Thursday, April 26, 2012

Attire for an outdoor wedding in Colorado? (Thursday Morning SHOPPING CONTEST!)

When I first received this query, I bubbled over with joy:

What do you wear to an outdoor wedding in September in a small mountain town in Colorado? The bride said we will likely see live elk. Tights? Fur? Boots? Chunky sweaters over a cocktail dress? Is it ok to wear a long dress?

I got as far as asking my CO and former CO pals what the weather will be like there in September (Answer: Gorgeous) and then I was stumped. It's like this question is just TOO AWESOME.

So here's the deal.

Put together an outfit for our Colorado wedding guest featuring at least one item from Shopbop. They've got a pretty terrif selection of dresses, but feel free to shop their shoes, boots, sweaters, etc, if you find a killer dress somewhere else.

Extra points if you somehow manage to work in the elk theme.

Paste as many entries as you like in the comments below (one entry per comment), and pls follow the "HOW TO MAKE FANCY LINKS" instructions on the right-hand side of the blog to make everything nice and clickable.

I'll give you until 5pm pst on Monday afternoon (4/30), and then on Tuesday I'll post my top five-ish outfits for you guys to vote on. *UPDATE: I've extended the deadline to 12pm pst on Thurs (5/3).*

A $200 Shopbop gift certificate goes to the winner. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

Stella McCartney Elk Sweatshirt via Coolspotters


  1. If it is an afternoon wedding in early September, be prepared for rain. And wear layers.

  2. Neon dress, Patterson Kincaid:
    Acne pistol boots:
    OR shakuhachi boots:
    crazy amazing leather jacket, iro:
    fleecy tights:

    1. Read the Printed Word!

      listen tghere are fancy link instructions for a reason! try again.

    2. woah ok!

      dress: patterson j kincaid
      boots: acne
      boots: shakuhachi
      leather jacket: iro
      and fleecy tights: from plush

  3. Firstly, I love Jennifer Lilly on etsy, whose dresses are cute, easy, and pack well. Only thing is it does have elastic at the waist (thus the "easy") so a belt is in order.

    Add a leather jacket for warmth/street cred, and pair of lace-up flats
    so you don't break your shit everywhere in case they ask you to climb mountains and shit, and you're good to go.

    Except for, you know, accessories like this dude and some black tights.

    Should I find black tights?

  4. looks like i know what i'll be doing all day.

  5. Sadly, I've never been to Colorado, but I'll give it a shot:
    A lovely dress with some drape, with a wrap as the sun goes down, topped with a leather jacket for if the wind picks up. Finished with a girly clutch to balance the jacket and rain/mud proof flats, just in cases.

  6. There was no budget listed, but I wanted to take it easy on this lucky wedding guest by choosing a rent the runway helmut lang dress.
    Pair it with these rad little booties in black, throw this simple elegant faux leather jacket on top. Complete the look with this antler bling and you've got yourself a killer September CO wedding look. No elk were harmed in the making of this outfit.

  7. I've never been to Colorado, but we were in rural Wyoming this past weekend checking out our new (tiny!) town. We're moving from Detroit out west in less than 3 weeks. And yes, we saw many Elk, deer, eagles, etc.

    Diane von Furstenberg Maja Two Dress, ideally in peach

    Miista Ori Cutout Booties

    House of Harlow 1960 Star Stud Earrings

  8. You def need to start the outfit with these socks. Then add booties, silk maxi, suede jacket, and quill earrings.

  9. I would do it up like Pocahontas...
    all saints lazuli dress
    arrowhead cuff
    basic trench for the rain
    sturdy ankle boots

    If it's cool enough, you can add a pair of tights. If it's dry and/or unexpectedly warm, you can exchange the boots for a pair of brogues or wedges.

    1. It's like a ghillie suit!

    2. Someone here knows what a ghillie suit is, I'm impressed.

  10. If I were going to this wedding (and money were no object), I'd wear this dress with these boots and this jacket.

  11. I'd wear a forest green skirt like this one from Madewell, to get into the wilderness mood. Add a white button-up, tucked in like a pioneer, and you've got the mountain town part covered (am I the only one who think pioneers had great style?). To get in on the elk action, brown suede shoes and an elk cuff. Finally, just to round things out, smell like fir trees.

  12. First of all, I am basing my understanding of Colorado in September on this image.

    I would go with this Rebeca Taylor Colorado Sky dress for $425.

    Plus these Rachel Comey Tie-Dyed Canvas and Leather-Trim Slingback Sandals

    This Rebecca Minkoff blazer in burnt orange.

    Fill this flask with bourbon to keep warm. (!)

  13. tegan dress in denim with the peace treaty earrings, an awesome cognac colored leather jacket, this gold house of harlow ring, clare vivier clucth, and some cute, easy to walk in booties from twelfth street by cynthia vincent. BAM!

  14. I've been accused of having both terrible and great taste, but no harm in learning how to put up fancy links!

    This skirt and top
    with something like this ridiculous jacket! and simple sandals

    ...and of course, rings:
    something awesome like this or this (don't punch anyone), or of course an awesome two-finger ring with antler in it =D

    1. well, I'm amused that JB and I picked the same skirt within a few minutes of each other

    2. heh, it's a great skirt!

      great minds and all that..

  15. Definitely a long flowy dress with an interesting, but subdued print:
    Depending on your shape (read: bustiness), you could try this
    Stained glass maxi dress or maybe this Block print maxi dress

    Pair with a cozy sweater and jacket if need be, and a
    simple necklace.

    If it's cold and wet, pull on these boots with a pair of these socks.

    If it's warm and dry, go for something like these.

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  17. I'm thinking a blazer and a dress with sandals and a necklace.

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  19. A little on the nose, but I love this.

    Maybe with something like these for ease of mobility in the mountains?
    And this blazer.
    Also, this necklace.
    Not at all budget friendly, but awesome anyway.

  20. We are shopping for a SEPTEMBER wedding? All these dresses are floral and pink.

  21. Here's my pick: This dress with these booties, this antler necklace and this clutch. If you need a jacket, I like this one.

    p.s. I put the whole look together here.

  22. Alright. I would post ten outfits if I could (although I had 3 killer ones lined up).

    Bright pop of color dress

    Awesome jacket

    The kind of belt I always like

    Kick-ass shoes

  23. This dress in forest green.
    These booties with dark tights.
    And, for the crowing glory: This sweet-ass cardigan. Just take a moment and picture the elements. I want to be invited to a fall Colorado wedding just so I can buy this outfit!

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  25. I want to go to this wedding! I'd wear this floral dress, with this belt in gold. Add sandals, onyx pendant, and elk leather wrap bracelet. When it cools off, throw on your favorite denim jacket with this scarf in true love red.

  26. the i might get mauled by a bear (or hit on by an elk) but i will look damn good doing it outfit:

    this dress, in black, with open back in case it's warmer

    these shoes, with wedges for easy walking, and rose gold for interest

    and, the ultimate topper

    if on the chillier side, add sheer black stockings.

  27. As a native Coloradan, some thoughts:
    -It will likely be a casual affair, sunny during the day with a chance of an afternoon thunderstorm, and a bit chilly at night.

    Considering the above, I recommend:
    -This lovely, bright dress will fit the season and reflect CO's sunny ways;
    -Add this scarf
    -These outdoors-friendly shoes
    - This jacket for when it gets chilly (suede gives just a bit of Western touch), or this one (on sale)
    -and this amazing ring !

    1. I second the casual. Coloradans dress up, but it's still casual compared to most everyone else out there.

      Decide if you want to rock it as the awesome city gal from out of town or if you'd rather blend in a bit.

  28. Budget? Size? Body type?

    1. The Original Question-AskerApril 30, 2012 at 10:55 AM

      $300 total; size 2-4; 5'7", generous chest; prefer flats/wedges for rough terrain!

  29. First of all, best place to be a guest. Ever.

    Secondly, attire:

    We're going to go with a good base for your dress so you can layer it up or down.

    Next, a basket weave vest for some style out there in CO.

    Sounds like it'll be warm but just in case, bring this cardigan for the night air.

    For a necklace and bracelet

    And to top (bottom) it off, boots. I think you at least have to have them in Colorado.

    But bring these or these in case for sure.

  30. this dress for some sparkle and falltime colors.

    these booties because they are amazing.

    this jacket

    and these earrings because they are subtle, but badass.

    1. those boots ARE amazing!

    2. revision: forget the earrings and go with this bracelet instead. bonus, it's $6.59.

    3. @beeprint i prefer the earrings, so i will pretend you never posted that bracelet.

  31. And for my second attempt!

    Shabd dress in tangerine

    Another leather jacket, brown this time

    Beautiful boots

    I'm kind of stumped on the elk part, but you could always give an elk themed present. There are several elk horn cribbage boards on etsy. Which are kind of weird. But also kind of amazing?

  32. Keeping in mind I can't afford any of this, and I've never been to Colorado, this is what I'd wear!

    Zero + Maria Cornejo dress (the color is Chalk - too close to white? don't want to offend anyone)

    or sub for this one: Burberry dress

    with this jacket: Club Monaco jacket

    and this belt: Elegantly Waisted belt

    and omg these shoes, which I love and are sold out (not helpful, i know): Coclico Carroll black boots

    so I would alternate for these boots: Elizabeth and James boot

    and I love this clutch, which doesn't seem to be available either: Nada Sawaya clutch

    And some awesome gold jewelry, which I can't even begin to share links to, because they'd never stop. (That is what Pinterest is for.)

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  34. This dress.

    These lady boots.

    This barrette. (of naturally shed deer antler)

    This warm cardigan.

    This bracelet.

    These studs.

    This bag.


  35. It appears that the people like elk jewelry.

    1. It seems a little theme-party-esque to me.

  36. Why does it seem like everyone is dressing the guest for a chalet? If she might see elk, I'm thinking more "Rural comfort chic" a la

    The ever versatile shirtdress
    Some footwear that won't get their heels stuck in the mud
    A slightly cowgirl belt with the elk theme
    And to continue the cowgirl-esque accessories - A turquoise cuff or ring
    A jacket it gets cold
    And this bright scarf to make sure you don't fade into the background

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not sure long evening dresses are appropriate when in the same setting as ungulates.

    1. "Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not sure long evening dresses are appropriate when in the same setting as ungulates."

      I love that. No, no they aren't. I was thinking more like cotton maxi + sweater + necklace :)

  37. It seems to me like a lot of people are dressing the guest oddly for a setting with wandering ungulates!

    Keeping that in mind, I'm thinking the ever versatile shirtdress
    with super cute (but non-sinking) booties
    a touch of the elk theme with this belt
    some cowgirl chic with a turquoise cuff or ring
    And if it gets cold, a jacket
    with a bright scarf so you don't fade into the background.

  38. Dude, it gets COLD at night in Colorado. And you gotta do somewhat reasonable shoes.

    How about this cute dress with this cozy jacket.

    Bring these tights to put on when the temperature drops. If you are a "serious" shoe person, perhaps these? If you are more practical, these are great.

    Definitely play up the whole western thing with turquoise earrings and some super earthy bracelets.

  39. American Gold dress. Modern, yet slightly Little Hacienda on the Prairie for a frontier wedding.

    Distressed leather booties. Rough/refined.

    Fuck a elk, we're going porcupine! Porcupine necklace
    Porcupine cage bracelet

    Grapefruit leather clutch. For color.

    And I don't care what people say, if I'm going up a mountain in the Fall I'm wearing a coat. Are you a millionaire? Have a
    Missoni cape. Note: those are Missoni chevrons, not faux-Aztec bullshit. If not a millionaire, here's a plain cape.

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  42. Ooh, this Haute Hippie flapper dress for its rustic charm.

    With these Ori cutout booties because they are literally the best shoes I've ever seen.

    Accessorise with this pyrite cluster ring because a) nature, and b) freaking awesome.

    And stay warm with this brown piped trench.

  43. this dress is amazing and awesome. so what if its black

    shrug its cozy and looks soft

    SHOES cuz obviously you need to rock the colorado thing.

    necklace its gorgeous.

    clutch perfect blue color.

    and this AMAZING belt that has "deer, elk, eagles, and the whole damn forest on the leather. so there you go. its colorado wildlife living on your belt. huzzah.

    1. okay, so i realllyyy want to go buy that belt now.

  44. From the sale section of Shopbop because I'm a cheap bastard. Going for a glam!









  45. Elk-like hair sticks
    cozy coat dress
    For under the coat dress
    Mountain sunset tights for, you know, for color
    Must have shoes

    you're welcome.

  46. A rodeo themed outfit:
    with some tights if its chilly

    1. P.S. I think the light lavender version of the dress would be pretty great as a casual wedding dress (shown with this fun necklace)

  47. I'm not in the running because I won't be pulling together an outfit but here's my two cents:

    Don't buy your outfit yet or at least figure out a couple options. We're having an incredibly hot year and right now there's no telling what September is going to look like. You might be roasting in boots or the weather might have burned itself out and we'll have an early winter to make up for not having one this year (wishful thinking but oh well.)

    Second note, you definitely want to bring a jacket but even though the ceremony will be outside, it is unlikely the reception will be as well. At the least it will tented with heaters. Still, definitely bring warm layers but you're not camping.

    Good luck and have fun! It's BEAUTIFUL that time of year!

    (Oh, my creds. Born, raised and currently living in Colorado. I'll bet the wedding's in Estes Park.)

  48. In case of an Indian summer, a warmer weather option…
    Le romper
    An amazing blazer
    And of course, an antler brooch
    If it cools off, you can always add some navy tights or leggings.

  49. Replies
    1. ...and this bag, with a convenient strap for hands free climbing

  50. I'm always freezing so I end up wearing a sweater year round. If you're similar...

    citron long skirt

    cashmere tee

    chunky silver necklace

    acne boots in black

  51. OMG This wedding has so much outfit potential! How do you even decide??

    Well I like the batik print on this green and yellow dress

    Paired with a more rustic shoe or boot, like these?

    And you could even wear tights if it got chilly in the mountains, although it sounds like itll be plenty warm in September.

  52. Replies
    1. As the proud maker of said undies, I would be delighted and honored if they came within 40 feet of an actual elk. Or a wedding :) Cheers!

  53. I also love this brightly striped Alice + Olivia dress for a bit more boho look.

    Paired with this Elizabeth & James cardigan when it gets chilly in the evening,

    And these Rag & Bone sandals, for comfort!

  54. Sara - The Original Asker of the Question & attendee of The Awesome Wedding in the MountainsApril 30, 2012 at 11:52 AM

    As the Original Asker of the Question, I must try (even though I truly needed help - never been to CO, or seen a mountain, and generally an indoor girl)

    this dress

    this jacket unless it's too white? it is a wedding after all.

    these booties I was told flats/wedges/something easy on rough mountain terrain... ?

    this belt but cheaper. or maybe this one for a pop of color

    and grey/off-black tights if it's cold.

    oh! and this bag

    all these comments have me even more excited to attend this event!

    1. Is the wedding in Estes Park?

    2. Yes, I believe so. I know we're going a day early to hike! and see nature!

    3. You're going to have a fantastic time - I grew up near there and it's freakin beautiful that time of year. That being said, if you show up wearing wildlife-themed stuff people will think you are making fun of them. Bring some flat boots to hang out & sight see in, but don't wear them to the ceremony. Also, the most popular wedding venue in Estes is the Stanley Hotel, which is actually a really fancy place, so just keep that in mind when you're picking stuff out. Oh and remember that the altitude may affect you for a day or so (dizziness, dehydration, short of breath) and that you get drunk faster at altitude. Have a great time & I hope you enjoy our beautiful state!

    4. Thanks for the great tips!

  55. I can't stop thinking about this dress. I'd pair it with this blazer, these sandals, and this cuff.

  56. another outfit: architectural helmut lang cobalt blue dress, acne booties, fantastic yellow jacket, and silver jewelry

  57. last one . . . for today anyway.

    super cool imitation dress, patent leather wedges, lindsey thornburg velvet bolero, mania mania necklace, and stacked cuff

  58. Holy shitballz. I just looked at 2322 (no joke) images of dresses and have lost my mind. Is shopping always this hard on your side? I managed to find 6 dresses, 0.25% success rate.
    This screams Colorado. It has mountains printed on it!
    Colorado in September could be very cool. While everything else will, at least your legs won't freeze completely.
    September is still half summer yet half fall so let's add some COLOR! to this shindig.
    But on the other hand maybe some color but something that doesn't scream color. plus the holes are interesting while being reserved as a whole.
    This is another that says Colorado and it has pockets and sleeves!
    Colorado has mountains. Are they alive with The Sound of Music?

    Because there is no chance in hell you all will think these are decent, I'm not going to bother finding other stuff to go with them.

  59. I’m just now seeing The Original Question-Asker's budget and size! My first entry cost more than two thousand dollars (oops!), so here's my second entry (which totals $311.16):

    This dress, these wedges, this cardigan, these antler studs and this neon clutch.

    I put the whole look together here.

  60. Oh wait! Theres a budget for this thing?!

    Ok... just barely over at $343...

  61. Fancy links fail. Trying again:

    just barely over at $343...

  62. $324 outfit

    V-neck, silk striped maxi dress
    Faux fur coat
    Marais white army boot
    White swan earrings

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