Monday, July 11, 2011

Desperately Seeking Ear Bling

Dear ESB,

I think you might be reading my mind. I have spent the last three weeks searching high and low to find earrings for my wedding, and when I go to check your blog and see if you might have anything, earrings are the latest post. As lovely as the ones you posted about are, they aren't quite what I am looking for so I am appealing to your excellent taste and supreme internet hunting skills (as well as those of your readers) to help me find something.

My dress is very simple - a strapless column in ivory - and my shoes are a blush suede pump. Net-a-porter has a pair of Aurélie Bidermann earrings I would kill to wear but that are prohibitively expensive (as one would expect from 24k dipped SWAN feathers). 
Much like the Aurélie Bidermann earrings, I would really like to have something that is large and statement-making, yet not over-the-top or too glam. I'd like to spend no more than $300, and much much less if possible!


Yayoi Forest Feather Heart Earrings

Easiest Dear ESB in the history of Dear ESB's.

p.s. You're gonna kill in that outfit.


  1. Some in similar styles

    Odette Relic Earrings

    Laura Lombardi Ascendant Earrings

    Laura Lombardi Gold Ripple

    Anthropologie Raindrop Earrings

    Good luck :)


    ESB, this is your best answer to date.

  3. @Melissa I was actually asleep when I answered this one.

  4. Thanks ESB and crew! I had spied those Yayoi Forest earrings a while back but was undecided.

    @Chau: Holy crap these suggestions are amazing!

    Oh, and I should make a correction... the swan feathers are dipped in 18k gold instead of 24k... la di da.

  5. I always love gorjana's stuff. I lost one of my favorite earrings and then bought another pair of gorjana's only to lose one of those the same night! I sent them the mis-matched earrings and they sent me two pairs back- no charge!

    gold less pricey feathers,

    acacia drop

    hunter long drop