Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Are you fucking kidding me, Claire Pettibone?

Eeew x infinity.

via kiss the groom via Peonies & Polaroids


  1. Neither is that horrible forward slouch. I can just see her clumping across a room, arms hanging slackly as she yells, "MOTHER! I HATE THIS DRESS".

    And then her exasperated mom says, " stand up straight you hussy!"

  2. more than being not sexy, this picture's just stupid.

  3. maybe she's making a stand against the NYC parks' smoking ban?

  4. Your last anti-smoking post didn't really swing me either way much. I'm super anti-smoking but realize that people choose to destroy their lives in many ways. I also see the role smoking has in our and other cultures, whether we like it or not. So ALL images of smoking don't bother.

    But this? It's completely ridiculous and gross. It's so obviously an attempt to manufacture some kind of attitude or response that doesn't otherwise exist. Not one part of the image makes sense.

  5. What kills me is this could have been such a beautiful image if it had been less gross and contrived. It's trying too hard and aesthetically confused for starters. And did you see the "omg you make even smoking cool" comments?



  6. @anon I feel snobbier having read those comments.

    Now I must go shower.

  7. I'm going to pretend it's a candy cigarette and she's making fun of how "cool" smoking is.

  8. Wow. Completely disgusting and ridiculously contrived. I especially appreciate these "Smoking is not sexy" posts after getting back from my honeymoon in Italy, where it seemed like everybody was blowing smoke in my face. And I had just assumed America was behind Europe when it came to everything health-related...

  9. People in America are too fat for smoking to be in your advertisements. Let the french die of lung cancer - Americans should stick with obesity... it's funnier.

    Also, perhaps this advertisement would have been sexier if the chick was stoned with a blunt sticking out of her mouth. At least then the dull "I have to take a shite" posturing would make perfect sense.
    -that bitch from Germany

  10. Wow. Okay.

    Anyway, just wanted to share something re smoking that was on a friend's blog today, prompted by Amy Winehouse's recent death:

    When a smoker dies of lung cancer, no one calls it a tragedy. That's because we all expect that smokers know they're going to die of lung cancer when they start smoking.

    Pardon me, when they CHOOSE to start smoking.

    Why, then, is one death brought about by a conscious choice less tragic than one, say, brought about by the CHOICE to do heroin?

    If addiction is an illness, and I am not getting into that debate here, surely both the addiction to heroin and the addiction to cigarettes are both illnesses, right?

    In only the most bizarre of instances is anyone forced to try a cigarette or try heroin the first time.

    Yet the addict who overcomes an addiction to heroin is a hero and the addict who succumbs is tragic. Whereas the smoker who quits is an "it's about time," and he who dies "should have known better."

  11. cigarettes and heroin are very different things...
    most people live normal lives (while unhealthy ones) smoking, whereas heroin is debilitating. you don't normally see people selling their bodies for a fag*, they would though for heroin

    *I can say that I live in the UK

  12. @Anon 11:53 - Death is always tragic.

    I agree there might be a discrepancy with the way we view addiction to cigs vs. addiction to drugs, but smoking is legal. It's a vice you're allowed to have, even though it is disgusting and annoying and inconvenient to others.

  13. @anon 11:53 ...

    the only drug-related deaths that are considered 'tragic' are young hollywood stars and starlets. some hunky actor or successful musician dies, and all we hear are tearful tributes and "gone too soon ..." no one's shedding any tears for the toothless, disease riddled crack whores and bums that are festering in the summer sun. or the trailer park junkies that are so hooked on meth that they can't take care of their kids. THAT'S what's tragic to me.

  14. Jesus Christ - are you fucking kidding me? Do you want me to be empathetic to both heroin users and smokers despite the evidence that both are deadly.

    None of you deserve accolades for quitting something you shouldn't have started in the first place.

    And if you insist then I want an medal each time I don't punch you for lamenting your difficulty in overcoming your "addiction". It's much like this strange phenomenon I've been hearing about in the states lately... You have started giving trophies to all children participants regardless of achievement.

    It's not tragic when people die from addiction - it's expected. And it's not heroic to overcome a fucking addiction. Perhaps you need to look up the definition of those words...
    -That bitch from Germany.

  15. @TBFG Okay, now you really are a bitch.

  16. Using words like tragic and heroic for things that are neither tragic or heroic desensitize the words and ruin things that are truly both.

    Perhaps, our history (Germany) brings pause to using such strongly worded sentiments towards something that was a choice.

    And perhaps, this hits too close to home to be looked at objectively. (maybe you smoke or a loved one died from lung cancer or drug addiction)

    Regardless, I'm happy to be the bitch when everyone else wants to sit around and stroke each other with warm sentiments of undeserved praise or sympathy.
    -that bitch from Germany

  17. I was anon 11:53 and totally just meant to point out something interesting about how society seems to judge different addictions differently, that's all! Sorry to get anyone all riled up.

    Actually the whole point of my friend's blog post (I only copied a portion) was that people misuse the word 'tragedy' and specifically that people were doing so in referring to Amy Winehouse's death that way, and then she kind of went of on this whole smoking tangent. I just thought it was interesting and perhaps should have copied the whole thing to put it all in context. My bad.