Thursday, January 12, 2012

coupla more modest bridesmaid ideas

(another rad new sponsor! WOOT!)

I'm sort of enjoying the 90's-meets-Little-House-on-the-Prairie floral dress moment we're having right now.

Fishtail braids required.


  1. There is so much acreage between that last model/skank dress and these little-girl dresses. Sigh.

  2. styling and context are key here, i think. i could see a pixie-maid in the dress in the second photo and naurnie's cute swedish gram-worshippers in the first one. and those in the third for pregnant maids, obvs. (what, no reality-show-themed weddings out there?)

    1. exactly, lauren, CONTEXT. i thought the dresses featured in the last post would look fucking stellar on some tatted-but-classy brooklyn hipsters ... especially if the wedding was at some groovy spot like The Bell House or Galapagos.

      ain't nothin wrong with some off-the-wall ideas every now and then, right ?

  3. Fishtails braids FTW.