Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Desperately Seeking NOT-Wedding Shoes

Dear ESB,

I'm at the end of my rope, and before I hang myself, I thought I should give you a ring (or whatever).

I desperately need wedding shoes. But NOT wedding shoes. Ya dig? My dress is fitted and long and lacy with an incredibly sexy open back. I realllllly want flat shoes. I just don't ever wear heels and I plan on partying my pants off at the reception.

So easy, right? Flat shoes, something fancy but unique, maybe some sparkly. Oh yeah, did I mention I really want emerald green?

Sigh. This is probably all impossible. I would settle for amber or gold or something vintagey. But I just need some desperate help before I settle on some crappy sequined flats that I would probably wear out to the bars any old weekend.

Hope you can be my saving grace.

Lady OZ

Budget: I'd like to keep it under $100. But if I found something perfect, I'd probably splurge.

Size: Probably 7.5 or 8.


I fear I may be too late with this, but how about a soft, sexy pair of blue suede flats?

These A.P.C. Madras peep-toes are on sale in your size.

Top Image: Isabel Marant, Spring 2007 via LB Palmer via Vanessa


  1. Indeterminate size and kitten heels notwithstanding, these are adorbs.

    Or these Olive flats.

    But I'm with ESB on this one. Suede is the way to go to make the shoes luxe. Not sparkly (although I do love sequins and will support anyone who can find a good pair in this thread).

  2. it is the summer of tie dye in my head! wear these.

  3. This is tricky!! I LOVE the shoes ESB picked. But in case you're still looking, here are a few more...

    I feel like these match your backless-dress: s But maybe a little too small, and not flats.

    These are your size, and they're green and sparkly, but they aren't flats:

    These follow the suede theme, but again, not flats:

  4. I just got my wedding shoes from Zappos. They are pretty amazing (the shoes and the site in general). Here's a Zappos search of some dressy flats fitting some of your parameters:!/search/null/filter/zc1/%22Shoes%22/txAttrFacet_Gender/%22Women%22/zc2/%22Flats%22/hc_women_size/%227.5+OR+8%22/txAttrFacet_Occasion/%22Dress+OR+Wedding%22/colorFacet/%22Green+OR+Blue+OR+Pewter+OR+Yellow+OR+Pink+OR+Olive+OR+Orange+OR+Red+OR+Purple%22/priceFacet/%22%24100.00+and+Under%22/sort/isNew/desc/productPopularity/asc/

    Not much green, but lots of pretty!

  5. do this. totally unexpected. and their loubs

  6. i can't believe no one has suggested j. crew.


  7. I bought a pair of leather slippers from a leather goods store. Soft worn grey ballet-like leather slippers that created absolutely no trouble for my feet while standing around or dancing for hours. Next best thing to being barefoot, and very pretty and delicate.

  8. These are probably totally off base, but I got a pair to wear for my wedding and they were great! I got the low maple wedge and they were really comfortable (and I live in flat shoes and flip flops).

    The owner, Annie, is a doll to work with and I looked and they have some emerald colored ribbons.

  9. Oh suede, you slay me.

    I'm not sure if these would go with your dress, but these are green and suede and Rachel Comey:

    I also love these in natural, I guess that's more wedding-y but I have a simialar pair in black and white from Jeffrey Cambell and I love them!

  10. @ESB - I actually looked on JCrew for her, and would have been willing to face your wrath if a pair had matched what she wanted, but no dice.

    Correction to my previous post: I got the low maple slide, not the wedge.

    Also, lots of company and customer pics of the mohops here

  11. a lighter green, but I have my eye on these:[0]=colour%3Agreen&w[1]=attribute%3AFlats&pp=1&view=detail&p=4&colourID=2723

    and these:[0]=colour%3Agreen&w[1]=attribute%3AFlats&pp=1&view=detail&p=3&colourID=2727

    but I heart these:

    and for a gold option, kate spade is classic:

  12. I'll suggest BHLDN just to annoy. These are way too expensive but one of the few pairs of flats I've seen that are suitably dressy:

    There are lots of flat sandals out there that are dressy (what I'm looking for for my wedding).

    I think you HAVE to go open-toe. Ballet flats could easily look clunky or childish (esp. if the dress is not really long or above the knee short).

  13. I wore flats at my wedding & also wanted something more special than what I'd wear to a bar - I ended up getting a beautiful pair by Vera Wang Lavender - they were much nicer than anything & wear out on the weekend and they're Vera Wang (I could never afford a Vera Wang gown so it was kinda fun & felt very "weddingish" to have her name somewhere!) and they're also the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn! Expensive but still half what you'd expect to pay for a big name brand shoe. Good luck!!

  14. It sounded like, to me, she was referring to heel height when she said "flat shoes." So I think sandals or open-toes are still on the table.

  15. I like these two:

  16. Expensive (and maybe too small):


  17. Double your price range, but these are flat, emerald, and suede...


  19. I also wore flats, just plain ivory satin (which I got at David's Bridal for $25 and can be dyed on site in any color, including green and were supremely comfortable), but for bling, I bought Art Deco shoe clips on Ruby Lane. (Also available on Etsy and I'm sure a million other places, like eBay.) They were sparkly, beautiful and really amped up the shoe. Here's a few:

  20. BTW, here's a pic of my shoes w/ clips:

    and the full look w/ shoes (which will be unnoticeable if your dress is long enough):

  21. These guys let you design your own ballet shoe and they've got emerald green as a colour option:

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