Thursday, August 18, 2011

A custom suit for under $500

Grand Street Suit has finally answered the "Where can I get a badass, slim-fit suit that won't cost me a KAJILLION DOLLARS?" question.

If the catbirds recommend em, I have no qualms.

Suits may be purchased online (hallelujah!) or private fittings can be arranged for customers in NYC.

Update: Whoopsy. So the suits aren't actually custom. But I just got this email from Andrew of Grand Street, which makes me even more excited...

So to be clear the suits are off the rack and extra slim fit. They are full canvased non-fused garments. This means that the lining and body work of the jacket is sewn in by hand and gives a structure to the suit. A fused uses glue on the lining and is a very cheap way to make clothing. Also I saw that a person said they were not small enough -- we specialize in extra small sizes. The smallest size you can get in a store is usually 38. We go down to 34. (The number 34 indicates the chest size not the pant.) Hope this clears up some stuff for you!

I like the idea of wedding parties. I would even be willing to cut the price if a groom and best men wanted suits. I could set it up like a wholesale account and charge about 40% less the retail price...

Andrew's girlfriend Martha added:

I have seen these suits on many fine young men, including the gentlemen of Panic at the Disco and most recently a Brooklyn groom, and no one has required alterations other than a shortened pant leg.


  1. wish it came smaller though. my husband is soooo skinny

  2. @Mrs.Peacock perhaps you can get him their slimmest cut and some doughnuts.

  3. Sweet jesus, I could have used this two months ago! They look amazing.

  4. haha yeah after a year of marriage i've gained five pounds, he's lost ten. marathon runners...

  5. weird. there is also a suit shop called brooklyn tailor that is located on grand street. my fiance, a very slender dude, just got a custom suit from them for our wedding next weekend and it is amazing (and super reasonably priced for bespoke craftsmanship).

  6. Non-fused, fully canvased jacket ? My husband will be very interested in this. Do they make a tux ? I couldn't find one on the site.

    We just popped by the shop Suit Supply the other day and saw some nice things. He normally gets his suits and shirts custom tailored, and was pretty impressed with what he saw. Pretty great off the rack clothing for a very, very reasonable price (300 - 600$). And cut for a thin MAN -- none of this school boy tiny jacket high-water pants shit.

    Disclaimer to the ladies : their ad campaigns are pretty offensive (on par with AA, I'd say).

  7. Uniqlo has nice suits, and then take it to a talented tailor. Under 500 for sure.

  8. My soon to be husband and I just went to My Suit on Madison Avenue to get his suit. Fully custom and they have options at around $500.

    I highly recommend them!