Monday, August 22, 2011

Dear ESB: What do I get my [BLANK]?

I've been getting a lot of requests for gifts lately. 

Gifts (under $200) for the 8 friends flying to Ireland for a destination wedding. Gifts (under $100) for the rad future in-laws. Gifts under $40 for the bridesmaids and the artsy parents and the "well.... um... lame" in-laws-to-be.

I don't do lame. But you can't go wrong with a porcelain skull or a handmade salt bowl, amirite?

Porcelain Beaver Skull by Beetle & Flor at Smith + Butler ($175, pictured at top) or Skunk Skull ($80, pictured above) at Magpie & Rye

Alder Fruit Bowl ($175) + Arbutus Salt Bowl ($45) from Herriott Grace 

Note: This shop sells out FAST, so if you're serious about buying one of their pieces, join the mailing list.

Signature Bracelet from Scosha ($25)

I finally invested in Tarot Deck after Leigh tipped me off that it smells like records. So best. It makes the bedroom smell good even when it's not burning.

Deborah Lippman Boom Pow Nail Polish with 24K gold dust ($20)

Image via Accidental Chic


  1. Now that is a use of gold dust that I can get behind.

  2. Love the gold dust nail polish. Sold.

  3. we have the tarot deck candle at our house. we think it smells like old library books, which is an oddly similar smell to records. and we keep it in the room where the records and books are located, but the smell permeates the whole house and i LOVE IT.

  4. The tarot deck candle reminds of CB's I Hate Perfume "In the Library" scent, which I love but wear sparingly because that shit ain't cheap:

  5. these are great ideas! time to do more shopping...

  6. I am trying to imagine my mother-in-law trying to find something nice to say if I gave her a porcelain beaver skull. Good present for guys- fancy but cool.