Thursday, July 14, 2011

What can he wear to a wedding THIS WKND?

Dear East Side Bride,

My husband is having a bit of a dilemma. We are going to an outdoor wedding this coming Saturday (yes, I know, I could've sent this email sooner) and has nothing to wear.

For our own wedding he rented a suit, as the last suit he owned was a boxy affair used for his high school grad. We've been meaning to get him a nice new slim-tailored suit but haven't had time since our marriage, and now the wedding is three days away and he needs a head-to-toe outfit. (Like, I am talking this man doesn't even have nice SHOES.)

Now, it's outdoors in Ontario in July, so it's going to be SWELTERING. A suit is a bad idea anyways. Can you give us some ideas on what he could wear (general ideas as we're not going to have time to hunt up and order specific items) to keep cool and look good in something we're going to be able to find in our local mall?

Hope that's not too tall an order.


How do we feel about a DUDE in a jacket with no shirt underneath?

Just kidding.

Buy him a great pair of pants that FIT* and a shirt with a little personality.

Something like these summerweight oxfords from Club Monaco.

With a pair of bucks + pink socks?** Yesplease.

(These blue bucks are also from Club Monaco, which I'm hoping you have at your mall.)

Top Image: Josep Abril Spring/Summer 2012 via Fucking Young!

*Club Monaco and a lot of other stores offer tailoring services, so there's no excuse for a pair of pants that's too long. Seriously, people. THIS SHIT DRIVES ME CRAZY.

**Go with a pink shirt or pink socks, but not both. You wouldn't do that, would you??


  1. you're just going to put cleavage in every illo now, aren't you.

  2. To piggy back on ESB (I seem to do that a lot) as long as what he has on FITS he'll look good in about whatever you put him in. Virtually every town over 10,000 people will have someone that can hem a pair of trousers with a day's notice.
    If it was me in this jam, I'd go pink socks blue shirt.

    Just please don't put him in white oxford, navy blazer, khaki trousers, and boat shoes...... He's not 12, I hope.

  3. how about something like this: ?

    no socks. just no.

  4. HAHA. i laughed so hard when i saw that pic, my DDs ache.

  5. I'm so glad the shirtless-under-jacket thing was a joke. It was all I could see of the post when I initially looked at it, and I thought, "Man, this woman has lost her mind!"

    So, it looks like in this scenario, my husband's going tie-free? I know he won't even consider going to the wedding in anything less-than-perfectly-fitting, so I'm not worried about that part of it. He is all about the right tailoring.

    We'll make sure to hit up Club Monaco. Thanks for the advises!

  6. @JK for an outdoor wedding, you can def skip the jacket + tie if you want to.

  7. yes, tailor those pants!! I thought dude's pants were properly tailored before our wedding...hemmed and taken in to be a little slimmer...and they look still looked baggy as fuck in our wedding pics! Gross. Turns out he didn't try them on after the tailoring was completed - and what kind of of tailor(ess) doesn't have their clients try on the finished product?
    Rant over.

  8. @Kelsi he was probably like, "Nah, I'm sure they're fine." I had to fucking beg H to try on his suit after we picked it up from the tailor.

  9. Word to the wise: don't try to get anything tailored in Hawaii. 10 years behind the times here, and guys wear baggy shit.

  10. My husband had a similar issue this past weekend, mostly because he lives in another state right now (long story). He arrived home for a casual rooftop civil union and realized all his dressy casual wear was back at his other apartment. So we did an emergency run to the nearest shopping center. Stylish khaki/light linen pants from J. Crew, a crisp white shirt, a thin blue-patterned tie he found and shoes very much like the ones ESB featured above. It took us two or three hours to assemble, but damn he looked good, and definitely appropriate for the event.

  11. Go to Zara. Every guy I know who resists that store gives in to it when they're on a "shit I need something nice for this wedding tomorrow..." deadline. Plus, you can do shirt, shoes, pants all in one stop.

    (Don't know where you are in Ontario, but the Zara at Fairview is my fave if you can't get to the one at Yonge & Bloor.)

  12. And if your closer to london the banana republic (on occasion has good stuff) also It is my belief that a man in nicely tailored pants and an awesome linen shirt is a classic move, esp. with those awesome shoes esb provided us with. And if he feeling a little pimp there is always the fedora option (trite i know but some people can work it for summer weddings). Good luck shopping in southern ontario, It can be a bitch I know (I live there).

  13. He surprised me. Went shopping on his work break the day before we were supposed to, got a pair of charcoal-grey pants and a greyish-white shirt with subtle orange pinstripes (shirt turned out to be TERRIBLE to iron) at Gap, which he wore with a charcoal-grey tie and desert boots. I showed him this post beforehand but vetoed any pink; I think it gave him courage on the footwear front.