Friday, June 10, 2011

Pls help me accessorize a CIRCUS DRESS

dear esb,

i am going to wear a very colorful dress for my wedding-picnic.

i've come to refer to it as my circus tent dress and it makes me enormously happy. but before i came upon this dress, i figured i'd wear jewelry of some kind since i also like jewelry--but i'm kind of at a loss. nothing i own works, that's for sure--which, to add to the challenge, means my budget is extremely limited. do any ideas strike you?

if it matters, i'm a lot shorter than the model, so on me, the dress grazes my ankles. i'll probably put my hair up in a clip as well, hence the intensified desire for some neck/ear adornment.

thanks for any thoughts or ideas you might have!

all best,
twirling in my circus tent


is this a fabulous combination, or have i lost my mind???

via Oh Joy! + Marc by Marc Jacobs Multi-Stripe Dress (still available in size S, size L, and XS in pastel)

you might be better off with this simple silver necklace from Favor.*

(Top image: Erma Ward by H. A. Atwell Studio via Laughing Squid)

*great necklace, terrible name.


  1. i think nervous system could come through for you in a big way, twirlin' bride; their stuff is both delicate and graphic (so it would speak to the dress without adding a huge amount of weight), and the price points are reasonable.

  2. WOOP WOOP the colourful dress!!! Huzzah!

  3. Some vintage yellow beads. Brief search on etsy:

    Or some better beads, sure they're out there!

  4. I like sword+fern when I think of this bride:

    bright and bold on the neck:

    or trapeze-like on the ears:

  5. I kinda like this black chunky one from kate spade. I think it feels playful and will still look bold against the dress.

  6. I also love this. And if you want to go all circus, well, there's this. And rather more sweetly, this.

  7. Or just forgo a necklace and seriously consider some i. ronni kappos earrings.

  8. how about a stack of bright bangles and some rocking earrings?
    I dont know about earrings but the bangles (band and bracelets) make me want to smile.

  9. that dress is amazing! you need this necklace:

    with these earrings:,default,pd.html?dwvar_WBRU2273_color=900&start=76&cgid=jewelry

    and these shoes:

  10. That's a fabulous combination, ESB.

  11. Beautiful dress which is, in and of itself, a statement dress, so I'd keep it simple.

    Like this:

    Or these:

    Also there's this shoot for inspiration:

    The bride wore multi-colored bangles. These (by Kate Spade) are smaller but still super-cute:


    Good luck! xo.

  12. Just not Double Rainbow. Used to be an ice cream place in Palo Alto, California. And it doesn't get much more bougie than Palo Alto.