Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Digby + Iona does weddings

Aaron Ruff of Digby + Iona just debuted a few brand new pieces at catbird.


Full disclosure: My engagement ring came from Digby + Iona, so I've got a sentimental attachment to this stuff. But I am beyond excited.

Aaron told me:

I've been working on the the design end of this collection for a year and I've been squirreling away the diamonds for almost 4 years. I feel like this is a really huge step forward for the brand and that these pieces mesh extremely unique jewels with the kind of design details that digby has become known for.

The ethos of the brand has always been to create pieces that would have an instant history and become heirlooms for years to come.

Wave Band - NEW! (from $280, pictured at top) + Wave Ring with Yellow Diamond - NEW! ($1200, pictured above)

And then of course there are the Heart + Diamond Signet Rings (from $170).

These are not new, but I've been obsessed with them for some time. CAN YOU SAY MANGAGEMENT RING?

Be sure to check out Aaron's Q&A over on the catbird blog. And shop the full selection here


  1. WHY is the wave band not in silver??? Grrr.

  2. WHY didn't these come out 9 months ago before I got engaged? Crazy gorgeous.