Monday, June 13, 2011

What would a gent from the 20's wear?

Hey East Side Bride,

I'm a groom, not a bride, and I have a question for you.

My gal's wedding band is a vintage ring from the 1920's. It is white gold with gorgeous, high filigree work and is a classy, ornate heirloom piece.

My question is, if I was trying to match her band, what would a gent from the 20's wear to compliment his lady? A vintage or a modern update/spin are both options for me. I like to keep an open mind.


Erie Basin just this instant put up a new stash of vintage men's wedding bands. Apparently they're hard to find.

I dig the Decorated 18K White Band, twelfth from the left. It's from 1935, but close enough right?

Any chance you're a size 8??

(HOP ON IT. That sh*t sells fast.)


  1. Yay vintage!

    It is far harder to find a nice vintage man band though, presumably because they were formerly less popular for men. We found one from the 70s in the end, but it took a bit of searching. I like esb's suggestion, but enjoy hunting your ring down if it's the wrong size.

  2. Hey, thanks for the mention! It's a funny thing, but white gold and platinum bands didn't become popular for men until pretty recently. So finding old ones in anything but yellow gold is just about impossible. But if you're not opposed, some of the Deco ladies bands (like the one mentioned) are large enough that men can wear them!

  3. @EB oopsy..... is that a ladies band? don't tell my reader!

  4. When my husband and I were searching for his wedding band, we wanted to find something vintage, but, according to the sales lady at this great little shop, most men were buried with their wedding rings, so that's why they are none to common.