Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fine. Fuck the veil.

Dear ESB,

Fine. Okay. I sent a super long "I have the dress now please make all of my other decisions for me" type email (with a million attachments), which, in hindsight, may have been ill-advised.

I do actually have my own opinions... I think I'm just kind of sick of all of the choices to be made and frankly just want to get back to my career and get on with our marriage.... and I just want someone else to figure it all out for me. I imagine you get a lot of that.

I can deal with the flats. This is not rocket science.

I can deal with the veil. I should have known you couldn't care less. Except for wearing my mom's lace, I couldn't care less either.

I think I can even deal with the jewelry situation. Etsy. Done.

All I want to know, is what to wear over my shoulders that is not fur, but is kind of 1940's glam meets rock and roll. Or not. Just awesome. Can I ask for that?

I just want awesome. Awesome under $200.

My dress is a very simple Nicole Miller. I want to take it up a notch for the reception.

That is all.


Call me crazy, but I think this florette bomber (ON SALE for $99 at the Quail Shop) would be pretty awesome with your dress.

I'm feeling the grey with your antique white satin, but the photo of the red jacket is so good I had to post it, too.

Top image: Tilda Swinton photographed by Tim Walker + styled by Jacob Kjeldgaard for W Magazine via I'm Revolting via Maia McDonald via Sugar & Fluff


  1. I was just in Club Monaco this past weekend and saw two things that *I* liked as cover-ups and think would fit your vibe...unfortunately, you can't shop Club Monaco online. I tried to find them on Polyvore and Google images, but failed. If you have one near you, stop in. The "jackets" were as follows:

    1. was a gold, kind of 70s/80s looking jacket/cardigan that was maybe a linen with strong shoulders. It had a non-closing front but tied at the bottom.

    2. was a really unique color - kind of a blue/purple-y gray. It was silk, I think, that kind of brushed material, and hung really nicely - it kind of dipped down in the front, I think.

    I like the florette bomber but it looks like a actual outdoor jacket to me. These were more cardigan-like.

  2. I would play up the 40s glam and wear something like this OR this.

    And, of course, BHDLN has some lovely options in your price range.

    Good luck! xo.

  3. Hillary said it- the bomber is really outdoorsy looking. I think your sleek dress will kind of get swallowed up.

    When I think 40s, I think fitted cropped jackets atop pleated a-line or pencil skirts. Not very wedding-y. And cardigans...boring! Case in point.

    You know what hasn't really been done yet? Brides in vests. If it were me, I'd do this over that dress.

  4. I am so distracted by Tilda...

  5. I'm kind of liking this.

    Though I must say the bombers esb recommended is the bee's knees.

  6. Okay, now that I've recovered I've found this

    It might not be amazingly warm, but I love. I love almost as much as I love Tilda.

  7. Shoot, rock the red one too!

    I'm a bit confused about wearing something on top for the reception. Is it outdoor? Will you be wearing this cover up the whole time?

    Found these: I like this, hard to tell if the color will necessarily go with the dress

    This is fun, but the size options are minimal:

    Can you stretch your budget by a bit?
    Also in black:
    Or How rock 'n roll are you? I'd totally make this work in the summer if I had the chance:

    This is fun too, but looks bulky:

    What about velvet?

    Hope you find something suitable!!

  8. I have a feeling from Nikki's SWNTON she reads

  9. Well, this has a vintage glam vibe. And it's an extra 50% off the sale price.

    If your budget is pretend, go for Lindsey Thornburg.

  10. the BHLDN is amazing, all of it.

    Or, how about a vintage fur stole?

    Also like this . Don't know why.

  11. Wish I had a better suggestion but I don't know about wearing the bomber with your wedding gown...the proportions feel too big for a sleek gown and I think it will majorly take away from the dress. I think you should start hitting up vintage-specific and antique stores, though. Maybe a vintage capelet? Feathers, or are you a vegan too?

  12. OP here.
    This made my day. Okay, probably my month.
    LOVE Tilda Swinton.
    LOVE your suggestions (the red one!... but also digging some of the lighter fabric options.... So much shopping... can't.... get... grip!)


    @ Ms. Georgia - I really want to check out your suggestions, but none of those outnet links are working for me.... is it just me?

  13. I like the bomber. It's just so, so, bomby.

  14. no to the bomber, it does not work.

    You want a wrap/stole with that dress. Feathers, if poss, but something soft. Stay away from those jacket cardigan things.

  15. I think this is perfect but its a little over budget:

    CLU tailored jacket with chiffon ruffles $239

    I might be having trouble with this budget:
    Kim structured shoulder blazer in STONE
    On sale for $220.80

    And right on the mark:
    SANDRO Volupt'e Cream Heather Jacket $200

    Actually, I might like that $200 one best.