Tuesday, July 5, 2011

kiss my [BLANK]: the winner!

The results are in for our first annual #kissmyBLANK contest, sponsored by Juice Beauty!

This pie chart I created in Wufoo is a little wonky, but accurate, I assure you.

(Click here to see the entries from all ten finalists.)

Tied for 3rd runner-up with 11.1% of the votes: @bikebuiltfortwo + @desertfete
2nd runner-up with 13.7%: @cevd
1st runner-up with 17%: @10_4_eleanor

Each of these lovely ladies will receive a four-pack of Juice Beauty's Organic Kisses Reflecting Glosses in "bubbly, light champagne, pretty pink, sumptuous fig and juicy, sweet guava." I've been dying to try these out, although my colleague at Juice Beauty refuses to pick up the hint.

And with 20.3% of the votes..... THE WINNER IS.....

@hartandsolphoto Effing couch hogs. #kissmyBLANK

Hart + Sol gets a basket of Juice Beauty products including Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer, Eye Treatment and Green Apple Peel (your choice of Full Strength or Sensitive). 

We'll expect you to tweet a couple of #kissmyBLANK's about how amazing your skin feels. Did I mention that?

I guess I'm just a little sad that the contest is over.

p.s. Don't forget, the Juice Beauty promotion (free full size Hydrating Mist with a minimum order of $30!) has been extended through July 8. Enter code ESB at checkout

p.p.s. Contest winner + runners-up, pls email me your dets and I'll pass em along to my man at JB, who is, in fact, quite terrific.


  1. let's vote on what your dear esb's should do. example:
    should i shave my head for my wedding?
    -yes, that's hot
    -no you crazy nazi

  2. Tonia has it in one.

    When did you change the icon for the website? I nearly laughed in the office loudly (I work in an engineering office).

  3. @Anon it just came down. you may be one of the lucky few who noticed!

  4. no cupcakes! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

  5. Man I rock at noticing.

    I fail at logging in though.