Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to....

Except for the cupcakes part.

Fuck cupcakes.

I don't like tea that much either.

Okay, here's my list:

1. make lists (obv)

2. eat (goat cheese on toast! with avocado!)

3. laugh (sure)

4. stay off the fucking internets for a few hours, why don't you??

5. hash out a synopsis with your new writing partner (i.e. ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING)

6. drive to glendale and see my week with marilyn or

7. track down dvds of the wild one and easy rider at the library

8. take a nap

9. take a hike

10. take a hot bath while

11. watching an enthralling ep of selling la

12. sleep the sleep of the just

Words to live by via The Shiny Squirrel


  1. My list with would be 4, 8,10, and 12. With the sleeping parts being the priority.

  2. I'm totally down with your number 4... Facebook especially brings me down, but even when I try to type in another URL I accidentally end up on the dreaded FB again.

  3. I am really in favor of this toast/goat cheese/avocado situation.

  4. #12...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. My favorite breakfast is toast, avocado, salt, pepper, lime, and a runny poached egg on top.

  6. I couldn't make a list to save my fucking life. But if I could, cupcakes wouldn't be on it. Why doesn't everyone understand that cupcakes are for pussies? I'm also with you on tea, especially if you're not from one of the tea drinking nations, because savoring a cup of tea automatically makes you one of those annoying twee bloggers who post cute Etsy shit all the livelong day. Look, if you want to drink tea, that's cool - just don't tell us about it.

  7. Drinking tea is on my list every day.

    But then, I am English.

    Also, fuck cupcake cultural imperialism. We eat FAIRY CAKES in the UK. Not bloody cupcakes. Fairy cakes are much less likely to give you diabetes too, see as they don't have a dogshit shaped lump of lard balanced on top.
    Yet every twee cafe and lifestyle blogger in the UK is all about the bloody cupcakes these days.

    drives me round the bend.

    1. Best argument against cupcakes yet. They are the emperor's new baking! Also, hello - I live in Bristol too!

  8. the staying of the internets bit is, perhaps, the hardest but most vital one. p. and i are trying to enforce the no-screen-reading-in-bed rule, which i'm convinced helps us sleep better, but it's so damn hard.

    enjoy your goatie cheesez.

  9. for the anti-tea crowd -- i just bought this mug and couldn't be happier about it.

  10. @Amy I was so afraid you were linking to a mug with a mustache on it. Crisis averted.

  11. Gahh... Selling LA. My new reality downfall.

  12. I'm with W&M - #12, aaah.

    Also, that provides more energy for making more lists.

  13. nice! so far today I have drunk tea, watched my week with marilyn and eaten scrambled eggs... now for that nap, thanks