Thursday, January 12, 2012

Boob Update

Hi ESB and Celia,

Boobsweek inspired me to double check that I had the correct fit. On closer inspection I began to suspect that my bras were not quite the right size - they were altogether too baggy. So I promised somewhere in the comments that I would go and have a bra fitting, and today I finally did.


I've been wearing a 36C for over a decade. I didn't think I was due a huge transformation - I don't have any daily boob trauma (boobma). It turns out I'm a 32DD. A 32DD!!!!!!!! WTF! Seriously!

What's more, I now have three gorgeous bras that are HOTTT. I can't stop leaping around the living room trying them on one after the other - they are SO GOOD! They make my boobs look better, they ping. I am so happy.

Even more impressive, I bought some kickass ankle boots yesterday and so far bra glee is far outshining boot glee. Best present to myself ever.

Thanks guys

p.s. I will be handwashing for life from now on.  I'm a changed woman.  

Having A Positively Perky Year Because Of One Boobsweek Spree

(Happy Boobs) 



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  1. hah. I did the same- thought I was a 36C and turns out I should be wearing 34E

  2. HA yay! I went to a professional bra fitter store thingy a year and a half ago because I couldn't find a bustier ANYWHERE (sidebar: you'd think bridal stores that sell bridal gowns requiring bustiers would sell them, but nope).

    Anywho, I'd spent most of my boobie life thinking I was a 34C and it turns out I am actually a 32DD as well. It turned my whole world upside down and I told everyone to go find out their real size and to find out what a bra is SUPPOSED to feel like! You don't even have to buy anything.

    P.S. I've gained about 12 pounds since then and it's all gone straight to my juggalugs so I'm probably due for another fitting.

  3. 38 double F-ML. Not as stoked as everyone else to discover my true bra size. I feel properly educated though that my 38 D standard is a bad choice. Boo.

  4. I bought 2 new bras as well, upgraded the cup and went down on the band and have felt so much better about my self and they even made my sad wardrobe more inspiring. Ladies that live in Portland, check out a new shop The Pencil Test in NE. I only get a %50 on the exam :/ (seriously, any one else have a cup difference between the two?) they cater to DD's and above and specifically stock pretty, colorful and supportive stuff.

  5. i have small(er) boobs and boobsweek changed my life, too. for years i was wearing a 36A or B and it turns out i'm a 32C??? my new bra (i've only bought one so far) is about a billion times more comfortable and makes my clothes way more flattering. THANKS ESB!

  6. Oh my god...this reminds me soooo much of when I made my mom go bra shopping. When I finally convinced her to go my dad started shoving money my way. She was totally awkward until she finally got on a bra that fit...then she was crazy for it.

    As in wore the bra home.

    As in walked in the door and not even in a sexy way ripped her shirt off to show dad her new black bra that fit.

    Then dad asked me how much I'd given her to drink. :-)

  7. I second this... took my 34C-wearing ass to Nordstrom's (no Racks (haha) around here), tried on a bunch of 32 and 34 Ds, admitted defeat and got fitted. 32DD w.t.f. Loved my experience there AND my new bras are so amazing, I can't stop checking my boobs out. They thank you all for the new love they are receiving.

  8. WHERE did you all go to get fitted?? Please god don't say Victoria's Secret.

  9. Bra purchases were through the roof this week. If you are in southern california, try as Celia suggested or if you are in NY, try Orchard Corset in the LES This lady changed my life.

  10. I did the same thing after reading all these boob-related posts -- finally went for a real bra fitting. Instead of being a 38DD, which I've been wearing for years, I'm a 34G! The bras I bought seem to be performing a miracle. My ginormous boobs almost look perky now!

  11. me too! Went to Nordstrom & got fitted, left with three new bras. and since I was there, new undies, too. My boobs look so great, I feel like they're higher up on my chest now!

  12. I just had a similar experience, literally 10 minutes ago. Went to Nordstrom, got fitted, left with two new 32D bras (I've been wearing a 32B for years) and feeling like a totally new and improved version of my already fabulous (just ask me!) self. Thanks to Celia, ESB, and all of the readers who inspired me to FINALLY get fitted!

  13. Yeah, I loved that boob post. Thank god I read it just before dress shopping?

    Who knew that all that fat that piled up under my armpits came from my boobs? I thought it was just there to mock my lack of exercise. Oh, and the part about the straps, brilliant.

    Thank you ESB!