Thursday, August 4, 2011

What should my viking wizard officiant wear?

My wedding is in November. I am having my best friend of over 20 years get ordained so she can marry me and my FH!

Problem is I have no idea what she should wear? She describes herself, and I quote, "I AM A PRIESTESS..., viking wizard, spiritual warrior, breakbeat loving yogini, tribal queen." Yes, this is her description on her blog. She is amazing and beautiful, I just can't have her show up in an outfit she would wear to Burning Man. Although if we were getting married out there, I would love whatever she wore. I need your help here-PLEASE!

Thank you ESB!


Would a caftan be too Burning Man?

Photo: Carmen Freudenthal + Elle Verhagen courtesy of Dazed and Confused


  1. You could also do some sort of 70s-esque silky dress.

    Favorite on ASOS - also comes in a rad print.

    I would go maxi for sure.

  2. I have a feeling she'll be cool with whatever cool, flowy dress you come up with.

    Just let her wear her normal Birks/Toms/WhatHaveYouObviouslyIDontWearThemCantYouTell. Vikings hate heels, or so I've heard.

  3. I'm on Team Caftan.

    Ask Bjork if she had something in mind already, to be polite, and then show her the caftan and tell her you think she'd look extra priestessly in it.

  4. you have successfully found an occasion for the caftan

  5. I don't think there's any occasion more suited to a caftan than this!

  6. I'm cool with a caftan. But I could also see a leather and metal body cage happening, you know, something/anything by Bliss Lau. That's where I go when I want that "viking warrior tribal queen" look. Bona Drag carries a few pieces. There are also some Etsy sellers doing harness-y stuff, too. Do a simple search for "body cage," and get into it.

    Bonus points: You could buy it FOR HER as a "thank you" gift. Just a thought. GOOD LUCK. xo.



  8. Caftan. Specifically this one:

    Don’t tell me that’s not viking wizard warrior queen in one and yet still wedding appropriate. Because it is.

  9. Perhaps she could cover up with a golden diamond design sheer overcoat if it gets chilly? Hm?

    Does this tribal viking priestess yogi like eye-bleedy color? If so, how about this red 70s boho kimono? It says kimono but it is totally a caftan.


    These headpieces are awesome and tres viking but perhaps a little too bride upstage-y. Either way, caftan is go.

  11. Sounds like you're worried her personal style will be too crazy. But surely that's why you asked her to do the gig in the first place - because she has amazing otherness.

    If you have a viking tribal goddess mama as your officiant then just let her rumble through her own priestess gowns and you can choose something that makes you smile.

    My name is Elle, those headdresses are brilliant. I want the red one.

    Also ESB that picture is bloody amazing.