Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bona Drag Shopping Contest: THE VOTE!

So, I challenged you guys to put together an outfit for the Philly Bride featuring a dress for under $250 and at least one item from the Bona Drag online store. 

I also said I'd give extra points to anyone who found a way to incorporate small dogs/cats/bunnies. No idea what I was thinking.

Anyhoo. You guys did really well. And some of you made me look like a complete photoshop amateur, but I tried not to hold it against you (TONIA).

from Johnna (pictured above): This dress. These shoes. This bracelet. This ring. <-- jaguars count as cats.. right?

from Galerie: amazing acne naia dress with braided racer back, silver fringe necklace, grey suede platform sandals, and to splurge, a fabulous lace cape

from Tonia: The dress is here, the shoes here, the bracelet here and the DOG CHARM (!!!) here (hopefully I am not the only one in-love with wiener dogs.)

from Aimee: hello lovely! ($216), with this necklace ($545, i knooow), and these shoes ($398) and if there is a chill this jacket ($98)

from Melissa: Alright, the reformation dress, with these gorg pearls and the highest, comfiest heels or wedges you can find.

Pls use your vote wisely. The winner will receive a $200 gift certificate from Bona Drag.


  1. I want to know which of these the philly bride likes best (and if not any of these, which one from the original comments)

  2. agreed, me too! but i LOVE galeries!

  3. Philly bride here... first, I was overwhelmed by the enthusiasm of my fellow ESB fans. How do I say thanks for all the rad ideas??? I voted for Aimee's entry, but I looved the BCBG dress that didn't make the cut. I promise to send a pic of what I end up wearing... in case anyone will still care by then.

  4. I love the acne dress, but sadly it is no longer available.

  5. I can't lie: I am pissed I didn't make the cut, but these are some damn-good options. It was a toss-up (for me) between Tonia's (I love her layout skills!) and Melissa's. I went with Melissa's, because it looks the most November-y to me. Good luck with your decision, Philly Bride! xo.

  6. My BCBG dress that didn't make the cut? The sleeved one? Say yes, Philly. Lie to me and make my day. Because I care more than I should.

    Love Johnna above. Nice work.

  7. oh no! the dress was available when i created the outfit. the snake print and marine are still in stock. accessories would need to be tweaked.



    but seriously, if you need a silk dell for a traditional mongolian wedding, i'm your girl. size 4. large hidden pocket for hiding lambs/vodka/russian contraband included.

  9. @emily greene
    found the naia dress in black. phew.

  10. i want that reformation dress. NOW.

  11. @steph... yes, the long sleeved, black rouched BCBG dress. loved it. In fact, went to BCBG store looking for it so i could try it on, but they didn't have it.

    Philly Bride

    by the way, it is starting to feel weird referring to myself as Philly bride

  12. Love Johnna's look. That ring is killer.

  13. oh my gosh.. those stuart weitzman suede peep-toes are so adorable. they actually remind me of louboutins.