Wednesday, February 29, 2012

are these the barrettes you seek?

60's/70's deadstock from Lawrence via Forty-Sixth at Grace

Rose Gold + Rubies = TACKY?? (The Follow Up!)

Hi ESB --

I just wanted to mention we decided to go with Bario-Neal to re-set the ruby from my dude's mom's ring. It worked out great; I went with the rose gold I wanted and am happy with the results.

I guess the moral of the story is go with the small, ethically run businesses whose aesthetic you like rather than the tacky jewelry store that happens to be within walking distance from your apartment.

Here are some pictures -- I don't have a good "before" shot but the after is definitely waaaaay better!




Where can I find this $13K dress for, like, much cheaper??

Hello ESB,

I am totally in love with your blog and while scouring the "dresses" archive decided to just write to you myself. I recently got engaged and we're planning a spring 2013 wedding in Mexico. The "theme" (though I hate that word) is loosely Bohemian Glamour.... I have the venue, decor, and most everything else under control but the dress is starting to become my biggest worry... Because I already found my DREAM dress but its wayyyy out of my price range.

In a nutshell, I went to a bridal boutique and after telling the consultant my budget ($2000 - $3000) she pulled a bunch of dresses by this new designer, Tara LaTour. She told me they were within my price range or "a little bit more"... So I tried on this one first and LOVED it with all my heart.... (minus the blue - it would be custom made in ivory/champagne hues). This was MY dress.....

Then I tried on this one and it was a very close second.

Well, it turns out those dresses aren't even close to $3000. The first is over $13,000 (whaaaat) and the second is around $9,000 (better but still not happening). I totally get why they cost that much, they're gorgeous and handmade and custom dyed, etc etc etc. But as much as they are worth those prices, its just not a price I can pay. Anyways...

I would love any suggestions on designers who make dresses in a similar style (the rustic look, raw edges, ruffle/petal, varied colors, etc).... I'm in Washington DC now but am moving to Seattle next month. Maybe in Seattle or Portland??? I feel like a smaller boutique designer is my best bet but I'm not having any luck googling, blog searching, etc.

Also, I'm open to something not necessarily "bridal" and definitely doesn't need to be white - anything in the neutral ivory/champagne/taupe palette works.

Maybe you (or the ever-helpful readers) will be able to suggest something? Any thoughts would be helpful! Thank you so much!!



You are aware that I'm not actually a fairy godmother, right?

I mean. ICK on that a*hole for showing you dresses so far out of your price range, but I feel like you ought to just put em out of your mind and move on. If you try to replicate something like that (esp at your price point), you could end up with a real shit show.

p.s. Please, for fuck's sake, will you guys refrain from recommending Wai Ching. That hippie shit was all very well and good for our VENUS ON THE HALF SHELL, but not what we're looking for here.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


these pics are gorg. nice light. yada yada.


i'm just saying. if it's a "breakfast with" series...?

Bri Emery by Bonnie Tsang

speaking of etsy....

I just bought this Moon Cats Tank.

When fieldguided and rob and kidchamp all say BUY IT NOW (in ALL CAPS), you buy it now, yes?

I mean. I consider that a cross-section.

check me out

I wrote a lil wedding style post that just went up on etsy.

And I stole a lot of ideas from you guys by trolling your favorite items. Thx!

Did you know you can actually do an etsy search inside someone's favorites? For example, when I searched fieldguided's favorites for "wedding bands," the results were: BINGO!

Oaxaca Blouse and Skirt Set by one of my etsy faves, Alexandra Grecco

pint glass favors = classy centerpieces?


My fiance and I are having our reception in our neighborhood Irish pub. We are trying to make personalized pint glass favors part of our centerpieces. Any ideas? 

Flowers seem out of place in an Irish pub and ribbon makes me think of New Year's Eve.


I'm thinking you put a pint glass sort of like just above the knife at each place setting? (See chart above)


Monday, February 27, 2012

But don't vintage clothes.... SMELL? (Sponsored by Monday's Child)

That's right, I have the coolest sponsors. On this bright and shiny Monday morning, I bring you a sponsored post from our lady Celia.

Hi folks! Assuming you're not completely over me after #BOOBSWEEK, I'm back to share my knowledge of vintage fashion, why you should consider wearing it if you don't, and why it's a fantastic option for your wedding. Now, before you go telling me that vintage clothes are just old rags that smell bad, let me school you a little. Thrifted clothes (which, I'll add, also have a special place in my heart) are what you're thinking of when you picture "old" and "smelly." But vintage, TRUE vintage, especially if it's been well preserved through the years, is quite the opposite of that. For those of you who aren't aware, I own an insanely rad collection of vintage clothes (if I do say so myself) that mostly comes from one woman's estate, and that happens to, believe it or not, NOT SMELL.

At this point, I've been wearing vintage for most of my life, and I'm not here to tell you that it's because I'm cooler or more vintage than you. I grew up going to private schools where I exclusively wore uniforms. "Free Dress" days are a pretty huge deal when you spend most days of your life wearing the same exact thing as the few hundred other kids you're constantly surrounded by. I discovered and became a fan of vintage because it was my way to stand out. If shopping at the mall meant looking like everyone else in non-uniform clothes, then I wanted absolutely nothing to do with places like The Gap and Contempo Casuals. I found individuality through wearing vintage, and it is why I still wear it today. When I saved every dime I had to buy myself a 1940s black satin gown for my prom, there was absolutely no fear of running into some other girl wearing the same exact dress. And on that note, don't think that vintage is so outside of the norm that it can only be outrageous or wacky. Although there are certainly many pieces that lean toward the more unique end of the spectrum, vintage can also be very simple and classic.

If you're new to the world of vintage, I understand that it can feel somewhat overwhelming. Simply put, if you get to understand the different eras and fit, vintage clothing starts to become a lot less intimidating. The first thing you should know right off the bat is that modern clothes are made to look good on hangers, whereas vintage clothes were made to look good on PEOPLE. Most vintage garments really don't come across so hot when they're just hanging in a shop or closet, so it's very important to give stuff a chance even if it looks stupid or unflattering. For the most part, it's impossible to tell how most vintage pieces are supposed to fit or lay until you literally put them on. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a dress and thought there's no way I could ever sell it, and then been blown away once I slipped it onto a dress form. This would be an example of such a dress. When I pulled it out of storage, it looked like a tablecloth with sleeves, but was surprised to see that in reality, it had a lovely shape (it's not pinned anywhere on the form).

Also in regards to fit, a common complaint I've hear throughout the years is that vintage clothes run so much smaller, and generally speaking, this is true. HOWEVER, it is extremely important to remember that up until the 70s, women wore SERIOUS undergarments. And by SERIOUS, I mean that those ladies knew how to contain their wobbly parts and floppity milkers. Older pieces were made to be worn with these gut-cinching unmentionables, so always keep that in mind if you have it stuck in your head that vintage simply does not fit your body type. I'm not saying you have to invest in some Spanx, but you should at least consider it.

Alright, let's move onto the real reason I decided to write this post. Since this is a wedding blog, I'd like to share my brand spanking new BRIDAL selection with you guys. I think it's safe to say that most of you who read East Side Bride aren't exactly conventional brides planning conventional weddings. This is exactly why wearing vintage is such a brilliant choice for your wedding. You don't have to buy a traditional wedding gown to look like a bride. Shit, you don't even have to buy a traditional vintage wedding gown to look like a bride. As I've been digging through my collection in the past few months, I've come across a number of dresses that I would've LOVED to have been married in.

When it comes to wearing vintage for your wedding, the possibilities are endless. I think many brides fear the idea of looking dated in a vintage wedding gown, and I totally get it. Although that very classic look is stunning in its own way, it is definitely not a look that all brides can or may even want to pull off. But why not consider looking beyond typical wedding gowns? If you don't want to stray too far from the norm, there are a plethora of white/off-white/ivory vintage gowns and dresses out there that would work perfectly for a wedding. Also, make sure to keep in mind that all you need to modernize a vintage piece is to properly accessorize it. Personally, I find this to be one of the best examples of a bride WORKING a vintage dress, and managing to still look up-to-date.

If you're a more adventurous bride, color is always a great option. I find that brides who are willing to wear color tend to stick with pastels, but who says you can't go insanely bold and surprise all your guests? No one who matters, that's who.

Oh, and one last thing... make sure you don't forget about your awesome bridesmaids. After all the love and support they've provided, don't they deserve to look killer, too?

Thanks again for having me, guys. And don't forget, true vintage is timeless and gorgeous. Not smelly.

Great racks and low backs...

Hello ESB,

So.... I have the boy (6’3’ beard, glasses), the venue (English country house), the menu (cucumber sandwiches, cake and sloe gin.) and a truly amazing dress.

However the dress at the heart of my current quandary: It is beautiful, a 1920s champagne silk crepe, which lands just below the knee and make me very very happy. I don’t have a picture as its shut in my mum’s closet, 100 miles away at the moment, but the shape is a bit like this.

The problem is that it has a lovely low V back and I have what one of your other readers referred to as a sweet rack. The rack in question is a UK 32E/F (US 32DD/E) and I am a British 10 (US 6). As the crepe is clingy I wanted to wear some kind all in one underneath to create a smooth line. So since November I have been searching for a body or corselette in my size that isn’t eye achingly hideous and that I can wear stockings with.

The first thing that comes up is always ultimo’s backless body which aside from being a quite exceptionally unpleaseant colour is padded and really I do not need help that department. The only remotely decent thing I’ve found is this.

It's ok but I was hoping to find some thing a bit more special seeing as it’s my wedding day. Budget £200?

Ms. Knickers


You can have "special," or you can have a smooth line, but you can't have them both at the same time.

Yes, that backless body thing is hideous, but the unpleasant color is meant to be NUDE (i.e. invisible under your crepe dress), and it looks to me like the padding you describe is not so much padding as "secret support," which is designed to do some lifting.

Your boy will barely take an instant to register what you've got on under the dress, trust me. What you look like in the dress is much more important.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just when my balloon-hating was about to reach its APEX....

Bre had to go and post these sweet photos from her birthday party.

I'm kind of digging the white balloons. With the white confetti and simple white flowers?

What can I say, I'm a gemini. I can talk myself in or out of anything.


In the space of an hour.

p.s. Scout & Catalogue's spring collection is finally for sale, you guys!

Friday, February 24, 2012

If you wanna get a little misty...

Hop over to A///B and check out her Wyoming Wedding post.

(Regularly scheduled snarking will resume on Monday.)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

i’m alive!!!!!!

i survived 72 hrs on a 45ft boat with 4 strangers over 65 and no wifi.

came THIS CLOSE to a blue whale, saw dolphins dolphins dolphins and s n a r k l e d with sea lions.

drank too much tequila.

and i re-learned how to read a book. as in, REALLY read a book. not just flip pages in between tweets.

in related news: i'm super glad i didn't bring my laptop. the "working vacation" turned into a vacation after all.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How do our parents get to know each other?

Dear ESB,

My boyfriend and I got engaged last week, and it occurred to us that, despite our six years of dating, our parents have never really met each other. My dad met his mom once when they were both at a performance of mine, but that's been it. I know it's *technically* the groom's parents' "job" to contact the bride's, but our family situations are complicated (though not unusual) and I don't know what to do.

My kinda shy, socially awkward parents have been divorced for over 20 years and are pretty chill with each other now. My dad's been remarried over 15 years to a lively, dynamic lady who really doesn't like my mom all that much. His also kinda shy, socially awkward parents divorced last year and aren't really on speaking terms, other than when they have to discuss legal things (for themselves, and for my guy's hooligan little brother who got himself arrested this past weekend).

I know they should get to know each other, I know they WANT to get to know each other (my dad has uneasily mentioned "getting to know the in-laws"), but I'm at a loss for how to make that happen. I don't want to put the burden on his already over-stressed parents to figure it out, and I don't want to force a circus of various coffee dates or dinner parties where we all sit around staring at our laps after "I'm retired and do IT for our church" ceases to be an interesting topic.

Inherited Social Awkwardness in Chi City.


In 2012, all the rules about whose job it is to contact who and who is supposed to pay for what are OUT THE WINDOW.

Throw yourselves an engagement party!

A room full of friends holding cocktails will take the pressure off your poor socially awkward parents.

Photo by Ross Feighery via Flavorwire via Charles Hall

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

rings rings rings

I dunno if you noticed, but Scosha recently joined the ol' sponsor roll with their custom wedding bands.

Will someone please order some up so we can see how they turn out?

I'm especially digging the two lil prototypes pictured that have 12 black diamonds and 12 white, for "day to night."

Isabel Marant, I ♥ You

I would've rocked this dress in a heartbeat (if not for the pesky bra issue).

Monday, February 20, 2012

how do i ask the parents to put the baby in a baby cage thingy so it won't ruin my wedding?

i need some help, and also perhaps need to grow a set.

our wedding is in Sept this year. it's a casual family thing so understandably the only baby/person under the age of 25 (my hubby-to-be's niece) in the whole of both mine and my finance's family is coming. however i had just assumed that since we were hiring a whole house for the wedding they would just bring a playpen thingy and put the baby (as she is a baby, she will be 12mths at the wedding) inside the house for 15 minutes while we tie the knot. i don't have a baby so i know all the mothers that read this will be up in arms, furious that i would suggest such a thing, but maybe they could imagine it was their wedding. After the ceremony i'm happy for them to parade her and everyone can coo about how cute she is and all that shit.

Since we started planning the wedding the mum has made multiple comments regarding the baby being a flower girl. two issues - I'm not having bridesmaids so noone to help her down the aisle etc, and.... SHE'S 12 MONTHS OLD (can they even walk??). So i'm working up the courage to say no, its going to be a shit fight as is because she's my finances' parents think she is the best thing ever and are slightly deranged when it comes to her (understandably proud grandparents etc), how do i ask the parents to put the baby in a baby cage for 15 minutes so she doesn't cry through our ceremony without sounding like a complete raging twat. 

or.... am i being a twat????


you're being twat-ish.

you can't ask them to leave the baby in a cage. SHE IS NOT A CHIHUAHUA. but you can (and should) ask one of the parents to stand in the back holding the baby, prepared to whisk her away if she starts making a nuisance of herself.

NO FREAKING WAY ON FREAKING EARTH does a 12-month-old get to be a flower girl.

Naomi Preizler by Jeff Hahn for SCMP Style Magazine via Fashion Gone Rogue via Jessica Goldfond

Friday, February 17, 2012

I saw an old Mexican lady wearing this outfit

That is all.

Carry on.


Calla Fall 2012 via anabela / fieldguided

I am so over every version of this weird petal-y skirt. Who does it look good on??

No one, is the answer to that question.

It looks good on NO ONE.

Watters Fall 2011 via GinnyBranch Stelling via Martha Stewart Weddings

For the record, I think Quail Bridal was the first one to make the weird petal-y skirt back in 2010?

Sidebar: I think my blogging has been suffering since I quit drinking coffee. I had a cup this afternoon and I feel terrific. Maybe a teence headachey, but TERRIFIC.


A few people (okay, Tonia) said "less wedding talk, more vacation updates!!!!" so I thought I'd give you a wee update in bullet-point form.

↣ The Whales, Amazing. The word "amazing" doesn't even begin to describe. I petted a baby whale, people. I rubbed it under the chin.

↣ La Paz, Cute. Dusty. And full of dogs. Between 1 and 4am they all go into a barking FRENZY. Never again will I complain about all the barking dogs in Echo Park.

↣ The Food, Delicioso. Tacos, Sopes, Huaraches, Vampiros. Muy Muy Delicioso.

↣ My Husband, Working Too Much. Which, I knew he would be. A client brought us down here, so what do I have to complain about?

↣ Me, Aimless. Spending too much time on my iphone in btwn chapters of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test/taking myself for walks.

↣ Tomorrow, WHALE SHARKS. No idea what they are, but I'm pretty sure I need to write a comedy about them.

(Photo of Hembra by H-town. Hembra lives in the crazy, dusty, terrific house where we're staying. Or in the courtyard, to be precise.)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

What should we do in Victoria, BC?

(Friendly Victoria Seals by Fishy979)


My husband and I used your Portland trip guide (that Joanna wrote) when we went for a weekend in November. It was fabulous. Broder was amazing and we were lucky to get a table in the first batch when it opened on Sunday morning.

Anyway, we are planning to go to Victoria, BC over president's day weekend and were wondering if any locals in might be able to write a post. Obviously it is unlikely that you could post this next week for us since you will be *ahem* snorkeling. But I'm sure lots of Seattle readers (and Vancouver and everywhere else) would be interested!

On a completely different note: Would you consider a boobs-week post about pregnancy and already big(ger) boobs? I'm totally lost. When should I buy a new bra? I'm putting it off because I'll probably go up another couple sizes but I don't know.



When I put the call out on Twitter, Rachel, a library enthusiast/government lackey/west coast adventurer, was the first and only Victorian (Victoriite?) who offered to write a guest post. Let's consider ourselves lucky that she appreciates the finer things, such as coffee coffee coffee and LOCALLY MADE GIN.

Here's Rachel:

Oh Victoria I love thee, let me count the ways. My husband, Dallas, and I moved to Victoria in August 2010 after living in Alberta for many years. I’m originally from the coast and have always wanted to move back to be closer to friends, family, and milder winters. It was easy enough to convince Dallas that Victoria was the place to be given the proximity to his true love (after me, of course) – surfing.

To be honest I didn’t really know that much about the city before moving here, but I am a quick study and have fallen in love with everything Victoria has to offer. There is an vast array of incredible restaurants, cafes, and shops – it’s no wonder that a friend of mine has referred to Victoria as the velvet ditch – once people get here they realize how sweet it is and stay put.

A word on Victoria – if you are a visitor it is most likely that you are staying downtown and/or near the Inner Harbour. If that is the case you should be able to walk to 80% of what is on this list. For the rest, a short cab ride may be in order. There is one exception to the rule, and it’s worth sorting out transport to do – The Butchart Gardens. I was a doubter for the first year of living here…I mean, it’s just a garden, right – for tourists and the elderly? However, it is pretty spectacular in every season.

(Butchart Gardens, Winter)

Try Habit, The Parsonage Café (home to Fernwood Coffee), Discovery, and Street Level Espresso. For tea drinkers out there, do not miss Silk Road Tea on the edge of Chinatown.

Victoria does not disappoint in this category. Visit Cascadia, Bubby Roses, or Wildfire. For the Gluten-Free people in your life, Origin is a gem – a bit off the beaten path, but so worth it.

Local tip #1: To combine the above, walk across the Johnson Street Bridge (or if you’re visiting from March through October catch a harbour ferry) to Dockside Green and gorge yourself on treats from my favourite bakery, Fol Epi, and a cappuccino at Fantastico next door.

Mo:Le, The Blue Fox, and Shine Cafe. A new addition, Hudson Jones is also a sure thing – Maple Bacon Sticky Bun, need I say more.

Local tip #2: if you want to avoid waiting in a long line for brunch on the weekend, check out The Superior – a creative menu, and live music as well. They also do dinner and drinks properly too!

Lunch: Hernande’z for the tacos, Foo for Asian street food, and Pig for BBQ. Red Fish, Blue Fish has, hands down, the best fish and chips in the city.

(Red Fish Blue Fish by Karlie85)

Local tip #3: if you are in Victoria from Monday to Friday, lunch at Relish or Devour are amazeballs – some of the best food Victoria has to offer at these 2 spots.
Victoria has a surprising number of beer producers for its size. Get acquainted with pints from Driftwood, Phillips, Hoyne, Lighthouse or Van Island. I like the view at the Flying Otter or Spinnakers and the low key nature of Garrick’s Head.

For cocktails, sit at the bar at Veneto, Clive’s or the Bengal Lounge at the Empress Hotel. My favourite spot for wine is Stage, where the food is also incredible.

If you’re looking for casual, Ferris’ Grill has the best falafel and the chicken penne soup that you will not regret trying (it may sound weird, but just trust me). Rebar is where vegetarians and those who love them gather. [Editor's Note: I ♥ REBAR.] If you want to be charmed beyond belief, visit Skinnytato, a mom-and-pop Polish place. Pizzeria Prima Strada serves the BEST pizza, Neapolitan-style (certified by the VPN).

(Ferris' Grill)

Local tip #4: if you’re at the Cook Street Prima Strada, you will most likely wait for a table as they don’t take reservations. But hey, it’s ok – head across the street to the Beagle Pub to continue your quest to try all the local micro brews. Your cell will ring when your table is ready!

Ulla is a sure thing for a special occasion dinner – beautiful food, drinks, staff, space. I’m also looking forward to my upcoming birthday dinner at Zambri’s, which I’ve been wanting to try since we moved here.

Believe it or not, there is more to do in Victoria than eat. Victoria is also a great place to shop – find something for yourself at Susaion, Still Life, Lark & Sparrow or my personal favourite, Smoking Lily.

Browse for books at Munro’s, jewelry at Violette, buy ESB some of her favourite deodorant at Emporia. New to Yates St is Nest & Cradle – worth checking out for you and your home. Because you’re already at the Atrium building to drink coffee at Habit, stop in at Cook Culture for your kitchen.

Now that you’ve eaten and shopped yourself silly, a long walk is in order. Victoria is notorious for views of its picturesque inner harbour, which you can walk along from downtown all the way to Fisherman’s Wharf where you will see a floating community and feed fish to friendly seals, if that’s your thing (come on…I know it is). Another great walk is found at Ogden Point, where the Breakwater stretches nearly a kilometre into the sea, and then along Dallas Road, where you look out across the strait to Washington’s Olympic Peninsula.

(Fisherman's Wharf by Hummingbird604)

As I mentioned earlier, a visit to The Butchart Gardens is worth it, even if gardens aren’t really your thing (*raises hand*). Before heading to the Gardens, stop at Hilary’s or Choux Choux for a picnic to take with you. If you are driving out that way, why not visit Sea Cider and then Victoria Spirits – two local producers who are making exceptional hard cider and gin that will make you weep.

p.s. Because I gather you are preggers, you should also stop at Hip Baby on lower Johnson, and check out the clothing for littles at Smoking Lily/Milkman's Daughter.

Also: If anyone wants to answer the bra question, feel free to dive in.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tips for the Professional Blogger #1

When on a "working vacation," DO NOT leave your laptop at home.

Not even if said "working vacation" is in Mexico and you thought it would be a good idea for you to "unplug" or whatever and just share your husband's laptop.

Not a good idea.

(Blogger, your iphone app sucks.)

Are you sick to death of air plants??

I'm not.

75+ tall corked air plant terrariums are $343 from TortoiseLovesDonkey.

Wedding favors = DONESIES.

Drama with the MIL (Part 563)

When the mother in law calls the rehearsal dinner "technically her party" and constantly reminds you that she is paying for it to make you feel bad and she doesn't want to let you invite your brothers but wants to invite her brother & niece who haven't seen the fiance since he was 5 and she is the only stressful part of an otherwise easy planning process but she eventually agrees to do what you want to you let it go? Or call her out on the offensive, passive aggressive shit and get ready for a brawl?



The point of further antagonizing this woman would be...what??

Another one by Rasmus Skousen for Cover Magazine via because im addicted via tfs

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How do you say "I don't want to be your bridesmaid" without ruining the friendship?

I don't know the answer to this, you guys.

(I always thought the answer was, "You don't.")

But the question keeps coming up. Anyone have a good story?

Photo by Rasmus Skousen for Cover Magazine via because im addicted via tfs


My blog looks funny on H's computer. His settings are all different. But I did it! I hopped on and got a post up while he walked away for five minutes. Maybe I can actually live without my laptop until the 23rd....

What should I put on my head?

Dear ESB,

I'm having a smallish, city hall type wedding in Melbourne, Australia in late April followed by a very long lunch with lots of wine and cocktails at one of our favourite restaurants with our immediate family and a handful of close friends. 

I've found the dress and a necklace but I have no idea what to wear on my head. My brain hurts from looking at bridal websites and I have Etsy fatigue! Since you and your readers have impeccable taste, I would appreciate any suggestions.


Anyone feel like shopping this for me?

I'm swimming with the sea lions today. Or drinking margaritas or whatever.

Photos: Michelle Williams for Band of Outsiders Spring 2012 Collection via Fashion Gone Rogue

Monday, February 13, 2012

bridezilla wants to make me pay for makeup

My dear ESB,

I am slightly disgruntled because I don't quite want to be a part of this bridal party, but there really was no way for me to say no. For various reasons that I won't delve into.

To add on top of the irritation (and slight guilt), the bride wants to "require" us to do our hair and makeup but is not offering to pay for it.

What are your thoughts on this sitch?? I've only been part of weddings where the bride has either paid for it or just let us do our own styling, and these were very close friends of mine. I really don't want to be expected to throw down an extra few hundred dollars for hair and makeup for a wedding that I'm already not keen on being a part of.

I swear I'm trying hard not to be a total bitch...


My thoughts on this sitch are: WHAT. THE. FUCK.

If the bride is that concerned about you being camera ready, SHE GETS TO PAY FOR THE STYLING.

Period. End of story.

Photo by Richard Burbridge for I-D via Fashion Gone Rogue

Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Friday, FOR REALZ

I am packing for Baja.

Painting my toenails.

Madly running out to buy aloe vera and flax oil softgels and condoms. 

Picking up my white jeans from the tailor. (They were just not tight enough. As in, they were sliding down my ass. But let's hope I didn't ruin em.)

Madly scheduling posts for you guys for next week.

I should have access to wifi while I'm gone, but I won't be sitting on top of my computer like I usually do. I'll be s n o r k e l i n g.

p.s. If someone doesn't buy this disco ball for her wedding right this fucking second, I DON'T KNOW WHAT. (via Joslyn Taylor via Melissa de la Fuente)


As of 4:04pm yesterday, you guys were 42.8% Nay/37.1% YAY! on the Chie Miharas for our minimalist bride.

An even 20% of you said Just get some damn flats already, and to you I say: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

Pls do not ask me about the math. Take it up with Wufoo.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Badass California Mountain Wedding

Jamie asked me if I would do the honor of featuring one of Rad + In Love's very first wedding shoots, and when I saw that there was a HORSE MASK involved, I was like, "Yeah, okay. Twist my arm."

Here's what the adorable Katie had to say about her wedding:

Jeremy and I got married on a grey November day in our hometown of Santa Ynez, California. We rented out the Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse for several days before the wedding and had our wedding party stay with us. In the evenings we drank wine and our friends played music while the wind whipped through the mountain range and the rain pelted the window panes. During the days, it was a circus of planning, cooking, crafting, and, in general, TCB-ing.

We already felt pretty damn lucky having such talented friends helping us out but then when we won the awesome Rad + In Love ladies, well, we felt like our wedding was totally charmed.

As our guests arrived, a friend strolled around the farmhouse, playing songs on his banjo, which set the mood perfectly. Moments before the ceremony, when there was an issue with the sound equipment and we couldn’t play our processional song, he stepped in and provided some sweet music as we all headed down the aisle. It turned out way better than we ever could have planned.

Jeremy’s friend (and his best man’s father) was our officiator and I think you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a more bad-ass looking Reverend.  After presenting us as husband and wife, he picked up a guitar and sang Darlin’ Companion by The Lovin’ Spoonful while we walked back down the aisle.

My dress was made by my incredibly talented friend Nichole Lumpkin who – I should add- created my dream dress in just two weeks leading up the wedding date after I, in true procrastinator fashion, freaked out about not finding anything I liked. 

My bridesmaid Molly, from Ballard Canyon Farms, began growing the flowers pretty much as soon as I told her Jeremy had proposed. She used plants native to Figueroa Mountain and created the bouquets, gorgeous floral arrangements, and my flower crown (and a teeny tiny crown for our cake topper girl). I called upon my stylist friends for makeup and hair, asking for a 60’s country vibe, and they knocked it out of the park.

We didn’t want a super matchy-matchy look for our wedding party so Jeremy’s boys all wore different Rockmount shirts and my girls ran with the suggestion of something, “floral and folky.” 

When Jeremy and I booked the farmhouse 8-months prior we knew there might be a chance of rain but we basically lived in denial of it until a week before when every weather website said, “It is going to rain on your wedding day,” and our friends texted us, “It is going to rain on your wedding day,” and our day-of-planner emailed us, “It is going to rain on your wedding day. Get. A. Tent.” We tried to fight it and I’d be lying if I said we weren’t bummed but you know what? It was totally fine. Nobody cares if you’re in a tent or in a field surrounded by horses grazing on grass while a movie is projected on a wall behind you. It’s not a wedding without some hiccups and you just roll with it.

Danny Douglas catered, serving grilled Tri-Tip, Chicken, and a veggie risotto that made me wish he was my personal chef. Our friend, Graham Palmer, from Sforzando, made the incredible wines and Jeremy selected all of the craft beers from his store, The Oaks Gourmet. We had a couple cakes – one from Flore and one from the Madonna Inn (as a nod to the place where we got engaged). Jeremy’s friend, Genevieve, from Delilah Bakery made us an incredible bourbon banana bread pudding.

We wanted a stagecoach-stop/roadside-dive-bar feel for the reception and our pals that dj’d and played live music really pulled it off. We weren’t going to do a first dance or a bouquet toss BUT as 2AM rolled around, we were dancing to I’m Your Man by Richard Hell and I found myself tossing the bouquet out to the 10+ ladies that were in it for the long haul.

It’s no surprise that when you get married to your best friend, you’re feeling pretty much head over heels in love but, after all was said and done, I think Jeremy and I both had major crushes on all of our friends and family that helped create this incredible day for us.

Editor's Note: Is it inappropriate that I sort of have a crush on the guy with the mohawk? Okay, inappropriate.

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