Monday, August 1, 2011

Seeking: A Not-Too-Girly Flower Girl's Dress


I am in need of some help! My wedding is in a month and i still have not found a flower girl dress. She's not really a flower girl, she's holding a sign that says "Here comes the bride." The problem is she is more of a tomboy and doesn't really like the dress I like. I'd rather put her in something we both like.

This is what i'm thinking of but she says it's too girly. Any suggestions?


I have a radical idea. Why don't you let her wear PANTS?

Caramel Baby & Child has some cute trousers (see above).

And it turns out J. Crew is not a bad place to shop for girls' pants, which are not easy to find. There's a lot of legging-type bullshit out there, and there are jeans and there's some sweat-pant-y stuff, but there are not a lot of straight-up good pants. Even an 8-year-old needs good pants.

For the uber-tomboy, J. Crew even has a "borrowed from my brother" section. Which means they're listing the boys' clothes in the girls' section so you feel okay about buying them for your daughter/niece/flower girl. Hey, whatever it takes.


  1. I thought I had come to the wrong blog!! Whoa! A KID!


    Love the pants suggestion. Overalls might be cute...with a flower in her hair and a pretty blouse underneath. And the legs rolled up and cute sandals.

  2. a kid and a j. crew endorsement in the same post!

  3. Who's totally not surprised that little girl who'd wear a dress as long as it wasn't too girly didn't want to wear thin straps with a floral print and a full skirt? If that is *still* too girly then what the hell were you picking out before?

    what about (if you're devoted to her wearing a dress)
    this one instead.. with really bitchin leggings or tights and badass little boots if your super-special-perfect-day is in September.. or Very comfy cool kids gladiators in August.

    Usually "too girly" meant too pink, purple, puffy, sparkly, flowery, ruffly, ribboned, bowed, little kitten and puppy printed, etc.


  4. What about going shopping with her? I was a flower girl twice when I was little, and the coolest part about the whole thing was getting to hang out with the bride each time. Spending some time with her AND letting her pick out something herself would be pretty rad, and she would presumably be excited to wear something she picked out herself.

  5. "For the uber-tomboy, J. Crew even has a "borrowed from my brother" section."

    For that, kudos to J. Crew. No matter how we all feel about them, I can appreciate their boundary pushing. Does everyone know about the May catalog that featured its employees as models, including a gay designer with his boyfriend, and the April online newsletter that "included an image of its president and creative director Jenna Lyons painting her son's toenails hot pink"?

    While none of these things SHOULD be newsworthy, they are. And the J.C. deserves recognition for their forward-thinking, IMO!

  6. Love, love the overalls idea @Tonia

  7. jamie's having issues with blogger. (wtf?) she asked me to publish this for her:

    the pants are rad...
    but if that doesn't fly i second amanda. that is a pretty girly dress. i would try some more fashion forward indie places for less girly wear.

    every thing at sweet william is on sale

    there looks like a few more less girly dresses at opening ceremony or nonchalantmom or tada! or look, antipink, perfect!

    i also second emily. but if she is not in like, new york or la, maybe they can go online shopping together?


  9. or would that just be "kids clothes"? this is where apostrophes fail me.

  10. I don't know about the bottoms, but this on top:,1791,gilet-harold.htm

  11. What about Zara (if you have one in your area; I don't think they offer online shopping in the US yet)? They have tons of cute stuff in their kids section, and many of their dresses are pretty basic and not super girly.

  12. If the wedding is in a month, it's probably warm where you are. Maybe you could do a cute pair of shorts and a dressy top. Or, just let the kid pick out her own outfit.

  13. We're just started planning our ceremony, and my youngest daughter's opinion is that if *I* get to wear a suit, she gets to wear a suit. With a biiig corsage.

    I am semi-secretly stoked about it. Grandma will hate it, but oh well.

  14. that outfit is right up cheech's alley. maybe it's just my point of view as her mom, but dresses don't exactly suit her. and i have no problem shopping in the boy's departments for her.

    so yes, pants! and if a sneaker with socks is too casual for you, maybe you'd be into an oxford or a saddle?

  15. mad props to j crew for the 'borrowed from my brother' section. i wore boys clothes when i was little, and as much as i liked them, it was embarrassing for me that they were from the BOYS SECTION.