Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm no hipster.

But I'm v. tempted to buy this Crushable Straw Fedora from Catbird.

Last summer I spent some serious hours standing out in the sun and my hair did *not* thank me for it.


  1. sincere question: what does hipster mean these days?

  2. more hats. i need more hats that are crushable.

  3. I once read someone's travel advice about wearing a fedora/hat when traveling so-as to look chic even when hair gross/rumbled.

    But every time I've tried to travel with a hat I ruin it b/c it gets crushed in my bag when I'm not wearing it.

    This seems like the perfect solution.

    If you were to wear this hat + one of those hipster scarves (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keffiyeh) + moccasins + Ray Bans + this + that, then, yeah, you'd look like a hipster - but the hat alone is just one piece of clothing.

  4. as soon as i have an address this hat IS MINE. all of my DC outdoor time is already killing me.