Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SEEKING: a wedding ring for a geologist

Dear ESB,

so, i'll get right to it..

me and the FH will be wed in november. i'm trying to find him a damn ring. he's a geologist and proposed last december with ring from melissa joy manning. it's a pretty chunk of raw diamond that i absolutely love. and it's a part of him that i carry around everyday. (barf)


i guess i just want to make sure he's just as proud to his ring around as i am. he wants silver for sure, and he found these inlay rings with dinosaur bone. (this one) i thought it was awesome! but then...

he goes nerdballs on me and because the maker doesn't know where the bone is from or what species it is, so it's obviously not going to work. i think his exact words were, "i can't be walking around with some fucking plant eater on my hand"

so since - i've gone through tons of meteorite inlay rings and neither him or i like the ones i have found (example), done searches for things made from igneous rocks like labradorite, granite, or something of that nature and can't find a damn thing i think would fit him or his style.

so any suggestions/ideas/ANYTHING would help.


My ladies of catbird (who know everything there is to know about rad/crazy/fabulous jewelry) suggested Nikolai Rose, maker of the Channel Set Bone Ring, or Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, maker of the Woolly Ring Necklace.*

Get in touch with those boys. Find out what it would cost you to have something custom made.

And then report back, will you? WE WANNA SEE THE RING.

*Derrick knows where his ivory comes from.


  1. I WANNA SEE THE RING TOO...especially since i am such a geology nerd too. O_O

    btw, do you know if he loves any specific minerals? since fossils can be so hard to find the origins up unless you dig them up yourself, i would just get a custom inlay of his favorite mineral into a silver wedding band.

  2. We'd be happy to do a custom project for you.


    I totally agree. Why have a plant eater when you can have a fucking VELOCIRAPTOR on your finger?!

    Also, lady, you can buy a wicked fossil and have it MADE INTO A RING. How amazeballs would THAT be?? I would go with something along the lines of archaeopteryx, but alas, not possible. (sad face)

    going to contain myself now. the geologist/geographer in me is geeking out right now.

  4. You really do have the coolest readers/commenters.

  5. Totally with you here! I married a geologist and we had similar ambitions but lacked the energy/time to go on a mega search. We had a friend do a custom band with his fav. mountain range etched in instead. Turned out pretty cool! Good luck with your custom project and please report back!

  6. The above offer of custom work seems like the way to go. Your dude could even find his own fossil or chunk of rock at a rock show and provide it for the piece. Yeah!

    I got an amazing grey diamond slice ring from my guy last year, he knows that as a geologist (holla) I wouldn't want a shiny clear knob like everyone else.

    Last, I also love turquoise and it's pretty specific with its provenance, so you could look specifically for Kingman, Bisbee, Sleeping Beauty, etc depending on what type, what mine, what area you want.

  7. My fiance is a soil physicist, so same earthy concept and he is going to love this! Oh, I love you!

  8. who knew i had so many geologist readers? I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS.

  9. There's a jewelry artist on Etsy who does rings with inlay - including rings with Gibeon meteorites:


    I am trying to wrangle my partner into going for them, just because they are so gorgeous and eeee meteorite!

    Note: I haven't seen any specific listings with silver on the artist's Etsy page, but they welcome custom orders.

  10. you guys are awesome. Thank you all soo much for the ideas! I'll for sure report back with details once we decide :) this is suuupper helpful.

    He wants something durable - hence the stronger igneous rocks are preferable... he likes to play in the mud. :)

  11. i just showed my fiance the above bone ring, and he flipped! Thanks so much for posting, you're advice will grace his ring finger forever

  12. These have some interesting stone inlays.