Thursday, August 4, 2011

Take Sunset

You may or may not have noticed that I have a new sponsor.

Take Sunset is a site focused on "real estate, architecture and things to do in los angeles," and the proprietors have excellent taste.

For example. Did you know that Claire Vivier and jewelry designer Kathryn Bentley just opened a teensy, gorgeous new store in Silver Lake?

Or that Heath Ceramics makes house numbers?

Me neither.

I also had no idea how many bungalows there are for sale on the east side. I just hopped over to the Take Sunset blog to pull a few images for you guys, and I spent two hours shopping.

Quick question: Is it legal to style an east-side garage with a surf board? Should I be embarrassed that I kind of fall for it?

Photos 1 + 4 from Rob Kallick's listings at 1330 North Coronado and 1310 Mohawk Street in Silver Lake/Echo Park.


  1. @Amanda if that is just going to be your standard response from now on, I DON'T MIND ONE BIT.

  2. I totally real estate stalk on take sunset

  3. I am registered at Heath for our wedding!!!

  4. I love bungalows!! two thumbs up for your new sponsor!! XOX Nikki

  5. i really need to come to la.

  6. The backyards pictured in some of those listings are killlling me. Life post-rent can't come soon enough.