Monday, August 15, 2011

don't want to look skanky at my rehearsal... (It's a SHOPPING CONTEST, you guys!)

Dear ESB,

First, your website rocks.

Second, I need some advice. I'm getting married to the best man ever in the suburbs of Philadelphia in November. The wedding itself is a bit more rustic/chic. To satisfy our urban/chic sides, we've opted to have the rehearsal dinner in the penthouse of a steakhouse in the city with a sick view of the Philadelphia skyline (yes, there is one).

My wedding dress is pretty traditional, all lace, strapless, corset back, beautiful, etc. So for the rehearsal, I want to wear something a bit edgy/sexy/urban. I'm having trouble finding the right dress in my budget (less than $250 please!) that isn't total skank or total bo-ring. I'm slender, nearly 5'11'', and not afraid to wear some serious heels. Got anything for me?

Your help would be, well, awesome.

Philly Bride


All right you guys, here's the challenge:

Put together an outfit for our Philly Bride featuring a dress for under $250 (obv) and one item from the Bona Drag online store. Bona Drag has a rad selection of edgy/sexy/urban dresses, but feel free to shop their shoes and/or jewelry if you find a kickass dress elsewhere.

Extra points for ppl who find a way to incorporate small dogs/cats/bunnies into their ensembles. (Or would that not be edgy?? I'm losing perspective.)

Paste as many entries as you can dream up in the comments below (one entry per comment), and PULEEZE use this little bit of html to create links:

<a href="">Le Website</a>



(Get it? Blogger very thoughtfully offers a preview, so you can see if the link worked before you publish your comment.)

I'll do like with the Country Club Wedding Crisis, and post my favorite outfits for you guys to vote on.

My lady at Bona Drag is offering a $200 gift certificate to the winner. WOOT UP!

Pictured: Pamela Love Single Porcupine Needle Pendant (I die) + Society for Rational Dress Blue Stripe Open Back Maxi

This is not a paid post.


  1. hmm. i'm pretty fond of this dress with a little of this over the top.

  2. Is this totally insane? I'd wear it if I had a rockin' body.

    BCBG black dress

    awesome body chain

    Lovely shoe

  3. I think this one suits the bride:
    ;) Tiff

  4. Vessels Overhang Dress


    any kind of kickass heel in ANY COLOR YOU WANT.

    I love this dress... may get it for a wedding I have in November. From one 5'11" gurl to another: Rock those legs.

  5. oh snap.

    Miss Georgia, shoots, you can dress it up anytime!
    *steals some style*

  6. My dream outfit for this Philly bride, featuring:

    Erin Fetherston dress via The Outnet, $195
    Big bunny ring via Catbird, $180
    Cities In Dust Inc. rabbit's foot necklace via Etsy, $60
    Jeffrey Campbell shoes via Bona Drag, $130

  7. all saints dress. i'd pair it with heels or boots and edgy jewelry, like a heavy bracelet or this tusk ring.

    or you can keep it simple. mara hoffman lbd with a tall pair of heels in an eye-catching color and/or stacks of bracelets.

  8. Yellow Splash Peplum Dress

    Any thick strappy heel NOT in black or yellow

    some big earrings

    then I'd pile on a bunch of bracelets on one wrist: like this OR this with a bunch of smaller complimentary ones

  9. Fulfill your urban wedding fantasy while being tastefully hotttt
    Blade Dress

    With Cotter Fringe Necklace

    And your own sexy strappy heels or something like this Favilla

  10. (last one - totally avoiding work)

    madewell dress in parchment

    this necklace

    AND one of these necklaces

    can't exactly decide on the shoes - maybe these?

    or these?

    (I'm so sick of whorey looking platform shoes)

  11. i really like the bona drag jumpsuits, but they didn't look evening enough for what the bride described. bouncing off that idea, hows abouts:

    zara open back jumpsuit


    cage dress chain piece

  12. My dress link was bad. Let's try again.

    Disco Dress

  13. This Paul and Joe Geode Dress says rockstar.

    With these kickass eagle head earrings!

    With something tall and strappy like these. (But put these in your purse and slip into them at the first sign of discomfort--you don't need blisters and pain for the actual wedding.)

  14. Freaking love this post, love Bona Drag.

    Dress: silk is so sophisticated, tiny straps so sexy


    extreme (but pricey!) gorgeosity


    covetable kicks

    equals rehearsal dinner attire for a stunning huntress of the urban jungle

  15. If softer sophistication is your thing this Helmut Lang is urban chic.

    With Arielle de Pinto earrings and bracelet.

    And maybe spikey boots.

  16. How about
    THIS DRESS and THESE SHOES. Yeah...the shoes are way out of budget, but LOOK AT THEM!

  17. I have so many windows open right now it's not even funny

  18. Love this dress and have been obsessed with this ring since ESB put up a pamela love post...

    This dress

    .... which looks amazing with those serious heels on the web site and has sheer sleeves/back... Which probably works in Philly in November.


    This ring

    ... which is probably too gorgeous not to own.

  19. I think since you're so wonderfully tall and getting married in November you should wear this dress with these shoes since you like a high heel and I'm so about that shade of green. I think it would be nice with a pendant on a long chain, perhaps this one? I'd wear it at any rate, but maybe Philly bride will comment so we can get a better idea of her style.

  20. Okay, I'm loving this dress Mud Silk Paper Bag Dress (best dress name ever)

    these shoes

    this super gorgeous custom glass cuff

    and perhaps these earrings

  21. Alright, the reformation dress, with these gorg pearls
    and the highest, comfiest heels or wedges you can find.

  22. I think I'm going with

    this autumn-y leaf dress paired with a

    messy to-the-side bun

    and a pair of grey vintage boots with a nice worn patina (since it is at a steakhouse!)

    and bunny knuckleduster

  23. save your money on this ($38!) cool take on the LBD so you can splurge on a gorg arielle de pinto crocheted chain necklace. you'll love it always. these are kickass if you'd like to invest in some nice heels, butany cute gray pumps would totally go.

  24. LEGS!

    This dress please


    these for your feet

    and then get this locket

    but please add both your hair and your loves hair inside before wearing!

  25. All right, let's start with some slammin' heels that harken back to one of my favourite ESB posts and that are sexy enough to wear again. ($180.00)

    Add a sexy, sort of urban/weird, mega on-sale Philip Lim that would be beautiful counterpoint to a classic wedding gown and show some gams to boot. ($157.50)

    To make it feel wedding-y, add in a green veil and a cute pin. Get some red lippy and an "I'm getting married!" grin if you need further accessories.


  26. This sexy one shoulder black T by Alexander Wang Dress seen here.

    With one (or two if you stretch the budget) of these Lauren Manoogian Hoop Necklaces from Bona Drag seen here

    Done. No?

  27. i love

    this super hot dress
    (the olive grey only comes in a size XS since it's on sale, but the ivory has more sizes available--$88-$95)

    these shoes

    or these shoes
    as i cannot resist a stripe apparently (at $112)

    or even
    these shoes

    this ring
    which i am in love with (and will promptly buy for myself with the next $180 that i don’t have to give the government or the landlord.)

    these earrings
    (algae, $175)

    and this
    amazing cuff
    (the greyhound/whippet and bunnies cuff. bunnies and a dog, ha! $50)

    though seriously, i’d probably go with
    this guy

  28. Realized the link to the Paul and Joe Geode Dress above is broken. Let me try again.


  29. This black and maroon grecian dress is sexy and feminine and can easily be edged up with some Bona Drag jewelry and her choice of modest or buckled black heels. Perhaps a pair of black patterned tights is necessary too? It will be November, after all.

  30. I can't stop. because there's also

    this dress

    these RABBIT's FOOT PUMPS for good luck (and a broken bank account)

  31. I would start with Jeffrey Campbell's Rose Floral Platforms, and pair them with Opening Ceremony's Gauzy Godet Dress. Assuming the budget restrictions only applied to the dress, I would add:

    Falke's soft merino wool-blend tights

    All for the Mountain's "her" heart necklace

    And Theyskens' Theory's Jape embroidered linen-blend cape

    (It's going to be cold in November in Philly!)


    No idea how I'll narrow these down to 7 or even 10.

  33. Found this dress which I would wear to my rehearsal dinner as it is light, asymmetrical and not revealing so you can sit next to grandma. And who doesn't LOVE a $400+ dress on sale for %50 off!

    With this crazy bunny necklace

    These studs

    Two of these
    drop bangles that look like hearts together

    And these killer shiny strappy heels

    Grand total for ENTIRE ensemble: $325.10 (plus shipping where applicable)

    Selected to help out a fellow bride on a budget! Go get em!

  34. Are you an XS 'cause I love this dress. And it's on sale!

    Then, how about these pumps?

    Add this bracelet and you'll be set

  35. And my last one...
    I've been eyeing this simple dress for my welcome party for a while. If you want to give it a bit more edge for a city party, just add some hot (but expensive) pumps and an off beat heart necklace.

  36. No need to look further than this perfect specimen together with these gam accentuators and topped with a vintage collar with both edge and class.

  37. Forgot to include the jacket for the outfit above. Pretty important for November in Philadelphia.

  38. Well outside the spending parameter, this bolero deserves some attention. It would nicely augment this dress with these shoes.

  39. checking out people's outfits & this post is definitely killer.

  40. I'm so excited to vote! The suspense is killing me!

  41. Ok, here is my outfit submission. I know the shoes put it over the budget but they're so fricken great and you could wear them a million more times with a million different outfits, so does that make it OK? :P

    The dress is here, the shoes here, the bracelet here and the DOG CHARM (!!!) here (hopefully I am not the only one in-love with wiener dogs.)

    Hope you find what you're looking for! Congrats on your engagement!

  42. Here's my offering.

    Mociun dress $160
    Fay Andrada bangles $72
    Odette NY necklace $265
    Marais Lace Up heels $77

  43. I couldn't help myself, I had to do one more after I saw this dress with the zipper and the pockets. #1, #2, #3.

  44. Time for one more?
    With this look-at-me dress better keep the accessories simple and the shoes toned down.

  45. oops those sandals aren't fendi...changed them in the last minute...they still rock though

  46. FINE! One more. :) Because there simply weren't enough PANTS happening. Pants. Top. Necklace. Shoes.

  47. Unless Philly Bride is model-like, all entries with dresses and booties should be eliminated. On top of being so 2010, most people look stumpy in booties (even those of us who are tall).

  48. black and white with pops of gold!

    i love this black and white dress
    (cool print, sexy fabric, and sexy yet classy cut)

    with these boots

    and this ring that i have been wanting forever: big bunny ring

    i would stop here to keep from spending too much... perhaps you have a bright yellow gold necklace or long gold chain... but if you are feeling it, this one is pretty great: gold talon necklace

  49. Rock your favorite gold or black heels in this number, and this Pamela Love Rose Gold Sun Cuff... with these earrings of course.

  50. loved @peckish all saints number!

  51. Are pants allowed? If so, these are fabulous. I'd go with a simple top, like this Kain jersey t. And some of my favorite shoes. [If there was a mysterious extra 2k in the mix, I'd add these in silver.]

  52. Just realized the dress with the post at 12:26 is no longer available. Here's an alternative: Dress.

  53. I don't know the pounds to dollars ratio, but this dress is gorgeous, with this little studded bag

  54. Alice + Olivia Randi Tank Dress in Navy (on sale and only in a 6 but I figure if you are a slender 5'11" that might be your size - otherwise, sub the Dusty Pink color).

    I like these leopard shoes - most of the shoes I liked the best were MORE EXPENSIVE than the dress.

    Any of Bona Drag's jewelry would look great with this dress and shoes, but I'm particularly fond of the snake necklace (is that too much animal on one outfit?). Ooh, or the Rose Gold Sun Cuff?

  55. edit: those Michael Kors shoes I listed should be in red.

  56. ok, for esb: here is my original entry, but i learned how to use polyvore for you. and i might have added some face paint, too...

    rehearsal dinner outfit

  57. and here is another:

    outfit #2

    (i couldn't figure out how to link the nail color, so here the link for where to buy it): the color is called called I'm Not Innocent

  58. I've got two...
    one's kinda raunchy but I'd totally rock it at my rehearsal dinner if I had one.

    This one's a bit more edgy and less raunchy but it's kinda weird and cool.

    I used two dresses from the site and just went with whatever Polyvore had... :)

  59. Here is an entry to replace that blush/nude dress above. I am still obsessed with the horse hair jewelry...

    Silver Fringe necklace$180

    Blue Dress $110

    Grey Suede Sandal $210

    vintage horse hair earrings! $145

  60. i don't even know how i went off on that bunny tangent. Philly Bride is like, "WHAT THE??"

  61. All right, I was one of the "here's a white dress for your rehearsal," but APPARENTLY we're not doing that.

    So! Let's start again. These shoes, what with the bondage-y ankle straps, set the tone for the edgier side of you and your wedding.

    I know, I know: it's five dollars over budget. But this sexy-back Alexander Wang is totally hot, plus a re-wearable dress for sure. This of it as investment?

    Turn one of these constellation necklaces around and wear it down that v-back. For added romance, I'm going to insist you choose your fiance's sign. Yeah, it's like that.

    If you're into it, you could rock a brass-knuckle style proclamation of love (ignore the ugly website), or you could rock a studded bangle (shaped like a horseshoe, for luck!), depending on how much adornment your grinning, soon-to-be-married self needs.

  62. layered cotton dress from anthropologie

    mothership tassel necklace from bona drag

    nine west flashbulb heel in dark green suede

    if you find a bag of money under a park bench cropped feather jacket by azzaro

  63. back view dress from anthro (I tried this on and despite the pattern looking a bit juvenile, I felt super sexy in it)

    seville shoe in khaki by MIA

    silver hex ring from bona drag by made her think

    triple-tone duster earring from urban outfitters