Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A (rare) rainy day post


what do you LA veterans put on your feet when it is sort of raining in LA? 

I'm still new here and I'm not sure what to do--not toms because they'll get wet and smelly and disgusting, not sandals because the rain is a cold rain, not full rain boots because those are a little absurd imo and it's not really raining that hard...what is the secret footwear choice of the LA ladies for such weather?


I'm so glad you asked.

I'm wearing MY CHUKKAS! today. I've finally had a few chances to test em out in the rain (without socks, obv) and they keep my little feets toasty warm and dry.

The rest of the stylish ladies in my office have on tall leather boots, in the vein of the famous Fryes.

Thank you for not wearing rubber/rain boots because, yes, that would be ridiculous. We all know the sun will be out by noon.

Photo by Brian Bubonic via the LAist


  1. i used to wear rubber/rain boots in LA, but i'm *from* LA, which makes me odd in more ways than one.

  2. I bought my first pair of rainboots this year and it's a relief (although, not wearing them today because there has to be *enough* rain - otherwise I wear regular boots).

    You only really need them if you will be walking/taking public transit for extended periods of time. If you're dashing in and out of a car all day, no need.

  3. I usually wear shoes :-)

  4. if only you SoCal'ers knew what serious business rain footwear is here in Seattle. NOT FAIR.

    (p.s. Rainboot high-heels? Tragically, they exist.)

  5. What? You just wear shoes... Is this real? It rains lightly in loads of places and people mange to handle it wearing whatever footwear they have on. Heels, boots, flats, oxfords, etc would ALL work

  6. I agree...I have never had a major problem with my footwear getting too wet (it's not seattle or anything!). But I do recommend black tall boots just to look sexy at work!