Thursday, April 5, 2012

while we're talking about earrings

Dear ESB,

I hate to be one of THOSE people, but for reals, I have a problem. 

I need some long, dangly earrings (kind of chandelier-y) BUT I don't have pierced ears. I have looked high and low (I even stooped so low as to go into a Claire's at the mall, only to be disappointed and confused as to why there is such a big market for tiaras). Online, I have only found clip-ons that would be appropriate at the early bird special in Boca. HALP. 

Need Some Non-Pierced Ear Swag


a) Pierce your damn ears already

b) Buy a pair of earrings you love -- QUALITY EARRINGS, not a shitty $14.99 pair -- and take em to a jewelry store to be converted.

c) EBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Do you know how many amazing pairs of vintage earrings I've seen that I'm all "Shitbags, they're clip-ons"?

Sometimes I wonder about you guys. Srsly.

Hannah Holman by Simon Burstall for Elle France via Fashion Gone Rogue


  1. I want to say that EVERY vintage pair of earrings I've come across are clip-ons but someone might stab me in the neck for hyperbole. And jfc, they're all beautiful *protects neck*

    The first thing that popped up in autofill when I searched Etsy after selecting vintage was "clip on earrings" 36,000 of them!

  2. I found some fabulous screw-back vintage chandeliery earrings for my wedding on eBay. They were $20. They're out there. You might also try the vintage section of etsy.

  3. I don't have pierced ears either because I never gave a shit. I have some vintage clip-ons because they look awesome. But god damn, your ears hurt after awhile! It's just not comfortable.

  4. if you never wear earrings.... do you really want/need to on your wedding day? just a thought. cause yeah those clip ons can hurt!

  5. I'm going to second Jamie. The holes in my ears are closed up because I'm allergic to the metal in earrings. I searched for far too long before my wedding for the right pair of clip-ons before coming to the realization that it would be out of place for me to wear them on my wedding day and that my ears would be in so much pain all day. Not worth it.

  6. I have only one ear pierced because my other one developed keloid scars (so I can't just go get it pierced again, ever). For fancy dress up times, I have a pair of dangly screwbacks from emitations which I love. I went there because they sell a few different pairs of screwbacks, which I prefer to clip ons, although they have those, too. I'll be wearing these when I get hitched, definitely.

  7. even if you find swank vintage clip ons, you might want to wear them around beforehand and see if you need to take them to a jeweler to get tightened... The clip power can drastically reduce over time.

    And I don't think its crazy to wear earrings for your wedding, even if that's not your normal day attire. It's just earrings, for god's sake.

  8. My mom wouldn't let my sister get a second set of holes in her ears until my ears were pierced, so my sister pressured me to get my ears pierced when I was 12 years old. After 6 months, I couldn't take it anymore and have been earring-free ever since. Now I'm 25, getting married in 2 months, and kinda want to wear some gold studs. I'm pretty sure the holes have closed up, but they are still quite visible and I am still too grossed out to check.

    I bought magnetic clip-on earrings for one of my high school proms. They lasted about 5 minutes before I took them off. ears will most likely be bare on my wedding day. At least you were smart and never got your ears pierced to begin with and thus do not have visible scars on your lobes.

  9. As someone who has had her ears pierced since age 2- is there a reason some women don't get their ears pierced (other than they don't want to wear earrings)? Serious question. And those eBay earrings are amazing. Who knew there were so many awesome vintage dangly clip ons.
    I keep finding rhinestone earrings that are clip ons / screw backs and there is a nice little pile sitting in my jewelry drawer waiting to be converted. A few times I've tried to wear them as is... AND OUCH. No thanks.

  10. I know I am about 50 years late to the game on this one, but RtR has an awesome selection of clip ons.