Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where can we find these $650 shoes for more like $300?

Dear ESB,

I know you get shitloads of 'please help me find shoes' emails but could you bear one more? I've been hunting for months and have come up with diddly squat. The dress is sort of a cross between a fifties starlet and a Victorian prostitute (that's how I think of it anyway).

On my head I'm going to have a teeny tiny hat thing with two-foot long feathers - natural looking ones - not bride-y white fluffy ones. Ones that look like you just pulled them out of a pheasants bum or something.

But I can't find the shoes. I was thinking maybe snakeskin - if I had the money I'd go for these - but I overspent on the dress and the feathery stuff so I can't. 

We're getting married on a small island off the coast of Ireland. It might well rain. I'll be standing on grass so stilettos would be a bad idea. I'd like shoes I can walk in. I can bear a four-inch heel if it's got some chunk to it but not if it's a spindly little thing. 

I'm in London but the internet's a big place and postal services still seem to work so I don't really care where they come from. I reckon 300 dollars is my tip top top. Any ideas?

-A bride who wants to walk down more than the aisle


When you a say a "teeny tiny hat" I hope you mean a FASCINATOR. Because if you're planning to wear a teeny tiny fucking top hat I refuse to help you with shoes.

Let's go ahead and assume you mean a fascinator.

I actually already put out the APB on twitter --> No luck. But damn, those shoes are terrific.

Ideas? Anyone?

We don't really want knock-offs. Just something equally terrific.


  1. What about these?


    Stuart Weitzman
    Painted Snakeskin Pumps

    1. I found them at Neiman and they're on sale. Sizes are limited.

      Or, what about this peep toe?

    2. Ooo, you can even get them in England I think....

    3. Yes, these. Do it.

    4. They are also available at Zappos in her size.

  2. Ehn I know I just double checked :( Perhaps another store will have them - I'm from the UK and don't know the US retailers very well.

  3. These may be not-nice-enough, but I've been eyeing these wedges (perfect for grass!) for my own wedding:


  4. Might be TOO cheap?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ladies-Spot-brown-multi-snake-skin-print-court-F1916-/170687831044?pt=UK_Women_s_Shoes&var=&hash=item6d7072a41f#ht_500wt_710

  5. Yeah. I have to agree on the mini top hat thing, but I do love a full size one on a woman. Way better than any fascinator I've every seen. Who knows, maybe you could make a mini one work...

    These Topshop shoes have a similar curved heel with snakeskin, but maybe black is not what you want...

  6. OK, just to reassure you all, it is NOT a teeny tiny top hat. It's nothing like that. I hesitated to call it a fascinator because I thought that might sound naff and as though I were a Kate Middleton-wannabee and trust me, it's a million times cooler than that. I did look at the Topshop ones, Kirsty, esp the snakeskin heel ones and there's still there amidst my many tabs to keep permanently open with shoes I might one day buy....

  7. PS Thanks for all the suggestions!

  8. those are a pair of shoes I can get behind.

    what size is she? If she's a 39 / UK6 there's a pair of Miu Miu glitter and snakeskin sandals (different, but still awesome) on ebay for UK shipping, currently at £89 with 5 hours left?

    or if she's a mini 35 / UK2 there's these Miu Miu gold glitter pumps -- same style as those posted but glitter?

    (if she is a 35, these pink Alexander Wangs are reduced to £204 on the outlet. Although they may be vomit-ugly rather than fun-ugly...)

    Away from miu miu - maybe a pair of Irregular choice ? The website gives me hives, but they have a few with the kind of chunky curved heel shape I can imagine a Victorian Irish wench favouring, plus the price point is c.£100 -- brocade bows , or if the bride likes feathers

  9. They are slingbacks, but still:
    Unisa-Python-Slingbacks - for just 115 euros.

  10. You ladies are GOOD. I'm a UK 5 which is a European 38 and I think in the US that's a 7.5...

  11. What about these Camper shoes? Infinitely comfortable:


  12. These are similar, and they're on sale. Good luck! xo.

  13. I'm no help with shoes, but I love the dress. Mullet hemlines are so cool - super modern, but almost retro! Good luck finding the shoes!

  14. I have theseand they're SUUUUPER comfy and amazing.

  15. Can I just say, I love the lady's description of her dress as fifties starlet meets Victorian prostitute. Made my day.

    The original shoes are so amazing. You'd wear them for years. So I'm just going to be the annoying person who tells you to splurge on them. Not helpful, I know.

  16. I definitely imagined a top hat.

  17. I know we said no knock-offs, but these BCBG ones are so damn close, with the same heft and a peep toe—at $225.