Monday, June 27, 2011

speaking of big ol ballerina buns.....

This one is excellent.

Photos by James Moes via Ruffled® (with a big thank you to Kristyn!)

Watch where you use the word "ruffled," mkay? THAT SHIT IS TRADEMARKED.


  1. This makes me want to grow my hair out.

  2. I have to use a goddamn hair donut to make my bun that fat. Color me jealous.

    (actually, by hair donut I mean I make my own out of tube sock and nylons)

    PS. that first picture is reeeally good

  3. @nikki there could well be a donut in there.

  4. whoop, whoop, go James! Dramatic and beautiful shots.

  5. Biggest annoyance about wedding time: the hairdresser who did my hair for me (my mom's insistence) made fun of me for wanting a big bun. "What, do you want to look like an old lady?" True story.
    I should send her these photos.

  6. ESB. Can't believe I got your seal of approval on my big ol' bun, this means everything to me. I came here over + over + over again for inspiration + advice during the planning process... you. are. my. fave.