Tuesday, June 28, 2011

kiss my [BLANK]: vote!

Who will be crowned the winner of ESB's first annual #kissmyBLANK contest, sponsored by Juice Beauty??

I asked you guys to submit original photos depicting the single most annoying thing about wedding planning. Or marriage. Or life in general. Mostly you submitted photos of your pets. (ARE YOU SUCKING UP TO ME, OR WHAT?)

Anyhoo. I've narrowed it down to ten. Now it's your job to vote.....

@desertfete My mom doesn't seem to think I require a pillow. And so I'm left to make do with a wall. #kissmyBLANK

@celiasayshello Unfortunately, the cat has not managed to learn how to feed himself. #kissmyBLANK

@amy_inOC hot day & i need a pump 4 my blow up pool! #kissmyBLANK

@polaropposites so cold outside in St. John's (45ºF! on June 16th!) that the turtleneck had to come out of hiding. #kissmyBLANK

@bikebuiltfortwo not dishes but they are clean. #makingdinner #lesbianmarriedlife #kissmyBLANK

@cevd trash that never makes it to the bin in time for pickup. #kissmyBLANK

@klovescoffee I love my cat, but changing the freaking litter box... #kissmyBLANK

@hartandsolphoto Effing couch hogs. #kissmyBLANK

@ridiculousnikki what the F*CK, spider?? #kissmyBLANK

@10_4_eleanor Papparazzi-like guests at a wedding shower? (and THIS is the shot they post??) #kissmyBLANK

The WINNER will be awarded a basket of Juice Beauty products including Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer, Eye Treatment and Green Apple Peel (which, helloo, I need that).

And the four runners-up will receive Juice Beauty's Organic Kisses. You may feel free to vote for anyone you think needs organic kisses. Or not. Your choice.

p.s. Since the Juice Beauty promotion has been so popular (free full size Hydrating Mist with a minimum order of $30!) I talked them into extending it through July 8. Enter code ESB at checkout.


  1. I know there's naughties in that kitchen picture but I just keep staring at the DISHWASHER. so jealous.

  2. I'm obviously late to the party, because I don't understand what this is all about, but I voted anyway. If I could have picked another one I would have picked the great dane (?) - @hartandsolphoto. Great pic!

  3. @rodjsr thx for the feedback! i was so excited to get the voting thingee working i neglected the copy.

  4. A bunch of animals and a couple of dildos. This is basically the perfect blog post.

  5. @braising THANKS A LOT for making me click over to your blog while i'm starving. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

  6. HELLOO, i need all that stuff too.


  7. oh my. i spent too much time thinking about this. but i love it. can we vote more often?

  8. i vote for desertfete. he looks totally neglected. second goes to the cute kid. duh.

  9. You should do this more often whether there is a prize or not. Those were great KMB pictures!