Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bride Comes Down With Shopping Fatigue

Hey lady,

I'm in need of you and your team of experts to help me out.

I'm wearing this to my rehearsal dinner.

The shoes I thought I'd wear with it, I realized when I tried them on with it last night, are in a state that's not acceptable for a wedding related event. They're kinda trashed - I need new ones.

I've started scouring the internet for yet another thing I need to buy for the wedding, and would you believe it, I think I have shopping fatigue. Plus, I have a gajillion other more important things (like designing a bunch of stuff and having it printed, for example), that really need my attention. Plus you've got great taste and are really good at this.

Can you help a girl out?

Couple things:
As much as I wish I could rock flat sandals like the lady in the picture, I'm a shortie, 5'3", so I need a heel.

I'd rather not spend over $250 and less would be even better - although I can always be convinced otherwise for an amazing shoe.

I know you hate J$%^w, but I wouldn't judge if you found something there

That's it. Please help me. I've got 5 weeks to go and it's starting to get a little intense.



How bout these Madewell "Mini Wedge" Sandals? Too low?

It's either that or the Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent Jackson T Strap Wedges. Which would be a whole lot cooler if they were just an inch less high.

Would someone please explain to me why all of the wedges happening right now are either 1.5 inches or FOUR fucking inches??

That fourth inch can mean the difference between sexily sauntering around in your maxi dress and tromping around like a complete idiot/SUFFERING ENORMOUS BLISTERS. Which you DO NOT want to suffer the night before your wedding.

Shitballs. You'd better order some shoes pronto and start breaking them in.

Note to the Team of Experts: Our bride is in New Zealand, so if you're down to help shop, pls hit stores that offer worldwide delivery.

Novia Plátano (at top) by Gloria Vilches via Honey Kennedy


  1. Similar , cheap, NZ. Not as cool. Cheap. Review says comfortable.

  2. But - girl if you want shoes, you get shoes. Living south of the equator does nothing for our fashion accessibility.

  3. The Madewell wedges are hot. I'm also 5'3'' and I usually stick with a 1.5 or 2 inch heel--definitely better on the low side than too high.

  4. I almost bought those Madewell wedges online (we don't have those things called MALLS in boonies) and then out of the blue I had to fly to Atlanta for work so I held off and went to the mall while I was there and bee-lined for Madewell and was sorely disappointed in the quality of their clothes. For the price, I expected a lot more. Those wedges in particular were thin and floppy and not at all the nice thick straps of leather like the picture makes it seem. The wedge height was just-right, though.

    Go with Swedish Hasbeens or a pair of Danish clogs and don't look back. But break them in!!!!

  5. Definitely buy leather/suede so they break in easier, but I like them better metallic.



    Or a good pop of color, like lavender or red.



  6. These might work, they ship internationally, and they are $50 NZD.

  7. My problem with the 4.5" wedges is that, even if they're comfortable because the platformy wedge part in front is also 1" or so, they kinda look slutty. I was going to wear some with denim shorts not too long ago and my husband made some comment about how we were going to a kids' birthday party, not a strip club. Whatever, I still wore them, just with something a bit longer.

    Anyway, I have a couple of pairs of shoes by a brand called Miss Albright from Anthropologie that are super comfortable and generally a bit unique. I also checked and they deliver to NZ.

    These are cute though not the brand I just mentioned:

    Or these:

    Love the dress, by the way!

  8. Why not take your current shoes to a cobbler and let them breathe new life into them?

  9. I have a pair of these babies and they are the most comfortable wedge ever.


    Not the most original design but very versatile and a good height. (I know how it is when you're short. I'm 5'3" as well.)

    They don't even need breaking in. Seriously, I wore these when I moved to a new apartment a few weeks ago and everyone thought I was crazy for wearing wedges instead of, ya know, athletic shoes.

  10. Those wedges are nice, but that dress deserves something more... special... don't you think?

    These are on sale.

    These are also on sale and are fun.

    Or anything by Jeffrey Campbell.

    GOOD LUCK! Great dress. Have fun with it. xo.

  11. i have these stuart weitzman wedges, they are over the $250 price, but i love them. they are comfortable and need no breaking in -- i wore them walking around soho for a full day and no problems whatsoever (the platform and the padded sole definitely help)


  12. You know that Madewell is J.Crew, right?
    Just sayin'.

  13. I have these, and even though they are really high, they are quite comfortable and easy to where. I think they could look interesting with that dress, and they give you great height...plus they are on sale...

  14. I just got the BAILLET wedges from Aldo...didn't check to see if they have international shipping but I am not a heels girl and even I think they're very comfortable and easy to walk in. good luck!

  15. Awesome wedges under $200 and 2-2.5" (once you net out the platforms):




  16. I'm so in love with that collage that I can't even focus on anything else.

  17. I vote for these!


    Well below your price limit, and everyday wearable. I have a similar pair and they don't even make my stubby legs look short!

  18. I LOVE Miz Mooz shoes. I have bad ankles and bunions (I know), and cannot ever wear heels. Except Miz Mooz. The quality is amazing and they last forever. I only buy Miz Mooz now.

    These look amazing, and they're on sale:

  19. @anon 7:55 I suppose in ESB's defense the bride did say she was OK with getting a J Crew suggestion... otherwise, I just don't know what to think

  20. I like Madewell and I DON'T GIVE A FUCK.

    but HASBEENS FTW!!!! (Hannah, you love them because they rule. Duh.)

  21. "I don't give a fuck" is the only defense you'll ever need.

  22. @Maddie it's my motto. but you knew that already.

  23. Hey guys, it's the bride. Thanks for all this amazing feedback. Don't sweat the international thing. I'm a Yank and can have stuff sent to my mom's, she lives in LA. Esb - good catch. I didn't mention I am down here!

  24. @the bride but you need to try them on/BREAK THEM IN

  25. I REALLY love that dress. And I don't do maxis. Here's some not-too-short wedge sandals

  26. Me again, the bride. @esb, totally. She'd mail them too me if that was the case. We have a system in place because shopping in NZ sux. <3s

  27. @the bride moms are THE BEST. i should rly call mine right now.

  28. So as a fellow Antipodean I thought "oh, cool, all the shops I like must be in/ship to NZ too." Fail!

    But I did just discover that the awesome Zu ships to NZ as of, like, three days ago. (Apparently you contact their main Melbourne store directly - see http://www.zushoe.com.au/catalogue/Shipping.aspx: down the bottom of the page for the deets.)

    They often have gorgeous wedges, leather upper and cork sole, perfect height (prolly 2.5 inches?) None of that Jessica Simpson in Dukes of Hazard factor, but not "Oh god, are you wearing those masseur shoes from the chemist?" either.

    The only ones on the online store currently are these: http://www.blogger.com/profile/01357487165783601091. I'm sure they have a bigger range in stock though - they have some perennials which they stock summer and winter year after year. (I know, because I bought some, wore them to death, and went back three years later and bought an identical pair). So that might be worth investigating.

    But actually, re the ones they've got, I know we're all on the sandals bandwagon, but I have a similar pair and they go with ALL my summer maxi-dresses - and with a delightful way of saying "oh these? I threw them on with my stunnning dress on my way back from the beach." Which is my kind of shoe. (Apparently, ones that talk.)

  29. The Elizabeth of OzJuly 26, 2011 at 5:22 PM

    Ah fuck, so clearly I meant to post this link instead:


  30. Tony Bianco have a lot of options for wedges and they ship from Australia to New Zealand.


  31. Campers.


    Olivia, yellow+gray, $185 on sale, ships down under