Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pants Week continues!

In case Pretty in Pants (or Bianca, helllllloooo) inspired any of you to go the wedding pants route, here's a round-up of some vintage pants I found on etsy + elsewhere around the internets....

1. 60's Three Piece Suit (yes, there's a skirt too!) from Coldfish
2. 80's Jumpsuit from Foxtail
3. 70's Gold Sequined VEST AND BELL BOTTOM PANT SET from tovasvintage
4. 80's Bernard Perris Jumpsuit from What Goes Around Comes Around
5. 70's Wide Leg Jumpsuit from viralthreads


  1. Of course I love the 80s jumpsuit from Foxtail. (look #2)

    Also: I spotted this Stella McCartney Resort 2012 ensemble yesterday ...

    via The-Electric:

  2. I totally considered rocking a jumpsuit down the aisle. If I'd seen that lace one before I bought my dress, it just might have happened too.

  3. In my head that lace jumpsuit is what every one of your readers is cool enough to wear all the time, but actually did wear to the wedding. I think it wins as best wedding attire suggestion you've ever made (especially considering the request)!

  4. Sigh. I'm simply to short to work a pair of palazzo pants, but I love it when statuesque women wear them.

  5. So I've been on the fence about all this fancy-pants bizniz, until now. #3? So much love.

  6. #5 is stunning! I love 70's style.

    I asked my aunt what she wore when she was married. I've seen everyone's wedding photos in my family, but I don't recall seeing my very stylish aunt's pictures. She said it was no big deal because it was at city hall. (What? Its always a big deal!) I of course still wanted to know what she wore. She said a bell bottom pantsuit. She's so cool.