Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Help! Sparkly wedding blazer dilemma!

Dear ESB:

I'm getting married in Austria at the end of August, outdoor ceremony, & reception in the courtyard of a winery. Ivy covered walls, awesome giant wine press, beautiful, romantic, bla bla bla....

I am all over the outdoor element, but this is Austria and not California, so I'm assuming it's going to be a bit chilly later on in the evening. Normally I would throw on a leather jacket or giant wooly cardigan, but neither of those options are super appropriate for "the big day."

This is my dress, and I'm wearing those Vivienne Westwood rubber/gold heart shoes, the ones that everyone wears. (PS. they are bubblegum scented, which makes me love them even more...)

So my questions is, what the hell should I throw on later in the evening if it gets cold? Something that is not a god-awful pashmina. I like this
[Zara blazer pictured above] in gold, but when I showed my mother she threw her hands up in exasperation, wondering why it is impossible for me to pick something 'chic' and 'normal.' Her words were something along the lines of "You're already wearing weird shoes, isn't that enough..."

Now I'm unsure. Is she right? Will the gold-sequin blazer make me look like some florida retiree getting dolled up for bingo night? What could I wear instead?



That jacket is fabulous. Tell your mom I said so.

p.s. I'm running out of effusive words that don't make me gag: RAD, AMAZING, FABULOUS… Would someone throw me a few new ones?


  1. Just don't say "genius."

    That is all.

  2. i enjoy "brilliant" and "splendid".

  3. say incredible, wonderful, super, ridiculous, stunning, entrancing, mind blowing, bewildering, astonishing, striking.../end scene.

    and i can just picture it already: "BUT MOMMMMM, ESB SAID IT WAS FABULOUS!!!" ;)

    btw, agreed, that blazer is awesome. :)

  4. That is "the jam."

    Or as my Southern grandparents say, "That blazer would make you prouder than a dog with two peters."

    Whatever works for you.

  5. I love the blazer as well! It gives your otherwise pretty traditional ensemble a funky spin. I think you will look and feel so great and your mom will be eating her words!!

    I wanted to wear leather paddock boots (I ride horses) with my wedding dress at the reception, and my mom talked me out of it. We compromised on these little kitten-heeled vintage t-trap pumps. I was happy, but I do wish I had followed my gut on the paddock boots...

  6. I think the sparkly blazer rocks (as it's styled here), but your dress is so soft and romantic. If you want something sweeter/less rock 'n roll, then I would suggest:

    this capulet:

    or a cardigan like this:

    or this:

    And since mom insists on something "chic and normal," maybe she would like to buy it for you? *wink*

    If not, you can find less expensive cardigans here:

    Good luck! Your wedding in Austria sounds so lovely! Enjoy and congrats! xo.

  7. And especially if the blazer were a little too big. Then it would be like dead Elvis came by to wish you luck, and loaned you his jacket, and that's a good thing, in Austria especially. What with the waltzing and all.

    The shoes in nude hearts, yes? Or red:(.

  8. I love the weird shoes! And the jacket is pretty sweet, but with that dress, I think I'd prefer a wooly cardigan.

    Actually, I kind of just fell off my chair for the lace-trimmed Miu Miu cardi Nicole suggested

  9. If you want something maybe more refined but with some edge, this Aminaka Wilmont bolero is on sale (but still more than that Zara blazer I'm sure).

  10. And if you want elegant, go for the Sacai paneled cardigan.

  11. that combo is bowie. or distant, if you'd like to get BSC about it.

  12. in my household - awesome = the tits, awful= balls

  13. nothing against the jacket, just NOT for that dress. it will definitely look like you grabbed something from last years NYE outfit to throw over the your wedding dress. I like some of the cardi options people have suggested above

  14. I hate when people introduce a problem and then fail to offer a solution. What exactly did Mother, dearest have in mind? I think your blinged out choice rocks with a cherry on top and, if I understand the way wedding work, you are the one getting married.

    I also like Anon's Rodarte cardi (in case you were wondering).

    ESB: rock with a cherry on top, the cat's pajamas, money, awesome on a stick and dipped in chocolate, brilliant, dominates...I could go on.

  15. That jacket is superb.

  16. Never on this blog have I been in love with an entire wedding outfit the way I am with yours.

    Wow. Yes to that jacket and dress and shoes and please send pictures!!!

    Thinking of your wedding reception took me back to a heurige I went to at a winery overlooking Vienna at night. Sigh.


  17. I think that is chic and sparkles are totally in right now so it is normal. Its not like SHE has to wear it.

  18. Would you be willing to add more color? Those shoes are kind of making me feel pink:

    The words striking and spendid are definitely good ones. I also like 'tiff' for when something is high quality... which I guess is a reference to the .tiff extension for a large file type.

  19. Just don't start saying everything is "tremendous."

  20. I still use awesome and killer.

    Both of which would apply to that jacket.

  21. I like the jacket but it's Zara which means that'll most likely look really amazing in the photo and then be super crappy in person. If there's $$ available, it might be worth investing in a piece that looks similar but is higher quality.

  22. What about this shrug seen in an earlier ESB post, now on sale:
    If it would be warm enough, I think it would look smashing with your dress.
    I like the sequinned blazer in theory, but second snarkycat's concern about the Zara photo/reality disconnect, and also think something shorter or cut away in the front like the shrug would suit the shape of your dress better.

  23. That jacket is so very. (see: Heathers)

  24. I'd say the sparkly jacket idea is GENIUS. love it.

    Agree with snarkycat about the 'Zara factor'. IF theres more $ available maybe try something sparkly but not sequiney like this Elizabeth and James Blazer:

    no? maybe?

  25. i think the sparkly blazer is fantastic. but not with that dress & those shoes. i think it needs to be paired with something form-fitting and sexy, not flowy and romantic. just my $ 0.02, though !

  26. note: my issue is not with the shoes. though, when paired with that blazer, i think they will overwhelm the dress and the ensemble will feel unbalanced.

  27. Yeah you need that jacket. Do you also need a photographer?

    ESB, 'the bollocks'. 'The cock AND bollocks' for something especially good. But don't overuse it.

  28. ha! My mom would totally say the same thing. I'm on board with the jacket.

  29. You have such good taste... I too am wearing this very sparkly marvel over my wedding dress for travelling to my evening party (it's only a ten minute journey, in a car, but if I can't embody my innner drag queen on my wedding day then when?)My mum thinks it's tacky. And she hates my shoes too. Hey ho. ESB: I teach lots of teenage boys who say things are 'heavy good'. Apparently it's the ultimate compliment...

  30. That jacket is ace.