Wednesday, June 22, 2011

And now for something completely different

Bridesmaids with KAZOOS!

Can I recommend something cool? Instead of bubbles or rice, we bought a ton of kazoos and had everyone play us out of the church. It was fun- we're both into music, so it fit. AND, it gave bored bridesmaids and groomsmen something to play with during the millions of family pictures.

The real cool part was when they collaborated and played some songs with harmony that distracted us from "Is Grandma smiling? Make sure Grandma is smiling!" kinda thing...


(Photo by McPeak Photography


  1. Oh man ... we were thisclose to doing this. But ... we bailed. Bummer.

  2. I like the idea.

    Can someone put their bridesmaids in Jenni Rope for Marimekko, please?

  3. I am thinking about crafting about 120 pinwheels for people to blow on upon our exit.

    Is that completely dumb? Or just a little dumb?

  4. kazoos fit nicely into your harmonica holder if you're so inclined (and have had enough bourbon).

  5. love the instrumental exit idea. kazoos, harmoicas, maracas, little bongos!

    @erin the pinwheels might be cool, but people might forget/not think to blow them as they are cheering you down the aisle. I'm a fan of the streamers on a stick (done in whatever colours you want) that people can wave and hoot and holler all they want

  6. Oh man, this sounds like my worst nightmare...but I hate kazoos, so there ya go.

  7. I also loved these tambourine favors:

  8. birdseed at weddings makes me panic ever since i learned the juliette gordon lowe (founder of the girl scouts) went deaf after some birdseed lodged in her ear while she and her husband were exiting the church after there ceremony. (at least i THINK this is what happened)what a weird thing to have happen to you at your own wedding.

    sparklers at weddings make me panic because you are handing your guests a stick of fire.

    bubbles seemed like they could possibly land on and stain my dress (? not sure if this is a realistic worry but regardless, it was an actual concern that i had at the time)

    so we did noisemakers and they were so fun, celebratory, easy to clean up, colorful, and gave our guests something to fiddle around with while they were waiting for the reception to get started.

    don't have a lot of great pictures of them, but here is one:

  9. The bridesmaids are so beautiful in their dress. So refreshing in the eyes like the blue sky. And you can see that they are having wonderful moments together. :)