Friday, July 1, 2011

Seeking: A Vegan Jacket for a Winter Bride

Hey girl hey,

I have some time, but I need your fashion help! I'm getting married in January in Dallas. The weather could be 60 degrees or 20 degrees, who knows. I need a jacket that I can wear that will sustain my body heat whatever temp it may be outside. (I'm not getting married outside, just taking some pics and walking to and from the car, so this doesn't need to be anything too intense). Here's my dress.

My colors are sapphire (to match my engagement ring, duh) and gold, so I was thinking maybe a gold or sapphire sequin jacket? Or is that too much with the sparkly (for lack of a better term...please help me find a better term) for the top of the dress? Maybe a rich velvet? Am I getting into tacky territory?

Oh, and I'm vegan, so no wool or silk por favor...and fur goes without saying.


Much as I love sparkle, I must firmly steer you away from SPARKLE-ON-SPARKLE.

I want to say get a big beautiful gauzy scarf.

This 100% linen Giada Forte scarf is currently half off at Otte.

Or check in on Scout & Catalogue in the fall.

Her soft pink cotton gauze scarf isn't quite the right color, but it's definitely the right idea.

(Top image by Filippo Minelli)

AM I CRAZY? Can this girl wear a linen/cotton wrap with a silk satin wedding dress?

And why did she go nazi vegan halfway through the wedding planning?


  1. And why did she go nazi vegan halfway through the wedding planning?

    she might have gotten the dress secondhand, or she might have become vegan after purchasing the dress (i bought mine a full six years before i got married).

  2. I've actually been internet stalking that pink nomad for months.!!

    Inconsistent stance on silk aside, I do like the wrap/scarf idea (in a cooler color than natural though).

  3. I have one of these beautiful gauzy cotton scarves:

    Comes in tons of colors and sizes. I have the big and it is REALLY big, and I think the "giant" size would be a great wrap that you could fold over a couple times for warmth.

  4. I'm gonna go with she purchased the dress secondhand.

  5. "And why did she go nazi vegan halfway through the wedding planning?" AGREED.

    This is why everyone should be a knitter. It's not so helpful if I say she should knit herself a dk weight blue lace cardigan (out of cotton, linen, hemp, whatevs), is it?

  6. I don't know. I'm just not really feeling the gauzy scarf for this half-vegan bride. In the total opposite direction here are two very structured jackets.

    Blue: Love the back of the collar here..,default,pd.html?dwvar_B02TT107_color=GGE&start=24&cgid=womens-theyskens&&utm_source=AFF001&utm_medium=AFF&utm_campaign=merchandiser&siteID=J84DHJLQkR4-zOWXljY0se6cDNEpkRDsgw


  7. can you knit? a pattern for this lacy gold bolero is available on

    or perhaps ask the fabulous a. grecco if she can custom make you one of these puppies in something other than silk:

  8. @Tonia i can't even see the cape because THOSE PANTIES ARE SO BAD

  9. @Tonia but I do like the cape idea.

  10. Faux fur boxy jacket. Done. If it's vintage, even better.

    The gauzy scarf schmatte thing ... NO. Are we not done with the gauzy scarf/wrap things YET? Just so sloppy.

  11. I'm gonna go with Anna's idea of a structured blue jacket. Love the first Theory blazer she posted. I also like the idea of velvet--would look lovely with her dress but eliminates the sparkle-on-sparkle issue.

    It's tricky because this bride is dealing with a wide range of possible temperatures for her wedding day. If it's 60 degrees, a gauzy scarf will be perfect. But it's 20 degrees, she's gonna need something more substantial.

  12. yeah, the panties are heinous.

  13. Third the structured blue jacket.... watch the cut around the waist.

    Think the scarf might be too loose a look.

    No to faux fur... she's a 'vegan'! Or at least she is now!

  14. Anon 5:33 again...

    Actually, I dunno. May have changed my mind about the scarf in the past minute. Would like to retract previous statement.

    ESB knows best.

  15. wait, vegans can wear silk, wool etc as long as it's second hand?? that sounds like a massive hypocritical cop-out to me.

  16. it's like saying you can eat meat as long as someone else cooked it and had it for dinner, and you're just having the leftovers the next day

  17. I thought Stella McCartney was vegan-safe but it seems this coat is 90% polyester and 10% silk. Oh well it's pretty rad...

    okay, this one is 100% cotton:

    I wonder if you can find a nice winter cape that isn't wool? hmmmm....

  18. wait, vegans can wear silk, wool etc as long as it's second hand?? that sounds like a massive hypocritical cop-out to me.

    judgy much, Anon? i speculated that the dress might be secondhand. you have no idea what this vegan bride (or any vegan you don't know) believes, and you certainly don't know whether or not he or she's a hypocrite. sit down.

  19. i hate vegans. and i hate people using the term "nazi" for non-national-socialists. sorry, were not hillbillies here.

  20. What's with judging the vegan aspect? Just give suggestions. I doubt the bride is going to ditch the dress now. Also, I know some vegans do keep their old non-vegan clothes or sometimes buy it second hand since it doesn't contribute to present market demand of dead stuffs.

  21. I wouldn't even say she was a "militant" vegan by the email she wrote. The request for no silk or wool was almost an after thought, and she did say please in Spanish.

    It's ridiculous how overused the term Nazi is, expand your vocabulary people. It's not really a term we want to take the power away from, unlike the n-word, c-word and fag-word.

  22. everything else aside, can I just say I seriously LOVE that dress!

  23. Bride here: thanks for the suggestions everyone! I am loving the Theory jacket, undecided about the scarf. Regarding the vegan thing, sorry to ruffle so many feathers out there. I didn’t push my views on anyone or judge anyone for what they do or do not eat/wear, simply looking for jacket selections. Thanks for the help!