Wednesday, June 8, 2011

R + D go suit shopping

If you're shopping for a wedding suit,* you HAVE TO read Rachel's suit saga, which includes a pretty harsh review of Indochino, a decent review of Bonobos, and (spoiler alert) a rave for Opening Ceremony, which she describes as "terrifyingly hipster."

I don't know which suit D tried on at Opening Ceremony, so I had to give you this Phillipe Alvergne with the uber-hipster styling.

*Or thinking about shopping for a wedding suit, or avoiding shopping for a wedding suit....


  1. You posted about Bonobos awhile back, and it seriously revolutionized Jason's pants wardrobe. Pants that actually fit = effing miracle and godsend. Also, their customer service is incredible. I want someone to buy and review their suits, just to know what they're like.

  2. Ha! The hilarious part is that while this isn't the suit D tried on (which is sadly, apparently doesn't exist anywhere on the internets, or I'd have shared, probably), this is totally a contender - we were looking at it last night online. We haven't seen it in person, though. I am not sure how one would go about seeking out a specific piece of clothing in Opening Ceremony.

    BTW, I am totally trying to convince him to just let us spend the money. He is holding back at least until he visits Barney's and until the extra pair of pants he's ordered from Bonobos arrives. (And, on that note - their customer service was apparently decent - D had to call them to track down a particular size/fabric combo that wasn't showing up online).

  3. And Becca, the Bonobos suits are great - fit really well and the fabric is nice. We probably would have been perfectly happy if we stopped there. It's just knowing that the perfect suit is out there that kind of kills it.

  4. great article. for all you brides out there, especially if you are east coast brides - check out brooklyn tailors. we used them for our wedding. amazing bespoke suits that are super affordable! your men will thank you later - trust me. :)

  5. If you live in NY, don't knock going to the heart of Midtown Manhattan - I swear Madison between 42nd and 50th is a mecca for suits. Paul Smith and Charles Tyrwhitt both happen to carry lovely slim fitting English-style suits and offer fabulous sales. Ben Sherman in Soho is also a good option for tall skinny hipster boys.

  6. Just came across this resource for guys - and I gotta admit, some of these fellas look pretty snazzy!