Thursday, April 5, 2012

Seeking: Victorian wedding earrings

Dear ESB,

Longtime listener, first time caller.

Just got my dress and it was a tad more traditional than I thought it would be: tiny straps, very simple, but with a kinda schmancy lace bolero to go over it. I'm also wearing a black or navy velvet ribbon at the waist. Tres Victorian.

Now that the stress of finding a dress is over — because I hated the search, honestly — I'm looking for the right accessories to gussy myself up. The neckline of this thing will not work with a necklace, so I'm thinking earrings are the key. I'm also wearing my hair down and am thinking I probably won't wear a veil or any sort of head-piece, because of all the lace I mentioned. (Seems like overkill.) At most, I'll be wearing some sort of antiquey barrette in my hair.

So, earrings! I'm generally not a doorknocker earrings kind of lady, and I preferably want to have something I'll wear again. However, I am so confused over what to wear with this get-up, and it seems like earrings are the only accessories I'm going to have, so I need something to balance against the rest. Gold and pearls seems a bit too traditional for something with this much lace. Antique Czech glass might be nice? (Not so into diamonds or shiny things, either.) Simple, smaller earrings seem like a waste. I guess I'm just worried about them being too busy, big or small, I guess. Indecision!

In a nutshell, I want simple and bold. Is it possible? Yellow gold, blue, black or coral are all colors I'm into.

Some ideas I've had thus far:

Gold and pale olive earrings

Black lucite clip earrings

Liquid gold spear earrings

Gold vermeil chip earrings

Black mother of pearl chip

Earrings Coming Out My Eyeballs


I can't fathom why you wouldn't shop at Catbird.

I was gunning for this art deco pair, but Leigh (aka your personal shopper over at Catbird) has some other ideas:

Classic Gold Hoops they put online just for us. Yes, these babies are expensive, but OMIGAH I WOULD WEAR THEM EVERY DAY.

Black Mother of Pearl Leaf Earrings which Victoria herself would be proud to wear.

Sparkling Leaf Earrings that Leigh said "I'm wearing right now - cheap but they really feel luxe and glamorous without being doorknockery."

Emily Blunt as Young Victoria (have you seen this movie? it's pretty great) via Madame Guillotine


  1. My vote is for the black lucite - I think they would look fabulous!!!

  2. I love the black mother-of-pearl leaf earrings from Catbird. Good find.

  3. You need to stalk Teen Angster's "I Do" pinterest page. And Erie Basin. If you have the time and energy for endless searches, eBay does have some great finds.

  4. oh those art deco drip earrings esb suggested are so amazing. they'd look killer with your wedding look (especially with a black velvet sash).

    i want them. so bad.

  5. I like ESB's suggestion and Leigh's last suggestion (the sparkling leaf ones).

    What about these? They aren't coral but they would look nice with navy.

  6. Oh yeah. I dig ESB's art deco suggestion. They're chic and modern, but make a statement. I think they would go with your "victorian" wedding look, but you could wear them every day with black boots and skinny jeans. The sparkling leaf earrings are also pretty sweet. I'm seriously considering them just for fun.

  7. those suggestions are totally ON POINT. Well done, ESB and Catbird!

  8. i like the black mother of pearl leafs with the dress

  9. I like the 56$-Catbird-Option.
    How about these?