To make me laugh if I start losing my sh*t while I'm addressing the invites.

I love him.

just like mom used to wear

Enough already with the Grecian sandals. I've been looking for a pair like my mom wore in the 70's with her white painter's pants.

Here they are. But sadly, I just can't spend the money. $175 buys a lot of parasols, people.

Via {frolic}

(Image courtesy of Sarah Barner)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

a beautiful line of shoes

I can't resist posting another one from my polaroid blog.

speaking of peonies...

The Peony

1 6.3oz bottle of Stirrings Bitter Lemon
2 oz Chambord
1 1/2 oz Aperol
1 oz Maraschino Syrup
1 1/2 oz Rose's Sweetened Lime Juice

Stir ingredients, pour over ice and throw in a bunch of lemon and lime slices (cause they're pretty). Oh, and if you can, serve it in a pink glass. This recipe makes 2 if you feel like sharing.

Original recipe and polaroids by Jen of my polaroid blog and becoming a foodie, who I just found via this interview on All Things Bright and Beautiful.

oh for peonies

Our wedding is in August, so peonies are out.

But if they were still blooming in my aunt's garden, I'd put them in simple mason jars, just like this sublime arrangement by Peonies and Polaroids.

(It is also a sublime photo, I must point out.)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Parasol. Best wedding favor EVER?

I've been thinking about parasols... and this post on Style Me Pretty fed my urge to buy a bunch for the guests.

Our ceremony is slated for 4 o'clock, and the August sun might really be beating down. (I hope it is!)

Good idea, or extraneous crap?

Vixenforhire, pictured here, offers a strong endorsement.

wedding bubbles

H-town's niece chose Yellow Submarine to play on her flute for the recessional. I instantly thought, we should hand out bubbles!

And how cool is this couple?
Photos by Malloreigh.

Here's the married lady I want to be

Laughing and hanging on for dear life!

Via A Cup of Jo. Photo by Superbomba.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Note to self: don't become a cranky married person

Yikes. Photo by the Xenon.

Ethically sound knickers

Handmade in the UK from locally sourced remnants and cut-offs that would otherwise go to waste. They're a little dear, but how often can you boast that your knickers have a small carbon footprint?

From Luva Huva via Daily Candy.

Sexy Bastard

These father's day gifts would also be great for groomsmen (or the groom).

Sexy Bastard socks by Andrew Buckler, Paul Stuart Panama Hat, and Berluti shoe kit.

More ideas via