Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How can I make a pantsuit wedding-worthy?

Dear East Side Bride,

A month ago I was positive that I would be wearing something other than a dress to my cousin's black tie wedding. But as the date approached closer and closer, I began to realize that many retailers feature dresses as the only appropriate evening wedding attire.

Why do I need to wear a dress??! I asked myself. I've worn many dresses my whole life! I think it's time for something different.

Korean garb? Just another korean dress but itchier.
Skirt? Boo. It's a dress. But for your thighs.
Turtleneck and chain. YES but what about the bottom half of my body?

I love what YSL did for the female pantsuit! We have these great designers introducing menswear into women's fashion and it's incredibly empowering. But how can I wear pants or a pantsuit to an evening wedding without looking like I just came from work? Can it be done?

Pantalone-ly girl


A turtleneck's not gonna cut it at a black tie wedding. If the men are required to wear tuxedos, you should wear one too.

If you like, you can femme it up with a sheer blouse + black bra. Or shorts...? (Preferably not both.)

And definitely wear a kick-ass pair of heels.

Image 1: Kirsten Dunst via because im addicted via Just Jared, Image 2: Eva Herzigova via Refinery29

p.s. I wanted to tell you to skip the shirt and go jacket-only if you were feeling bold, but in order to avoid this unsightliness you'd have to skip the bra, too.


  1. Hakaan has your answer:|CallType=Product&prodId=GG1004&season=sale&gender=women&group=clothing&des=GG5&cat=&seasProdID=52I

  2. as they say, pantalone-ly, if it ain't tux, it ain't mux.

  3. I would add some super glam and femme jewelry to a simple masculine tux. And don't forget a killer pair of girly pumps!
    Good luck!


  4. I think the jacket-only thing works for small chested women. If you've got boobs, go for the sheer tops -- still sexy but not, you know, pornographic.

    And I think it's key that you wear an actual tux, not a suit, or at least a tuxedo jacket.

    And if you've got the legs for it, go for a skinny fit for the pants. It's a more feminine look, IMO:

  5. Jumpsuit Time.

  6. Yeah, if it's black tie, you have to really step your game up. It's different if the men aren't in tuxes. I'd suggest sequins or something kind of flashy but I would beware of upstaging the bride with some way-out-there get up.

  7. I think REALLY SEXY shoes are the key to pulling off pants/shorts at a fancy wedding.

    I wore a romper (black velvet, it tied over one shoulder) to my cousin's fancy wedding in December, and I did not feel under-dressed at all even though I was the only person wearing shorts. I wore sheer black tights under it (they had seams up the back of the legs...very French. Little details like that in your accessories will make menswear more feminine), and really high black shiny heels. In case of being chilly, I brought a beautiful dark blue wrap (and also because bare shoulders in a Catholic church is a no-no).

    You can do this!! Just get great shoes and keep your accessories sleek and feminine and you will look bangin'!! I LOVE the pants theme this week and I think women look beautiful in menswear!!

  8. Tonia nailed it; shoes, it's all about the shoes. They will tell everyone you are going to kick their ass in the ball room versus the board room.

  9. oh oh oh. these are like beetlejuice...but better.

  10. i love that kirsten dunst tux so much i would wear it to a night out at the diner just to justify purchasing it! also, wow, angelina jolie looks sooooo different now. i never noticed until that photo...

  11. How about a sassy little vest similar to this Millennium number:

    You could even have an actual tuxedo vest altered into a sexy halter.

    And then, as stated above, sexy shoes.


    Not a fan of the dresses, but the last two pantsuits are pretty great.