Friday, July 29, 2011

pie AND ice cream

well we had had key lime pie, red velvet whoopie pies AND ice cream. I was too blissed out the day of to notice the ridiculous tank top the ice cream boy had on that day. Interesting wardrobe choice.

Also I am the girl who bought the Emerson Made white tux jacket to wear over my dress. It ended up being so nice out it was not at all necessary. Did I suspect this would be the case (June in Brooklyn) and just wanted a good excuse to buy it? Possibly.


(Photos by Oh, Darling!)



    I think I just blacked out for a second.

  2. Love the whoopie pies! We're having a pie assortment (peach, mixed berry, coconut cream and key lime) and vanilla gelato at our wedding in September. What I love about it is there's no need to get all fancy ass in decorating them and there's no worry about them collapsing or melting or falling over during transportation. Plus, what better way to seal your union than a pie in the face at 4am?

  3. that ice cream boy looks almost as tasty as the treats you had. ;-)

  4. oh darn! so i bet you didnt get any photos with it on, huh?