Saturday, June 4, 2011

How to accessorize a Skater Bride

dear esb.

my pickle is pretty simple...I'm wearing this dress in Ivory for our wedding reception (we're being married in front of our immediate family 2 days prior at a little art gallery, where I'll be wearing a diff. dress).

What are your thoughts on jewelry and my feet?!

Keep in mind that I deal with stretched lobes (ear) sucks. Anything but a stud is pretty much going to end my earring wearing days. Other than that...I'm totally open!

And if you need to know a bit about me to help with this decision...I like tattoos (and have a few), my fiance (he's a bit of a skater boy:), anything vintage...and my fiance refers to my style as a bit 'grandma-ish'. SO I like to keep it classy but for surely want something a bit off.

Thanks MUCH!:)
- simple pickle

PS. My boy and I are about the same height so I hope not to tower over him, at least not at the ceremony:)


pickle, for you i'm thinking vintage nine wests + a wee hummingbird skull.

the shoes have hearts pre-stamped on the soles. if that's not a good omen, i don't know what is.


A close second: These vintage jazz booties. Man did I have fun shoe shopping on etsy.


  1. love the humming bird skull ! i have a grandma-ish / approachable art teacher style, and went for a pin-up / rock and roller look for my big day a few weeks ago. my dress had a similar feel to yours. i accessorized with very 'normal' jewelry -- a honkin' cocktail ring, a gold bangle, and some gold safety pin earrings -- and got my kicks by wearing a SCREAMING RED pigment on my lips and finger curls.

    i wanted to look timeless, but bad ass. it kind of sounds like you want the same thing. i guess what i'm saying is, keep it simple (especially if you have visible tats). your freaky self will definitely shine through.

  2. @17 i don't dare ask you to send photos...


  3. For your errs - do you have a pair of those thin, silver (hollow) plugs in your gage size? When I had plugs in my ears I would wear those on days I wanted to feel a little dainty,. Then you can pair with a rad silver necklace or arm cuff or bangles. Or something cool piece of litter jewelry (I think they're

    Love the shoes too.

  4. Oh. Upon re-read, I realize you may mean just stretched in general (perhaps bc you rocked awesome giant earrings in the early nineties)!

  5. i have gauged ears and i got these wooden plugs made for my wedding day:

    they have TONS of cute designs and their stuff is made really well.

  6. ooo. i will try to find some fotos in which i don't look like a tool !

  7. the shoes are fun, but cookies, why are they skater?

  8. ah, they are not. i missed the grandma brief (agh! grandma briefs!) the first time.

  9. SO honored to even have my teeny issue posted on your blog! Loving the suggestions...Etsy's amazing. Period.
    @17...I need to see some photos also!!:)