Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Naked pale anti-bride: THE FOLLOW-UP

Hey ESB,

I wrote to you many moons ago about this.

And this is what came of our wedding. The dress I ended up with was pre-owned but never worn and fit like a glove while also hiding my white parts...i.e. most of me... but it wasn't too prudish, more understated vintage/modern-esque). Oh, and I found it just a week and a half before our wedding. Ha!

I'm a little embarrassed that I'm even sending this to you but since folks **seemed** slightly interested in seeing the outcome I thought why not.

Oh, and it was 77 degrees two days before our wedding and ended up SNOWING on us on the actual day. BUT, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way now. Girls need to realize that they won't melt if they get a little moist. Yup, I said moist.


So. You look amazing. You're even pulling off THE BOOTS, which, I'm not always a fan of brides in cowboy boots.

I'll work on forgiving you for the Style Me Pretty bullsh*t.

(Photos by Jenna Walker Photography)


  1. Gorrrrgeous photies, thank you for sending the followup to esb (who btw I am convinced only chucked in the bullshit comment because she has been looking too nice lately :P)

    The outfit is just beautiful.



  2. well done, pale bride! i would like a NO CRYING sign.

  3. @lauren me too, actually. WE COULD SELL THOSE ON ESB.

  4. I love reading the follow up. It's fun to see.

    And to be fair, it looks like her photographer sent in the wedding to SMP, not the bride.

  5. I really, really love these photos. And hooray for follow up!

  6. you look incredibly beautiful (although, frankly, not that pale).

    and I agree with ESB: I rarely like boots on brides but you look adorable. probably because it doesn't look like a gimmick.

  7. totally stunning, and your dad, i'm assuming that's your dad, is the cutest man ever. the no crying sign is SO COOL! love that you followed up.

  8. YAY follow up!!!!!!!!!!!!


    the dress kicks ass.

  9. Love the follow up! The dress is amazing! The sign is perfect. Well done. Who makes the boots?

  10. you looked good, woman. even the boots !

    best wishes.

  11. I am so mad that I didn't have a no crying banner! And, yes, you rocked the boots which I normally HATE. These things make me hate you a little bit, in the good way :)

  12. Seriously gorgeous. At at least here, the boots seem more function than "wedding fashion."

  13. i LOVE follow-ups. seriously. this is amazing. i love her dress and boots...

  14. Thanks, folks! (naked/pale but now clothed bride writing). The banner was simply iron on lettering on some linen with a wood dowel. Made it myself to make sure my dad didn't cry too much (I have an emotional family, ha!). Boots were Frye boots...super comfortable and kept my feet warm in the snow...totally served a purpose and not just a gimmick. Oh, and I really am super pale you just wouldn't know it because by outfit covers it all (and/or the photos add a bit more color than what you see in real life).

  15. @Ali also: you wore the right color of "white"!