Thursday, July 7, 2011

In the end, who gives a shit about the shoes?

May 6


I am looking for a cheap (read: under $120) but cute pair of heels for my wedding in June. Everywhere I look are freaky platforms and too many straps to count. I don't want to look like a gladiator on my wedding day. My legs are too short (5'2") for that.

Please tell me who is selling cute shoes (pumps? something that makes my legs look a lil' longer?) that aren't satin-y or gross.

p.s. I really despise all the "evening" shoes I see out there that have one tiny strap to hold the whole damn thing on. I will likely break my ankle in an apparatus like that.



June 25

yipes i am such a terrible person. for your wedding in june.




Hey, thanks for getting back to me.

No gladiator shoes. Sale shoes from Macy's that the hubs picked out...pretty uneventful, fashion-wise: sling backs, peep toe. Hid the mud somewhat okay
when my heels sunk into the wet grass. Boogie-able when we had our 8-piece all-girl MoTown band playing.

It was rad and delightful and I think there is post-wedding depression akin to post-partum. I'm calling it post-partyin' depression.



Digital Photography: Marybeth Coghill
Medium Format Film: Paul Israel (shot on a Rolleiflex 2.8F)


  1. honestly, it's been a while since i've seen a wedding this cute.

  2. Looks like a great wedding. My favorite picture is the keg-stand one!!

    But, does everyone these days have guy-friends who wear super tight pants?? Where is this kind of boy coming from? Not Northern Wisconsin/Minnesota, that's for sure. I have never seen such an assembly of tightly clad butts in my life! They all wear Carharts around here. I feel a little left out of the really-stylish-guy-friends-who-make-your-pictures-look-cool party.

  3. @Tonia I believe these stylish ppl live in Bellingham, WA.

  4. All girl Motown band! What a fun wedding. I love the keg stand picture too! Btw, there are super tight pants in the North Midwest. Minneapolis is a city full of guys in tight pants - Tonia, get yourself to Uptown Minneapolis if you're looking for that sort of thing.

  5. YEAH WASHINGTON PEOPLE! this really is an effing cute wedding (and really, fugly shoes only means you miss out on that one shoe picture everybody has. whatevs)

  6. Especially with killer bangs, I mean, shoes pale in comparison.

  7. OH COME ON! This is too good. I see cowboy boots, too. I'm a fan of this wedding.

  8. Yeah, I've seen the Uptown boys. I lived there for three years. And I have been to Bellingham many times, but I just have never seen real-life boys dressed this way all congregated together like this. I mean, they're everywhere on blogs, but are very allusive in real life! (Personally I prefer the loose-fitting Carhart look, though.)

    I also second that the bride's bangs are bangin'.

  9. when you invite the art department to your wedding, they will bring tight pants and cameras.

    And, beyond the funny-factor, the keg stand is bridging a family chasm: that's my most conservative relative holding the hose for my groom.

  10. Kelsi I was showing my grand-daughters the wedding pictures last night. Nora, five years old going on sixty, had one comment "I love her shoes!'


  11. Lovely! I just moved to Seattle from B-ham and miss it a bunch. My friends were, however, less art department and more science and math.

  12. Awesome wedding.

    @Kelsi - that makes the keg stand photo even better. And congratulations!

  13. HNNNNGH BEST WEDDING EVER! No, srsly, this is my platonic ideal of weddings - keg stands, kewt boys wielding cameras, what looks like a regular old hall for the reception, a bespectacled groom. BEST.

  14. Perhaps 'keg stand' will be the next wedding fad? Let's hope so!

  15. THIS. WAS. AWESOME. That shot of the bride and her besties on the edge of the stage? Adorbs. The hot guests? That flower girl with her fingers in her mouth? Yes.