Wednesday, June 15, 2011

the bucket tree

Um. So this beautiful little vintage shop is run by the very same lady behind Rust.

I think her amazing wedding might have given her a teensy bit of a wedding obsession. (Not that I can relate or anything.)

I'm just saying. The bucket tree has a pretty great wedding section.


  1. Artemis is so cute. She chopped off her wedding dress so she can wear it with boots and cardigans and whatnot (of course she did)

  2. So much pretty. And I'm drooling over the old books & sheet music.

  3. this stuff is so purty!

  4. I bought a gorgeous turquoise blanket from The Bucket Tree. I just couldn't not buy it.

  5. Yes to the bucket tree, muchly.

    Indeed I have been trying to convince a certain lovely lady to purchase the crown for her wedding. Mainly because I want to play with it.